“The Night Watchman ” ep 19~”The reason I didn’t totally lose myself was because of you.”

Do Ha found Yeon Ha, but Yeon Ha died. Before she died Yeon Ha told Do Ha and Rin that it was her fault that Rin’s father went crazy.

Sa Dam trapped Do Ha inside a painting. Moo Seok and Rin came to save her. While Moo Seok and Rin came after Do Ha, Park Soo Jong started a revolt.

Episode 19

Rin tries to take Do Ha from the king’s room. The king took his sword out and threatened Rin. Suddenly an eunuch comes saying that a monster is killing everyone in the palace. Rin takes Do Ha with him and runs out. They’ve met Moo Seok. Looking at Do Ha, Moo Seok is surprised. Do Ha is not herself.

When Rin puts Do Ha’s bracelet back on Do Ha’s hand, Sa Dam’s magic is gone and Do Ha is back herself.

Rin sees the monster and the three of them runs after it. Moo Seok and Rin took out their night watchmen swords, but that moment Do Ha saw the monsters real face. It was Yeon Ha. She goes close to the monster, but Yeon Ha can’t recognize her. Yeon Ha is about to kill Do Ha. Putting her hand on the monster’s hand, Do Ha’s bracelet touched the monster’s hand. That moment Yeon Ha returned to herself and let go of Do Ha. Scared Yeon Ha ran away.

While running scared, Yeon Ha sees her hands fool of blood, like a monsters hands. She remembers the night Sa Dam took her and she goes to Sa Dam. She tries to kill Sa Dam, but she can’t. Years ago, when everything started, Yeon Ha made a deal with Sa Dam and she promised him her soul. That is was during those twelve years Yeon Ha’s soul was controlled by Sa Dam. Since she can’t kill Sa Dam, Yeon Ha tries to kill herself, but again she can’t do that. The body that Sa Dam gave to Yeon Ha’s soul is a dead body.

Hearing the Rin is close, Yeon Ha runs outside. Rin and Do Ha are looking for Yeon Ha. They have to stop her before more innocent people will die. When Do Ha’s bracelet begins to make noise, Yeon Ha appeared before them. She comes towards them. Do Ha wants to go close to Yeon Ha, but Rin stops her. Arriving close to Rin’s sword, Yeon Ha pulls Rin’s sword and kills herself.

After Yeon Ha killed herself, Rin saw Sa Dam looking angry at Yeon Ha. When Sa Dam leaves, Rin follows him. He wants to kill Sa Dam, but Sa Dam protects himself with magic. Sa Dam tells Rin that everything happened, even Rin’s father going crazy twelve years ago, was because of the deal Yeon Ha made with him.

Before dying, Yeon Ha told Do Ha that even if she wasn’t herself, she never could forget Do Ha’s face. Because of that Sa Dam never could control completely her soul.

Yeon Ha:”The reason I didn’t totally lose myself was because of you.”

Returned to Do Ha, Rin hears Yeon Ha telling Do Ha the truth.

Yeon Ha:” It was all my fault. I made the king go insane. “

Rin remembers the past. He can’t believe that the woman who made his father go crazy was Do Ha’s sister. Sang Hyun approaches him and tells Rin that Do Ha is in danger.

Sang Hyun:” Do Ha is the last Ma Go tribe Shaman that can be sacrificed to Sa Dam’s demon.”

Do Ha has been sleeping for few days now. Eunuch Song and Rang Yi are watching over her. When Do Ha wakes up, she is looking for Rin. She has something to tell him. Soon Rin entered the room. Do Ha asks him to help her revenge her sister, that Sa Dam used Yeon Ha’s soul and now she is dead. Rin is cold. He seems angry. Rin looks at Do Ha and tells her to leave. Since Yeon Ha isn’t here anymore, Do Ha doesn’t need to stay.

On his way out, Rin met Moo Seok. The night before Rin wanted to give Do Ha a present, but when he heard that Sa Dam is taking Do Ha to the king’s room, Rind roped the preset. Moo Seok picked the present Rin bought for Do Ha. Now he brought the present to Rin so he will give it to Do Ha.

