“The Night Watchman ” ep 16~ Rin:”You…saved me.”

Rin is possessed by a ghost and attacks Sang Hyun. Moo Seok fight with Rin, but the ghost is still inside Rin.

The only way to save Rin is for Do Ha to cure the flower Yeon Ha gave the late king.

Episode 16

Worried about Yun Wol, Do Ha goes to see if she is alright. With Moo Seok’s help, she jumps the wall and inside, Do Ha sees Yun Wol. But when their eyes met, Yun Wol was a totally different person. She was cold with Do Ha and she wasn’t remembering that she stayed at Do Ha’s room for a while.

Do Ha is disappointed. When Yun Wol stayed at her place, Do Ha felt like she and Yun Wol knew each other since a long time.

When Do Ha and Moo Seok arrive at the inn, Sang Hyun tells them to never get close to Yun Wol or they will be in danger. Did he recognize Yun Wol? He knows who she is?

The Ghost of Tragedy did something to Rin the night he visited him. Now, Sa Dam can control Rin. While Rin was sleeping, he hears Sa Dam’s voice saying that the king took his throne and he should go get it back. Rin takes a sword and goes to the king’s room and kills the king. Then Sa Dam appeared next to him. Realizing what he did, Rin starts screaming and he wakes up. It was all a dream, a nightmare.

The king put Rin in charge of collecting the taxes for building the pagoda. Also Sa Dam convinced the king to have a ascension ceremony. Rin vent to the inn and tells the others. They know that something is strange with this ceremony.

Confused and upset, Moo Seok leaves the room. He is a loyal servant to his king, but being a night watchman, Moo Seok feel that he is betraying his king. And also since he can’t see the ghosts he feels that he can’t be a good night watchman either. Sang Hyun follows him. He hears Moo Seok’s concerns and tells Moo Seok that the night watchmen were the most loyal soldiers that the king had.

ep16.b tumblr_ncdarmOZOF1rxz4glo3_500 tumblr_ncdarmOZOF1rxz4glo6_500

Sang Hyun takes his sword out and attacks Moo Seok. They fight and Moo Seok blocked Sang Hyun’s attack.

Sang Hyun:” If you can block off my attack like you just did…you’ll be an excellent Night Watchman.”

In the beginning, Sang Hyun wasn’t able to see ghosts either, but while dealing with more ghosts his eyes were able to see the spirits. Sang Hyun is sure that Moo Seok will become a “ night watchman feared by every ghost out there”.

The day of the ceremony has come. Everyone gathered at the palace. Sa Dam begins his chanting and a dark cloud appeared above the city. The town is getting darker.

Meanwhile in town, Do Ha is worried. She knows that the dark cloud isn’t a good sign. That is not a cloud, there are vengeful spirits.

When the sky is getting clear, Rin sees a lot of vengeful spirits getting sucked into Sa Dam’s bamboo stick. Sa Dam wasn’t having an ascension ceremony, he was collecting vengeful spirits to heal the serpent.

 tumblr_ncdav43U351rxz4glo4_500 ep16.4.b

Later, while talking about how to get the bamboo stick from Sa Dam, Rin has a migraine. He can’t stay on his legs. Moo Seok helps him stay up and he accompany Rin to the house.

Moo Seok took Rin home. He is still sick. When he leaves, Moo Seok noticed that his compass moves. He knows that there are 3 ghosts protecting Rin so he asks minister Ddoong, eunuch Song and Rang Yi to take care of him. Then Moo Seok went to the inn. The night watchmen need to find a plan to stop Sa Dam. They know now that Sa Dam used the ascension ceremony as an excuse to collect spirits.

Later, Do Ha goes to see Rin. She hears form Rang Yi that Rin begin to be sick from the night the Ghost of Tragedy came to him. Do Ha and the 3 ghosts went to Rin’s room, but he wasn’t there.

Sa Dam is talking with Park Soo Jong. They both plan to get rid of both Rin and his brother, the king. Suddenly Rin enters and Sa Dam said that he called Rin to have a privet conversation with Park Soo Jong.

Left alone, Rin showed the letter his mother leave behind, but he also said that he doesn’t believe what the letter said. Rin wants Park Soo Jong to help him get his throne back and when he will marry Soo Ryun, then Park Soo Jong will have more power and wealth.

On his way out, Rin met Sa Dam. But when Sa Dam looked at him, Rin wasn’t Rin, he had a spirit attached to him.

Moo Seok and Do Ha are searching for Rin. They can’t find him. Suddenly Moo Seok thinks of a place. They went to the place Moo Seok thought of and they saw Rin and Soo Ryun hugging.

Rin went to Soo Ryun saying that he didn’t pay too much attention to her lately. He made Soo Ryun believe that he has feeling for her. And Soo Ryun is capable to anything just to be Rin’s wife. It was her dream since she was little.

When she saw Rin hugging Soo Ryun, Do Ha felt hurt and ran away. Moo Seok followed her and consoled her.

Moo Seok:” No matter who it is…I don’t want you to be hurt because of someone else.

Moo Seok waited for Rin in front of his house. If he said that he will protect Do Ha, how could Rin hurt her more than anyone, that is what Moo Seok asks Rin. But Rin makes Moo Seok feel like he betrayed the king when he joined the night watchmen.

Inside the house, minister Ddoong, eunuch Song and Rang Yi follow Rin to his room. They are worried that he left without saying anything when he is sick. Because he isn’t himself, Rin took out his sword and told them to leave him or he will destroy them with the night watchman sword.

In his room, Rin hears some voices telling him that his father killed his mother when he found out that she was having an affair with Sang Hyun. Rin takes his sword and goes to the inn. He attacks Sang Hyun. But when Sang Hyun was fighting Rin, his wound started to hurt. Sang Hyun remembered the night when Rin’s father tried to kill everyone. He is sure of what is going on. Rin was possessed.

When Rin was about to kill Sang Hyun, Moo Seok appears and stops him. Do Ha went to take care of Sang Hyun. She doesn’t understand why is Rin acting that why. He’s not like himself.

While Moo Seok was fighting Rin, he hears Sang Hyun telling him to use his amulet. Moo Seok did that. After they stopped the ghost, Rin fainted. He is not waking up.

They took Rin to the room. He can’t wake up. Sang Hyun draws a tattoo on Rin’s back to help him fight the Ghost of Tragedy that is possessing him. But Rin can’t beat the Ghost of Tragedy. The only way to help Rin is for Do Ha to heal the flower Yeon Ha gave to Rin’s father 12 years ago.

Outside the room, Sang Hyun, Moo Seok, Rang Yi, eunuch Song and minister Ddoong, while waiting for Do Ha to finish, they saw a powerful light coming from Rin’s room. Do Ha head the flower. Rin woke up. But Do Ha used all her energy to heal the flower and faints. But Rin wakes her up.

Rin:”You…saved me.”

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