“The Night Watchman ” ep 17~Do Ha:” I’ve always had you in my heart, not the prince.”

The night watchmen killed Sa Dam, but he come back to live.

Soo Ryun made a deal with Sa Dam. Do Ha was kidnapped by Soo Ryun who now has a slave ghost that looks exactly like Do Ha. Soo Ryun send the salve ghost to Moo Soek.

Episode 17

The night watchmen managed to get rid of the ghost that possessed Rin and Do Ha cured him by curing the flower Yeon Ha gave Rin’s father. Now only the night watchmen know that Rin is back to himself. They need to find a way to remove Sa Dam. Rin has an idea. He will pretend that is still possessed so that Sa Dam will trust him. While meeting with Sa Dam, Rin promised Sa Dam a night watchman.

Back to the inn, the night watchmen build a plan to destroy Sa Dam for good. They need to block all of Sa Dam’s sides. But they are only 3 night watchmen. Sang Hyun has no way but to join the team in the fight. Mr Chun can’t let Sang Hyun risk his life so he decided to be the forth night watchman in the fight against Sa Dam.

“I was meaning to stretch my night watchman skills too.”

Rin brought Sang Hyun to Sa Dam. Sang Hyun is strong. He powerful and Sa Dam plans to get Sang Hyun’s power. But when Sa Dam put his hand on Sang Hyun, he realized that he was fooled.

Sang Hyun:” Get your filthy hands off me.”

Sang Hyun removes Sa Dam’s hand and Rin puts his night watchman sword to Sa Dam’s throat.

Sa Dam:” You fooled me.”

Sa Dam uses his magic and Sang Hyun’s wound starts hurting. Sa Dam runs away. Rin follows him. Outside Sa Dam is surrounded by the night watchmen. Trying to escape, Sa Dam made a sell and called the Ghost of Tragedy. While the night watchmen fought the Ghost of Tragedy, Sa Dam ran away.

The moment the Ghost of Tragedy appeared, the night watchmen surrounded him. They’ve placed their amulets. In the fight, the Ghost of Tragedy was destroyed.

The night watchmen ran after Sa Dam.

Sa Dam:” You think you’ll be able to kill me this way?”

Moo Seok starts the attack. He placed an amulet on Sa Dam’s chest. But Sa Dam defeated Moo Seok’s attack. Do Ha tries to attack Sa Dam when Sa Dam took Moo Seok’s sword and tried to kill him. Sa Dam is about to kill Do Ha. Something happens. Do Ha’s bracelet becomes shine and Sa Dam loses his power. Moo Seok takes advantage of Sa Dam’s weakness and fight with Sa Dam.

Moo Seok:” Pierce his heart!”

While Moo Seok was holding Sa Dam, Rin pierced Sa Dam’s hart with his sword.

Rin:”We killed Sa Dam!”

Sang Hyun knows that Sa Dam isn’t dead just because they think he is. Twelve years ago, when he first fought with Sa Dam, he also believed that Sa Dam was dead. But Sa Dam managed to come back alive.

The night watchmen take Sa Dam’s body to the mountain and they burn it. Later, at the inn Moo Seok feels insecure. He feels like they’ve got rid of Sa Dam too easy.

After the night watchmen left the place where they’ve burned Sa Dam’s body, Ho Jo, Sa Dam’s man was looking around that place.

Rin went to see the king. He is telling the king that Sa Dam was killed the night before. The reason why Sa Dam was killed was because he wanted to overtake the king and destroy Joseon. While Rin was talking with his brother, the king, Sa Dam came. But how???

Sa Dam is immortal. He can’t be killed. He let the night watchmen catch and kill him so he could test their strength.

Sa Dam:” I cannot be killed.”

Angry, Rin returns to the inn.

Rin:”Sa Dam is still alive.”

Rin tells the others what Sa Dam said about being immortal. Sang Hyun knows that nobody is immortal. So that means Sa Dam might have the power of transforming bodies. That power comes from the tail of a gumiho.

