“Love Myself or You? ” ep 15~ Zi Xiang:” I am here to bring you down.”

Zi Xiang decided to forgive Zi Jie and came to the restaurant to cook together with his brother for a cooking shoot.

After the shooting, Zi Xiang and Kai Qi were sequestered.

Episode 15

While she was with Ah Jie, Kai Qi remembers that Zi Xiang broke the vase with flowers with his left hand, his injured hand.

After the cooking competition was over, a TV station wanted to make a reportage with the winners, Yong Qian and Le Xuan. Kai Qi thinks that if Zi Xiang will be cooking on that show too he can face his problems and get better. Kai Qi thinks that Zi Xiang’s problem might be o his mind. Maybe he can recover and be able to use his left hand again, but is possible that he is too afraid of failure.

Kai Qi and Ah Jie went to the hospital to talk to Zi Xiang. But Kai Qi couldn’t tell him why she was there. When he saw Kai Qi and Ah Jie, Zi Xiang got angry. Zi Xiang and Kai Qi ended up screaming at each other. Ah Jie stopped Kai Qi and asked her to go back to the restaurant first.

Zi Xiang is discharged. Ah Jie takes him home. Before entering the house, Ah Jie tells his brother about the interview.

Ah Jie:” Brother, I would like to cook with you.”

Since Zi Xiang refused to cook with him, Ah Jie tied himself to his brother. Ah Jie handcuffed his brother to himself and dragged Zi Xiang into the kitchen. While Ah Jie was cooking, Zi Xiang got mad and the situation reversed. Upset because Ah Jie didn’t give him the key to the handcuffs, Zi Xiang dragged Ah Jie to the basement. Down there is dark and Zi Xiang knows that Zi Jie won’t be able o handle it. Before passing out, Zi Jie opened his hard towards his brother. He told Zi Xiang what he means to him, how much he respected him. Also Ah Jie said that he believes in Zi Xiang and he believes that Zi Xiang will participate at the interview.

Ah Jie:”I believe in you.”

The day for the TV show to film at Figaro Cuisine came. Ah Jie arrived early and changed into his cooking clothes. He’s nervous. He wants Zi Xiang to come and cook with him. If Zi Xiang will not come, that means Zi Xiang isn’t ready to forgive him and Ah Jie will have to leave Taiwan.

Kai Qi is nervous too. She tries to give strength to Ah Jie. All the employees are getting ready too. Da Zhi and Xiao Shu are taller then they usually are. The girls are putting make up on.

Meantime, Zi Xiang is thinking if he shout go or not….All the things that Ah Jie told him in the basement seems like it got to him. He’s starting to open his heart…

The show is starting. They need to begin filming. Zi Xiang arrived!

Zi Xiang:”How could the show be any good without me?”

The shooting starts. Zi Xaing said that he will not help because he only came to bring Ah Jie down.

Zi Xiang:” I am here to bring you down.”

The dish that Ah Jie wants to cook is French toast, more precisely a very bad version of French toast. When Ah Jie and Zi Xiang were fighting, as little children, their mother used to make French toast for them. But Zi Jie and Zi Xiang’s mother wasn’t a good cook. Their mother didn’t cut the curst of the bread and used to make the French toast way to sweeter than it should be. The same way Ah Jie and Zi Xiang will make their dish now. That dish it’s Ah Jie’s way of making up with his brother.

Ah Jie asked Zi Xiang to make the toast beautiful by adding chocolate syrup. Zi Xiang took the syrup and began to decorate the toast. But suddenly Zi Xiang threw the syrup. Ah Jie picked the syrup up and told his brother that is Zi Xiang still wants him gone after the shooting, Ah Jie will leave. He also hopes that if he is gone, Zi Xiang will be happy. When Ah Jie wanted to finish adding the syrup, Zi Xiang took the syrup from Ah Jie and added it himself.

Zi Xiang:” The drawing has to be the same.”

The two teams finished cooking their dishes. Now Ah Jie and Zi Xiang’s parents, Kai Qi and the rest of the employees have to taste the two dishes and vote what dish was better. Everyone smiled when they tasted Le Xuan and Yong Qian’s dish, but when they tasted Zi Jie and Zi Xiang’s dish…they were about to throw up.

The last person that tasted the dishes is Zi Jie and Zi Xiang’s mother. She asks to promise her to make up and be friends again or she will eat the whole French toast. She asks Zi Xiang to forgive her for not paying attention to his feelings after his hand was injured. Also she asks Zi Xiang to forgive his father and Zi Jie.

The shooting is over. Zi Xiang is leaving. He looks at the sky, smiling. Zi Xiang’s father comes out. His father told him that no matter what he will do in life, his father only wants him to be happy.

Zi Xiang:” Tell little brother to move back home.”

Zi Xiang has decided to let go of his anger and continue with his live. He also has a surprise for Ah Jie. His father went to call Ah Jie out. Before Ah Jie came out, Kai Qi went. She needed to talk with Zi Xiang.

But from a car someone was watching Zi Xiang. When he arrived close to that car, some men got out and forced Zi Xiang into their car. Kai Qi saw them and went to help Zi Xiang. The kidnappers driver seemed surprised when he saw Kai Qi, like he knew her.

When Ah Jie came out, he saw the kidnappers forcing Kai Qi into the car. Both Kai Qi and Zi Xiang were taken.

Kai Qi and Zi Xiang were taken to a deposit and tied up. One of the kidnappers takes Zi Xiang’s phone and calls his father. Then Hao Wei managed to get in touch with Le Xuan, who was with Ah Jie chasing the kidnappers car, and everyone found that both Kai Qi and Zi Xiang were kidnapped.

Because Kai Qi was talking, the kidnappers driver put towels into Kai Qi and Zi Xiang’s mouths. When Kai Qi saw the kidnapper’s eyes, she recognized him too. That man is someone that Kai Qi knows! That man gave Kai Qi a knife and told her that he will make a commotion later so she should run away.

The kidnapper made a commotion. It’s time for Kai Qi and Zi Xaing to run away. But something got the kidnappers attention. Ah Jie entered that place and called Kai Qi and Zi Xaing’s name. Le Xuan entered too. The kidnappers hit Kai Qi, Ah Jie and Le Xuan and let them there. the kidnappers took only Zi Xiang. They need him to get ransom money.

So when someone is kidnapped and you know where the kidnappers keep their victim, the first thing you do is to go there, no plan, no police, just yourself and call that person’s name in front of the kidnappers?????? Of course! It’s not like if you do that you can also put your life in danger, not just the kidnapped person…(just being a little sarcastic here). Wouldn’t been better if Ah Jie and Le Xuan would have called the police? they knew were the kidnappers are hiding so if they would’ve just called the police, Kai Qi and Zi Xiang could’ve been saved faster. Now the kidnappers run away with Zi Xiang….


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