When Moo Seok handed over the present, Rin said he doesn’t need it, because Do Ha will leave for Mt. Baek Du. He also told Moo Seok that Do Ha’s sister was the one that made his father go crazy. But Moo Seok is on Do Ha’s side. Why is Rin chasing away Do Ha for something that she didn’t do, something that happened a long time ago. Maybe Rin wants Do Ha gone to be far away from Sa Dam. He wants her safe.

The king has gone crazy. Using the king craziness, Sa Dam made the king gave the order to arrest Rin and the night watchmen.

In the inn’s basement, Sang Hyun and Maeng Sa Gong are making plans to stop Sa Dam. Since they can’t kill the Ma Go tribe shaman, which is Do Ha, that Sa Dam wants, they’ve decided to destroy the serpent’s statue. While they were in the basement the king’s guards arrived. Luckily they were able to run away on a different door.

With Yeon Ha dead, Sa Dam needs someone to take care of Mo Yun Wol’s business. For that Sa Dam uses the other girl that made a deal with him, the girl whose soul he plans to take, Park Soo Ryun.

When Park Soo Jong came to see Sa Dam, he saw his daughter there. Hearing that Sa Dam took his daughter, Park Soo Jong goes angry to talk to Sa Dam. But he calms down when Sa Dam gave him the funds for his army.

Do Ha is sad. She decided to return to Mt. Baek Du. Moo Seok came to her. He consoles her and gives her the present that Rin wanted to give her.

Moo Seok:”This is what the prince truly feels.”

Suddenly Rang Yi came and told them about the order to arrest the night watchmen. Moo Seok and Do Ha ran to the inn and there they’ve encountered Rin. The guards searched everywhere, but they weren’t able to find the secret room. Ok Mae takes Moo Seok, Rin and Do Ha to the secret room. Sang Hyun was supposed to be there, but he is not.

Sang Hyun and Maeng Sa Gong went to destroy the serpent statue. Sang Hyun enters the room where the serpent statue is. He is looking for something, but he can’t find it. Without realizing it Sang Hyun removed one of Sa Dam’s traps. The ghost appears. He tries to fight the ghosts using his amulets, but his injury hurts. The door is closing. Sang Hyun will be closed inside.

While the door was closing, Rin and Moo Seok arrived. Moo Seok held the door, while Rin helped Sang Hyun get out. Outside , they can’t see Maeng Sa Gong.

Sa Dam’s man, Ho Jo, saw Maeng Sa Gong and killed him.

Maeng Sa Gong had the dead of a hero! (*Note the sarcasm*). They could’ve at least let him fight a little, since he is a night watchman. It like the writers wanted to get rid of Maeng Sa Gong character fast….

Rin came to see the king about the monster from the night before. The king believes that monster was send by either Rin or Park Soo Jong. He wants Rin to prove his innocence, for that Rin has to prove that Park Soo Jong is guilty. When he left, while talking to Moo Seok, they Sa Dam going to the king’s room, but Sa Dam wasn’t alone, he was with Soo Ryun.

When Soo Ryun leaves, Rin asks her why she was with Sa Dam. He is worried about her. Sa Dam is dangerous. But Soo Ryun doesn’t care. All that she wants is to marry Rin, without considering the consequences.

Do Ha said her goodbyes to Moo Seok and Rin. She will leave for Mt. Baek Du like Rin wanted her to. No matter how much Moo Seok said that they need her, that she is one of the night watchmen, Do Ha made her mind on leaving.

Later, Rang Yi saw Do Ha with a knife. She knows what Do Ha intends to do and runs to tell everything to Rin and Moo Seok.

Do Ha went to Sa Dam. She plans to kill him. But Sa Dam uses his magic and stops her.

Oh come on!!!!! He has magic. If he wasn’t killed so many years, will she be able to stab him with a little knife???? Why do both Yeon Ha and Do Ha have to try something so stupid? Since they both are great shamans, shouldn’t they do something bigger, using their powers???? Come on writes, you can do better than this….

Sa Dam trapped Do Ha inside a painting. Moo Seok and Rin came to Sa Dam’s room. No one is there. They are about to leave, but Rin looks at the paining and he is sure that Do Ha is inside. How did he know that? Not sure….

Using his sword, Rin cuts Sa Dam’s magic and enters the paining. He gets Do Ha out. When they are out minister Ddoong came in a hurry. Park Soo Jong started a revolt.

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