While the night watchmen found out that Sa Dam is still alive, Sa Dam was making a new body. But this time it wasn’t his. The body Sa Dam was making was Do Ha’s.

Soo Ryun, who believes what Rin told her when he was possessed, went to see Rin. She brought medicine for him. But Rin is surprised to see her. Then he remembers what happened when he was possessed. He apologizes to Soo Ryun for not being honest with her.

Upset, Soo Ryun looks up and she see Do Ha in Rin’s house. Soo Ryun leaves sad.

Park Soo Jong wants to give the king a lesson. While the king is walking around the pagoda, Park Soo Jong’s man will push a stone over to hit the king. With the king there are Park Soo Jong, Rin and Moo Seok. Since he is a soldier, Moo Seok notices the details. He saw that man trying to push the stone when the king was walking. Moo Seok pushed the king and saved him.

When the king comes to his senses he is suspicious of Rin, Park Soo Jong and the Queen Dowager. He knows that one of them is the one that tried to harm him.

Moo Seok is also suspicious. He follows Park Soo Jong’s man. Park Soo Jong’s man killed the villager that was paid to throw the stone on the king. But when Moo Seok arrived, the villager was already stabbed.

The king was pushed away from his body. Sa Dam advises the new king to make from the workers from the pagoda an offer. The king accepted the advice and he ordered the workers to be buried alive.

Hearing what the king intends to do, Rin tries to stop him. He tried to make the king understand that he can’t kill his people. But the king isn’t acting normal. He takes the sword and wants to kill Rin. Moo Seok puts himself between the king and Rin. The king hurt Moo Seok, but didn’t kill him. Moo Seok is the only person the king trusts, beside Sa Dam.

Hurt, Soo Ryun went to see Sa Dam. She makes a deal with him. She will give him everything he wants, but in exchange Sa Dam has to help her get Rin. Sa Dam gives Soo Ryun a doll, a voodoo doll. With that doll Soo Ryun will be able to control the ghost slave from Sa Dam. The ghost slave looks just like Do Ha.

Later, Soo Ryun called Do Ha to her house. When Do Ha arrived, she drinks from the tea Soo Ryun offers her. The Soo Ryun tells Do Ha that she and Rin are engaged. Do Ha wants to leave, but the tea that she had makes her dizzy. Do Ha faints.

Sang Hyun, Rin and Moo Seok went to save the workers that the king intends to bury alive. Returned at the inn, Rin looks for Do Ha. She comes in happy, like nothing happened. Do Ha looks at Moo Seok and smiles.


While he was fighting with the soldiers that were guarding the workers, Moo Seok broke his compass. He is looking at his compass. Do Ha approaches him. She flirts with Moo Seok.

In the morning, Rin visits the construction site. There he met Sa Dam, who threatened him. Sa Dam said that it was foolish for Rin to save the workers because now more people will die.

The same time, Do Ha woke up. She was prisoner. Soo Ryun closed her so she could order around the slave ghost. Park Soo Ryun ordered the slave ghost to make sure that Rin and Do Ha will be separated.

After receiving Soo Ryun’s order, the slave ghost goes to Moo Seok. She hugs him.

Do Ha:” How…How could you not see how I feel?”

He rejects her, but she insists.

Do Ha:” I’ve always had you in my heart, not the prince.”

The prince arrived. How can that be? Rin can’t believe his eyes. He taught Do Ha liked him, but now… what is going on. Suddenly Rin and Moo Seok heard Do Ha’s voice. There are two Do Ha?



So when Moo Soek was fighting with Sa Dam, Rin and Do Ha were just watching. Off course they were! That’s the point of being a team. (Just being sarcastic here!) Since Moo Seok, Rin and Do Ha are a team shouldn’t they fight together?

What’s the point of always screaming “NO” when you want to attack someone? Every time Do Ha wants to attack Sa Dam, when Sa Dam was about to kill Moo Seok, she always, but always, scream “no. If she wants to attack someone or if she wants to stop someone isn’t it easier to do that without screaming loud that she will come to the person she is trying to stop…

The king is seeing ghosts too, or the one that he sees is just in his imagination?

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