“Iron Man ” ep 7~ Se Dong:” I like you.”

Hong Bin’s powers are increasing and he begins to get closer with his son.

Something happened and crying Se Dong confesses her feelings for Hong Bin.

Episode 7

After meeting Hong Bin left, Se Dong noticed that he forgot his jacket and phone. She takes them to the gym. While Se Dong was coming, secretary Go was watching, worried, Hong Bin running away. For the first time Hong Bin didn’t faint when his blades appear. Luckily Se Dong didn’t see him with that strange blades coming out from his back. If she did, she would’ve run away as fast as she could.

Se Dong hears secretary Go calling Hong Bin and she follows him. Looking up Se Dong sees fireworks. While he was on the roof of a tall building, Hong Bin was struck by lightning and fireworks come out.

The same time, Hong Bin’s father was with Chang. He wants to take the boy and for that he takes madam Yoon advice and gets close to the boy step by step. If he will take Chang by force, Hong Bin will fight back, but if Chang says that he wants to go to his grandfather, Hong Bin won’t be able to do anything about it.

Returned home, Hong Bin asks secretary Go to never let him see his father. He doesn’t know if he will be able to control himself while he is with his father and Hong Bin doesn’t want to hurt his father. Even if his insists to see his father, secretary Go has to stop him, no matter what he has to do for that.

Hong Bin:” It’s okay to kill me.”

Even if he became a monster, for Hong Bin isn’t a bad thing.

Hong Bin hasn’t come out of his room for several days. He hasn’t been eating anything. Suddenly he calls secretary Go to get him dressed. So Hong Bin has blades coming out of his body, but he can’t dress himself…

Secretary Go and Hong Bin went racing on a bridge. Hong Bin will run after secretary Go’s car. In the beginning the car is faster. But suddenly secretary Go sees Hong Bin in the mirror for a few seconds, then Hong Bin passed easily the car. He is faster. Hong Bin appears again in the mirror. He has returned. But he disappears again…and he appears in front of the car…form above. Since the lightning Hong Bin is stronger. He can let his hand mark of the car, just by touching it. With just slightly touching secretary Go, Hong Bin broke his secretary’s hand.

Se Dong brought drinks for her team. They are happy and sad at the same time. They are happy that for the first time they can drink something expensive like others corporatists and sad because they can’t afford to buy food too, like their coworkers. Suddenly Hong Bin appears and takes Se Dong with him. The employees start talking again about Se Dong dating Hong Bin and because she is dating the CEO she and her team got their jobs.

In the car, Se Dong see Hong Bin smelling her again and scared she asks secretary Go to stop the car. Se Dong runs away and Hong Bin follows her. He has something to say. She tells him about the rumor from the office.

Se Dong:” There’s a weird rumor going around at work. They say I lured you with my good looks and you hired me only because you’ve fallen for me.”

Hearing Se Dong calling herself beautiful makes Hong Bin laugh. He doesn’t think that she is beautiful. Oh right! Then he is following her around because he doesn’t like her…

A cart is coming towards them. Se Dong tries to stop it, but Hong Bin pulls her away. Afraid that the cart will hurt someone, Se Dong runs after it. To stop Se Dong from getting hurt, Hong Bin runs after her. He covers her eyes with his hand and with the other hand, Hong Bin throws the cart away. Without realizing Hong Bin is hugging Se Dong. And she doesn’t seem offended by that.

At the house, Hong Bin gave and envelope with money to Se Dong and asked her to go to Tae Hee’s parents with that envelop. Se Dong can give them the money, but she can’t give them Hong Bin’s sincerity.

Tae Hee’s mother cried so much that her husband called Se Dong and they’ve come to Se Dong’s house. Before sending them home, Se Dong will bring them to Hong Bin’s house.

As Se Dong advised him, Hong Bin enters Chang’s room. He has to get close to his son. Hong Bin, calmly, asks Chang what he wanted to tell at the amusement park. At the amusement park, Chang wanted to ask Hong Bin something, but when Hong Bin screamed at him, the boy got scared. That day, Chang wanted to ask Hong Bin to go with him for a ride. The ride Chang wanted was scary, but if his father was with him, Chang wouldn’t have been that scared. Hong Bin thought that Chang was scared of him, so he is surprised to see that Chang wanted his help.

Hearing that his grandparents are coming, Chang runs excited to wait for them at the entrance. Seeing Chang running out, madam Yoon calls Hong Bin’s father.

If front of the house Hong Bin’s father stops secretary Go’s car. He goes out and tells Tae Hee’s father to go home without seeing Chang. Now it’s his chance to get to know Chang. But Chang comes out, happily, jumping to his maternal grandfather’s hands. After Chang, Hong Bin came out too. He approaches his father.

Hong Bin:”I’m getting punished in your place. Don’t appear before me and Chang. I’m too dangerous.”

Tae Hee’s mother disappeared. Hong Bin and Se Dong are looking for her everywhere. They found her next to store. That was Tae Hee family’s store. When he was little, Hong Bin used to come often there to play with Tae Hee.

When she sees Hong Bin, Tae Hee’s mother goes to him, takes his hands into her hands and tells him to let go of Tae Hee.

Tae Hee’s mother:”Out Tae Hee…let her go, now. Let out Tae Hee close her eyes peacefully.”

Later, Hong Bin opens his hurt and tells Se Dong how much was hurting him to go back to Tae Hee’s house. Seeing him so hurt, Se Dong consoled and hugged Hong Bin.

Several days later nothing happened to Hong Bin. The blades didn’t appear. He’s not strong anymore. He looks for Se Dong. But she isn’t in the office. Se Dong went out to eat with Hong Bin’s younger brother, Hong Joo.

Not being pleased that Se Dong is laughing with Hong Joo, Hong Bin returns to the office and calls for an emergency meeting.

During the meeting, Hong Bin sends a text to Se Dong.

Hong Bin:”Why are you ignoring me these days? Where you playing with me? Are you a gold digger?”

Then Hong Bin turns on the light and asks several questions to Seung Hwan. Because Seung Hwan’s answers didn’t please him, Hong Bin gets angry and screams at Se Dong’s whole team. He calls them trash. He seems furious with them. When he leaves, Hong Bin smiled secretly. He screamed at Se Dong’s team in front of other employees so the rumors about him and Se Dong won’t hurt Se Dong anymore.

Se Dong follows Hong Bin around. She wants an explication about why did he called her a gold digger. Hong Bin plays with her. He calls her a gold digger because she was so happy with Hong Joo on day and on another day she was hugging him.

Feeling wronged, Se Dong tells Hong Bin why she hugged him. She likes him and his words are hurting her.

Se Dong:” I like you.”

Hong Bin is surprised. He looks into Se Dong’s eyes. Then Hong Bin pulls Se Dong closer and kisses her.

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