“The Night Watchman ” ep 18~Rin:” Wear this. This way I’ll never not recognize you again.”

The night watchmen discovered the real Do Ha and killed the fake one. To get back on the night watchmen, Sa Dam put a spell on Do Ha and brought her to the king, to become the king’s concubine.

Yeon Ha got her memories back, but she acting strange.

Episode 18

Rin saw Moo Seok and Do Ha hugging. But the shock becomes bigger when the second Do Ha appears. How can that be? Which one is the real Do Ha? Both Do Ha’s pretend to be the real one. Both of them ask the other who is she and why is she impersonating her.

Moo Seok and Rin took the two Do Ha’s to Sang Hyun. He told them to roll their sleeves. The real Do Ha has the night watchmen tattoo. But when the two Do Ha’s roll their sleeves up the both of them have the night watchmen tattoo. Then they try the amulets. Rin puts his amulets on one Do Ha and Moo Seok puts his amulets on the other Do Ha. That doesn’t help either.

Since they’ve tried everything and nothing worked, Sang Hyun knows that one Do Ha is a slave ghost send by Sa Dam. They need to find out which one is the real Do Ha and get rid of the fake one.


Rin went to see Soo Ryun. She is the last person who saw the real Do Ha. Rin wanted to know what Soo Ryun said to Do Ha. Looking into Rin’s eyes, Soo Ryun said that she will marry him no matter what. She will do everything in her power, or Sa Dam’s power, to separate Rin and Do Ha.

After Rin left, Soo Ryun took out the voodoo doll.

The two Do Ha’s are sleeping in the same room. The real Do Ha is holding Ok Mae’s hand in her sleep, while the fake Do Ha wakes up. She goes to the basement where the night watchmen things are.

Sang Hyun coming to the basement, finds Do Ha holding Sa Dam’s stick. He tried to stop her, but using Sa Dam’s stick, the fake Do Ha hurt Sang Hyun and run away. Sang Hyun is bleeding. Ok Mae tries to stop the bleeding, but she can’t. Rin, Moo Seok, Do Han and everyone are worried.

The fake Do Ha took the stick to Sa Dam. Now Sa Dam has his weapon back.

The same night the fake Do Ha hurt Sang Hyun, Mo Yun Wol remembers the night twelve years ago when Rin’s father save her from Sa Dam. Mo Yun Wol is starting to remember she is Yeon Ha.

The king found Park Soo Jong and the Queen Dowager talking. He knows what they plan to do so he can’t let the Queen Dowager marry Rin with Soo Ryun. To stop the Queen Dowager’s plans the king decided to take Soo Ryun as his concubine.

The same time, Yun Wol tried to kill Sa Dam. Inside Yun Wol’s body is Yeon Ha’s spirit. Ho Jo, Sa Dam’s man stopped Yeon Ha from killing Sa Dam. Since Yeon Ha got her memory back, Sa Dam needs a new body for Yeon Ha’s spirit. For that Sa Dam called Soo Ryun.

Sang Hyun gave new weapons to the night watchmen. He sends them to get the gumiho’s tail and destroy it. That way Sa Dam will lose his power to transform. Rin’s new weapon will get power from the moonlight. Moo Seok’s new weapon is ghost powder. Using the ghost powder Moo Seok will be able to see ghosts. Do Ha can’t participate in this fight. The fake Do Ha could appear again and the night watchmen could mistake the real Do Ha with the fake one.

Maeng Sa Gong found an amulet and pick it up. The amulet took the night watchmen to the forest. That amulet was placed there by Sa Dam to protect his territory. In the forest the Rin, Moo Seok and Maeng Sa Gong are attacked by the night watchmen’s ghosts. Moo Seok uses his ghosts powder to see them and then he and Maeng Sa Gong fight the night watchmen’s ghosts.

Meantime, Rin went to look for the gumiho’s tail. He found it and took it. When Rin was leaving, Do Ha appeared. Is it the real Do Ha? Rin thinks so. But she isn’t. It’s the fake Do Ha. She took the gumiho’s tail and raw away in the forest. Rin followed her and caught her. He uses his new weapon to reveal the fake Do Ha’s true identity.

Rin is about to kill the fake Do Ha, but she stops him. She makes him believe that she is the real Do Ha. He is confused. The fake Do Ha, while looking into Rin’s eyes, took a knife and wants to stab him. She is stopped. Moo Seok came and killed the fake Do Ha. He saved Rin.

Do Ha is upset. She doesn’t feel like she is important for the night watchmen team. Rin comes to her. He gave Do Ha the bracelet his mother gave his father twelve years ago.

Rin:” Wear this. This way I’ll never not recognize you again.”

In return Do Ha give’s something to Rin. She gives Rin something important to her, Yeon Ha’s bracelet.

Do Ha went to see Soo Ryun to ask her what happened, why Soo Ryun locked her up. Soo Ryun denies having something to do with Do Ha being locked up. But looking on Soo Ryun’s table, Do Ha see the voodoo doll and realizes that Soo Ryun made a deal with Sa Dam. She tries to make Soo Ryun understand that she can’t see Sa Dam anymore, but Soo Ryun just sends her away.

While leaving, Do Ha encounters a woman that works for Mo Yun Wol. That woman said that Yun Wol wants to see Do Ha. When she entered the room, Do Ha found Yun Wol tied up. She tried to untie her, but Ho Jo hit her. Ho Jo took Do Ha to Sa Dam.

The woman that brought Do Ha there is suspicious and goes inside Yun Wol’s room. She unties Yun Wol. Once untied Yun Wol is acting strange. She is not herself anymore. She become a monster.

Sa Dam put a spell on Do Ha and took her to the palace. To take revenge on Rin and the night watchmen, Sa Dam advised the king to take Do Ha as his concubine since Do Ha is the woman Rin likes.

Seeing Sa Dam taking Do Ha to the king’s room, eunuch Song and minister Ddoong, who were walking around the palace, went to tell Rin what is going on. Hearing that Sa Dam took Do Ha to the king’s room Rin and Moo Seok ran to the palace to help Do Ha.

While Do Ha was with the king, Yun Wol was coming to the palace too. She killed everyone on her way.

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