“Iron Man ” ep 5~ Hong Bin:” You don’t have hands?”

Hong Bin finds out what happened to Tae Hee. He gets so upset that his blades appear.

Episode 5

Hong Bin will stay a few days at Tae Hee’s parent’s house. He needs to hear from Tae Hee’s father where is she, what happened to her. But the old man isn’t saying anything.

Tae Hee was sick. Before she died, her father went to see Hong Bin’s father. He wanted Hong Bin to see Tae Hee. He believed that if she would see Hong Bin, she would want to live and she will fight for her life. Joo Jang Won didn’t want to hear Tae Hee’s father, he didn’t want to let Hong Bin see Tae Hee so he threw Tae Hee’s father out.

Time to eat. Tae Hee’s mother prepared a lot of good food. She is happy. She thinks Se Dong is Tae Hee and feeds her. Se Dong ate all the food Tae Hee’s mother fed her. It was too much food. Tae Hee’s father fed Chang. And Hong Bin kept watching Se Dong eating. When he wanted to eat, Tae Hee’s mother took the food away from him to give it to Se Dong. He kept watching and watching Se Dong eating.

Hong Bin:” You don’t have hands?”

Tae Hee’s mother asked Se Dong and Hong Bin to deliver some red peppers to someone. Instead of carrying the bag with peppers, Hong Bin let Se Dong carrying it. Since she ate too much, the bag is too heavy for Se Dong. Hong Bin just walks ahead of Se Dong surprised by how much she can eat.

When Se Dong asked him to carry the peppers, Hong Bin become embarrassed and walked faster, but the old lady’s that were working the field heard her and asked him to help her. Hong Bin, embarrassed, ends up carrying the bag.

Arrived at the place where they were supposed to get the peppers bag, Hong Bin and Se Dong saw the man of the house falling and hurting his back. They help him get inside the house.

Leaving that man’s house, Se Dong and Hong Bin get on different ways. Hong Bin runs after Se Dong asking where is she going. He keeps insisting that if she is Chang’s babysitter, she should spend her time with Chang.

Hong Bin:” What do you want t say that you are staring at me like that?”

Se Dong:” You don’t know how to get home, right?”

Hong Bin follows Se Dong to the market. She is excited by everything she sees. Suddenly she sees something she needs, underwear and bra. Se Dong borrows money from Hong Bin to get some. When she returns the wallet to Hong Bin, a thief takes it. Both Se Dong and Hong Bin follow that thief. But at some point Hong Bin loses both the thief and Se Dong.

Hong Bin goes to the police station. While he was asking the policemen to go look for Se Dong, she came in with the thief. Se Dong followed that thief until she got him. She tied the thief with her new bra and brought him to the police.

Se Dong went to the old man’s house to help him repair his roof. Hong Bin went after her. But when he saw her, Hong Bin got furious. He was upset because he saw Se Dong wearing Tae Hee’s clothes.

While Se Dong was changing, Hong Bin hears Chang imitating his grandmother. He hears Chang saying that his father, Joo Jang Won, put some gangster to beat up Tae Hee. Shocked, Hong Bin enters his room and next to Tae Hee’s picture, he finds a letter from Tae Hee’s mother. In that letter, Tae Hee’s father was telling him what happened to Tae Hee and since Tae Hee is already dead, Hong Bin should let her go and move on with his life.

After reading that letter, Hong Bin became upset. All the things he found out made him upset. His blades appeared…

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