“We Got Married ” ep 238~Jae Rim:” Who are you?”

I stopped watching “We Got Married” a long time ago because there were only idols in it and the show became really boring and annoying. But now I’m going to watch it again. In this new season I really like Song Jae Rin and Kim So Eun couple. The other two couples are okay too, especially Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young couple.

At first I thought that Song Jae Rin will be like other models on variety shows, a tripped man. And I was wrong….

Jae Rim wants to meet someone who has the same flow as he, someone that likes animals since he has 2 cats. So Eun wants to meet someone with broad shoulders, with no double eyelids and who looks good smiling. They both got their wish. So Eun loves animals, she has a cat of her own, so their house on the show will kind look like a pet shop with just cats. And well…Jae Rim has all the things she wanted in her virtual husband.

While the new husband and wife were preparing their luggage’s they seemed pretty similar. Not just that they both love cats, but they also packed a lot of staff like protein, medicine, vitamins. Both of them are concerned with their health.

The new couple is off to their first meeting which will take place in a restaurant. The first meeting is a blind date, literally a blind date, because they will be in a room with no lights. The first one that arrived was Jae Rim. While playing by himself in the dark room, Jae Rim is adjusting to the darkness, so when So Eun enters he is able to detect her. She came in and sit next to him. She could feel that someone was next to her, but he was pretending that he isn’t there. Realizing that they are both there, they started talking naturally, like they already knew each other. When the time to ask questions about each other came, they both lied to the other.

Not like other Korean couples, both Jae Rim and So Eun are good with skinship.

The time to go outside and see each other came. So Eun has two possible candidates in her mind for who her husband is, one of that possibilities is Song Jae Rim, but he doesn’t have a clue who his wife is. When she arrived at the place where they were supposed to see each other, So Eun covered her face.

Jae Rim:”She is not an easy girl!”

She is next to him. They both covered their faces. Now they will see each other faces for the first time. So Eun saw that her husband was one of the guys she was thinking of. But when he saw her face, Jae Rim didn’t know who So Eun was…

Jae Rim:” Who are you?”

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8 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 238~Jae Rim:” Who are you?”

  1. snow says:

    Both of them are so adorable!

  2. esmeruth says:

    Do you know where I can watch the episodes with eng subs? I’ve always wanted to watch them but i can never seem to find them, I’ve only watch the ‘Global Edition’, and I think they will stop doing them.

  3. wie6002 says:

    I’m so excited for see so eun – jae rim couple

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