“Love Myself or You? ” ep 16~Ah Jie:”Don’t touch me! I will never forgive you.”

Kai Qi, Ah Jie and Le Xuan were taken to the hospital. After being discharged Ah Jie found out that one of the kidnappers was Kai Qi’s father and she didn’t said anything.

Feeling guilty, Kai Qi quit her job.


Episode 16

Kai Qi got up and saw Ah Jie and Le Xuan lying unconscious. She tried to wake them up, but it didn’t work. Then she tried to use their phone’s to call for help, but Ah Jei didn’t bring his phone and Le Xuan’s phone broke when the kidnapper hit her. Kai Qi can’t leave her friends dying so she gets up and goes to look for help. Injured, Kai Qi walked for kilometers until a car stopped.

Meantime the police came at the restaurant. While the police talk to Ah Jie’s parents, the employees look through the camera recording, maybe the kidnappers were caught on camera. The driver was caught on the camera. Hao Wei recognized him too. The driver is Kai Qi’s father!

Brought to the hospital, Kai Qi has some small injuries and she needs to rest, Ah Jie has small injuries too, but nothing serious. The doctors are more worried about Le Xuan. She has a concussion and she is still unconscious.

When they saw each other in the hospital, Ah Jie asked Kai Qi if she saw the kidnappers faces or if she recognized one of them. She didn’t tell the fact the one of the kidnappers is her father. But since that day, Kai Qi avoided Ah Jie. She can’t face him knowing that her father kidnapped Zi Xiang.

Kai Qi decided to tell Ah Jie that her father was one of the kidnappers. She went to his house. Ah Jie is devastated. He waited 10 years to get his brother’s forgiveness and now he is about to lose his brother for good. Kai Qi consoles Ah Jie, but before she got the chance to tell him the truth, the policemen arrived. Zi Xiang was found and is taken to the hospital. Also the police found the identity of the kidnapper, it’s Kai Qi’s father.

Kai Qi came with Ah Jie’s family to the hospital. Zi Xiang is in bad condition. He lost a lot of blood and he will get surgery. Kai Qi tries to console Ah Jie, but he got mad with her for not telling the truth. Ah Jie believes that if Kai Qi would’ve said who the kidnapper was from the start, the police would have found Zi Xiang earlier.

Ah Jie:”Don’t touch me! I will never forgive you.”

Even if Kai Qi apologizes, Ah Jie is still upset with her. He is hurt. He brother could die…

Ah Jie moved back to his parent’s house. He went to Kai Qi’s door, but when he heard the door open, Ah Jie hide himself. He saw Kai Qi drawing at his door. While she was drawing at Ah Jie’s door, Kai Qi thought that she is better off by herself, that way the people around her won’t suffer.

Kai Qi and her mother took Xiao Yi to the kindergarten’s buss. On their way back they’ve met Ah Jie. Kai Qi’s mother still doesn’t know who the kidnapper was so she goes to talk to Ah Jie. Kai Qi tries to stop her mother, but her mother kept talking about who Kai Qi should be consoling Ah Jie at those moments. To stop her mother from keep talking, Kai Qi told her mother that the kidnapper was her father. Kai Qi feels so bad that she has that kind of father, that she can’t face Ah Jie or his parents. Kai Qi feels guilty. Ah Jie hugged Kai Qi. His anger calmed town. His not upset with Kai Qi anymore. He apologizes for how he treated her at the hospital. But Kai Qi rejects him. She believes that the fact that the necklace that Ah Jie gave her broke, was a sign that she has to broke up with Ah Jie.

Kai Qi:” I can’t stay with you anymore.”

Kai Qi resigned her job. She can’t face Ah Jie or her co workers. When she came to get her stuff, the other’s employees tried to make her stay, but she still didn’t change her mind.

Ah Jie came too. He won’t be a chef anymore. With everything that is going on, his father collapsed, so Ah Jie has to take over the family business. Seeing that Kai Qi is quitting, Ah Jie said that Kai Qi can’t leave, especially now when Le Xuan is still in the hospital. So Kai Qi decided to work at the restaurant until Le Xuan gets better.

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