“Love Myself or You? ” ep 17~Kai Qi:”I can’t be like you and pretend that nothing happened.”

Something happened at the restaurant, Kai Qi resigned and moved to the countryside. Everyone help Ah Jie demonstrate that it wasn’t Kai Qi’s fault.

Aj Jie went to bring Kai Qi back.

Le Xuan lost her taste buds.

Episode 17

Some reporters came to the restaurant to ask some questions to Kai Qi. They ask Kai Qi if it is true that her father kidnapped Zi Xiang, if it is true that her mother worked for the Fu family and if she got a job at Figaro Cuisine restaurant to get close to the Fu family and get money from them. Kai Qi co workers try to help her. They’ve send the journalists away.

Zi Jie, who saw everything, didn’t help Kai Qi. He just passed besides her and the journalists without looking back. But arrived at the office, Zi Jie calls the paper and talk directly to the journalists boss.

Back to the restaurant, the employees feel sorry for Kai Qi and they try to make her feel better. All of them sing a song for Kai Qi. Listening to them, Kai Qi is reminded that Ah Jie sang that song for her too.

Hao Wei called Ah Jie and told him that Le Xuan is feeling better. Ah Jie went to visit her. She was refusing to eat. The food seemed to bland for her taste. When she saw Ah Jie, Le Xuan became happy. But looking again at Ah Jie she saw that Ah Jie isn’t smiling like he used to.

After Ah Jie left, Hae Wei told Le Xuan that Zi Xiang is still in coma.

Few days later, Le Xuan has been discharged. She is back at the restaurant. She tastes the food that Kai Qi made, but something is strange. She can’t taste anything.

Suddenly something happened. Bao Zhu’s ex husband and his mistress came to the restaurant. They order Bao Zhu around. They humiliate her. Da Zhi can’t look at them anymore and goes to help Bao Zhu. He tries to help Bao Zhu by saying that Bao Zhu is his woman. When everything was going fine, Yong Qian came and ruined it. To make up for his mistake, Yong Qian said that Bao Zhu is his woman, not Da Zhi’s.

While Bao Zhu’s ex husband was threatening with making an ugly scene at the restaurant, Zi Jie came and send him away.

Zi Jie stayed for lunch at the restaurant. The atmosphere is awkward between Kai Qi and Ah Jie. The employees are trying to not disturb them, but Yong Qian doesn’t understand what the others are doing and he is ruining the moment again. To let Kai Qi and Zi Jie alone, the other start inventing different problems and leave. All of them leave the table, except for Yong Qian. He again doesn’t catch up what the others are doing. Xiao Shu and Xiao Qiang come and take Yong Qian away.

Left alone Zi Jie is trying hard to talk to Kai Qi, but she refuses. For Kai Qi is hard to look at Ah Jie knowing what her father did and knowing that Zi Xiang is in coma because of her father. Now that Le Xuan is back to work, Kai Qi said that she will leave the restaurant soon.

Kai Qi:”I can’t be like you and pretend that nothing happened.”

Bao Zhu’s ex husband returned. He’s angry and wants to talk with the person in charge of Figaro Cuisine. He’s saying that the other day his wife ate there and she is now in hospital with food poisoning. That dish was made by Kai Qi. Taking advantage of this situation, Kai Qi quits her job.

Kai Qi didn’t just quit her job. She is also leaving her life behind. Kai Qi decided to move to the countryside. Her mother understands her and packs their bags. The only one that is upset about moving out is Xiao Yi. He doesn’t want to move to a place where Ah Jie won’t be. But he has to. Kai Qi can’t let Xiao Yi in town alone.

The only person who knows that Kai Qi is moving to the countryside is Hao Wei.

With Kai Qi gone and Le Xuan on vacation, the restaurant is a hiatus. Yong Qian is cooking alongside with the others, but they are way too busy. Yong Qian came up with a plan to bring Kai Qi back. For that all the employees from Figaro Cuisine go to Zi Jie’s office. Their plan has several steps. The first step is for Xiao Li to kiss Bao Zhu’s ex husband on the shirt so his mistress will be thinking that he is cheating on her. Then Da Zhi and Bao Zhu are following Bao Zhu’s husband and his mistress to see if they are arguing.

When Bao Zhi’s ex husband and his mistress are arguing it means that the time for the final step of the plan to begin. Zi Jie calls Bao Zhu’s ex husband to pick the money the next day at the restaurant, while Zi Jie’s assistant calls the mistress and tells her to come pick the money the next day from the office.

The next day the mistress comes to the office to pick the money, but Zi Jie pretends that he already gave the money to Bao Zhu’s ex husband. Then Da Zhi entered angry with Zi Jie because he gave the money to Bao Zhu’s ex husband and now Bao Zhu and her ex husband will go to Europe.

While the mistress was at Zi Jie’s office, Bao Zhu’s ex husband came to the restaurant. He saw Bao Zhu in a sexy dress and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Bao Zhu and Yong Qian were pretending to be a couple and they were hugging in front of Bao Zhu’s ex husband until he became jealous.

“ What are you trying to do to my wife?”, Bao Zhu’s ex husband said while his mistress was entering the restaurant. The mistress got angry. She hit Bao Zhu’s ex husband and told everyone that he made her pretend to have food poisoning so they could get money from Zi Jie. Realizing that he was fooled, Bao Zhu’s ex husband tried to hit her, but Da Zhi stopped him.

Da Zhi:” If you ever touch my woman, you dead!”

The only thing left now is for Zi Jie to go and get Kai Qi back.

Hao Wei came to the country side to see Kai Qi. While they talk outside, Ah Jie called. Xiao Yi answered Kai Qi’s phone. Xiao Yi told Ah Jie that Kai Qi took him to the country side.

Since Xiao Yi doesn’t know the address, Ah Jie told Xiao Yi to go outside and take a picture with the house number and address and send it to him.

In the morning Kai Qi goes outside. She sees a cat parked in front of her house. She gets close and she sees Ah Jie sleeping in the car. Kai Qi turns around and wants to go inside, but Ah Jei, who woke up, called her name.

Ah Jie:”I came to see you.”

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