“Iron Man ” ep 6~ “Do you want to go out with me?”

Hong Bin realizes that every time he gets angry on a rainy day on his body appears blades. He wants to know how everything started and how powerful he can be when the blades appear.

Also Hong Bin finds out that his father knew that Chang was born and tried to steal him from Tae Hee.

Episode 6

Hong Bin found out that Tae Hee died and that his father paid some gangsters to beat her up. He’s upset and his blades come out. He looks in the mirror and he’s shocked. He touches his face and he cuts himself. Suddenly Se Dong knows. She is coming in. Hong Bin can’t let her see him like that and hides.

Se Dong is looking everywhere for Hong Bin. When she was about to find him and see his blades, Chang woke up scared.

The same time, secretary Go in coming to the town where Hong Bin is. He finds Hong Bin in the middle of the street. When secretary Go goes near him, Hong Bin faints.

Secretary Go:” It’s my fault! I never should have left you alone.”

Hong Bin woke up in the morning. He looks in the mirror and the blades are gone.

Hong Bin:” I’m angry! Come out!”

He realized that the blade appear every time he is angry. Upset, Hong Bin goes to his father’s house. Secretary Go follows him and tries to stop him. But when Hong Bin sees his father, he pushes secretary Go with an extraordinary force. Even he is surprised by his force.

Hong Bin asks his father why did he send gangsters to beat to death Tae Hee, but his father didn’t accepted that he did that. Feeling that he is getting angry, Hong Bin told secretary Go to take his father away. He feels like he will hurt badly his father.

Se Dong brought Chang home the same time Hong Bin was leaving. Madam Yoon asks Se Dong what happened this days when she and Hong Bin were alone. She’s implying that Se Dong is after Hong Bin’s money. Madam Yoon just wanted to know what happened at Chang’s grandparents house so she could tell Hong Bin’s father.

It gives me the impression that madam Yoon is the one that hired the gangsters to beat up Tae Hee…

Hong Joo came to the house too. He asks the gardener if Hong Bin is home. But the gardener knows that Hong Joo what to see Se Dong. Hong Joo caught Se Dong at the bus station.

Hong Joo:” Are you dating my brother? If you aren’t dating my brother…do you want to go out with me?”

Hong Bin wants to know how he became a monster. When the blades started to appear on his body? It seems like, Hong Bin donated blood marrow for secretary Go’s sister. That day Hong Bin left the hospital, in a rainy night, he got angry and fainted. Secretary Go found him on the floor and when he wanted to put Hong Bin on his bad, he saw a small blade on Hong Bin’s back.

The whole day, Hong Bin tried to get angry. But it didn’t work. The blades appear only if it’s raining when he is angry.

Not knowing the rumors about him and Se Dong, Hong Bin invited Se Dong to dinner. It’s raining and he thinks that Se Dong heard something that could get him angry at Tae Hee’s parents house. But what Se Dong’s tells him doesn’t get him angry.

Suddenly, Se Dong tells Hong Bin something that upsets him. Tae Hee’s father told Se Dong that Hong Bin’s father tried to steal Chang from Tae Hee. Hearing that makes Hong Bin angry. And it’s raining. Secretary Go sends Se Dong away before she could see Hong Bin’s blades. Hong Bin could hurt her.

The same time, madam Yoon dressed Chang. She is taking the boy to see his grandfather.

Secretary Go takes Hong Bin to the gym. The blades come out. This time Hong Bin didn’t faint. He wants to see how he will look after he transforms. He runs, he cuts different things, cars. He jump over buildings. He can escalate buildings.

Se Dong came to the gym to bring Hong Bin his jacket and his phone.

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