“Love Myself or You? ” ep 18~”I’m going to go in and help you change.”

Why? Why? Why? Why did they cut Guo Xue Fu’s hair? She looked better before….

Kai Qi and Ah Jie talked and Kai Qi returned to Taipei. Everyone found out that Le Xuan lost her sense of taste and they made a plan to help her recover.

Episode 18

Kai Qi woke up in the morning and went outside. While she waters the flowers, Kai Qi sees a car. Inside that car she sees Ah Jie sleeping. She goes close and she looks at Ah Jie. He is waking up and Kai Qi leaves in a hurry, but Ah Jie saw her and run after her.

Kai Qi:” What are you doing here?”

Ah Jie:”I came to see you!”

She can go back now. Her coworkers cleaned her name, the customer that pretended having food poisoning form Kai Qi’s food wanted just to get some money. But Kai Qi can’t go back. She didn’t left the restaurant because of that incident, she left because it was too hard for her to see Ah Jie taking responsibility for what her father did and for the fact that she lied saying that she didn’t knew the kidnappers.

While Kai Qi was talking with Ah Jie, Hao Wei arrived. He went to buy breakfast. Ah Jie is surprised. What is Hao Wei doing there…with Kai Qi? But he can’t asks Hao Wei because Xiao Yi saw Ah Jie and came running happily to him. Xiao Yi took Ah Jie with him. The little one wants to show something to Ah Jie.

Back home, Ah Jie said he needs to go back. He signs Hao Wei to go with him. Hao Wei goes…until the door. Hao Wei isn’t planning on leaving. He is staying with Kai Qi there.

After few days, Ah Jie returned to Kai Qi’s house, but she refused to see him. What surprised Ah Jie was that Hao Wei was still there. When Ah Jie left, Kai Qi came out. She’s looking on the window after Ah Jie. Hao Wei comes to her and makes her feel bad for Ah Jie saying that Ah Jie must be tired driving for so many hours just to see her and she didn’t even show up.

While Hao Wei was with Kai Qi, Le Xuan didn’t go to work. All she does is stay at home eating different kinds of food, trying to taste something. But she can’t taste anything. Yong Qian is the only one how knows that Le Xuan lost her palate. He goes to look for her and he is shock by what he saw. The beautiful Le Xuan is gone. Le Xuan doesn’t shower, doesn’t take care of herself. Seeing her like that, Yong Qian drags Le Xuan to her house. He pushes her to the shower and he cleans her house.

Yong Qian:”Go in and shower. I’m giving you ten minutes. If you don’t change back into the beautiful Cheng Le Xuan I’m going to go in and help you change.”

Ah Jie came again to see Kai Qi. He comes ones a few days. Kai Qi hides and asks Hao Wei to lie to Ah Jie. When Ah Jie comes in and asks Hao Wei where is Kai Qi, Hao Wei said that Kai Qi is busy avoiding him.

Xiao Yi saw Ah Jie and happily took Ah Jie to play with him outside. From the house Kai Qi looks at them. She sends a text to Ah Jie asking him why isn’t he leaving.

Ah Jie:”I won’t leave until I see you.”

Kai Qi keeps telling Ah Jie to leave in texts and he keeps answering that he won’t leave until he sees her. Hao Wei comes next to Kai Qi. Talking about how tired Ah Jie must be and where can he eat when he is not familiar with the area, Hao Wei convinced Kai Qi in let Ah Jie eat with them.

After they’ve eaten, Ah Jie has to leave. Hao Wei follows Kai Qi around telling her how tired must Ah Jie be going to meetings and inspections everyday and then driving for so many hours to see her. Driving fatigued is more dangerous that driving drunk and Ah Jie could have an accident. Listening to Hao Wei, Kai Qi becomes worried and invites Ah Jie to stay there that night.

Since Kai Qi is avoiding Ah Jie, Hao Wei and Xiao Yi made a plan to make Ah Jie and Kai Qi talk. That night, Hao Wei turned off the light in the whole house. Worried Kai Qi went to Ah Jie’s room to see if he is alright.

Kai Qi went with Ah Jie outside. They talk about what happened between them lately. They both opened their hearts and talked.

In the morning Kai Qi looks for Ah Jie, but he isn’t there. Ah Jie left at down. Hao Wei begins stalking again about how hard must be for Ah Jie to come and go like that. Kai Qi is returning to Taipei!

Ki Qi and Hao Wei are on their way back to Taipei. Because Hao Wei is worried about Le Xuan, they decide to go to Le Xuan’s place first. The same time they were returning to Taipei, Yong Qian went to see Ah Jie. Yong Qian told Ah Jie that L Xuan resigned because she lost her palate when the kidnappers hit her. Arrived at Le Xuan’s house, Yong Qian saw that she was still eating the food that he made for her. The only problem was that the dish was spoiled already. While Yong Qian explained to Ah Jie how Le Xuan became like that, Hao Wei and Kai Qi entered.

Feeling guilty, Kai Qi leaves. Ah Jie follows her. She goes to see Zi Xiang and expresses her guilt in front unconscious Zi Xiang.

Wanting to help Kai Qi get rid of her guilt, Ah Jie went to see Le Xuan. He took Le Xuan to Figaro Cuisine. During lunch break’s Le Xuan will cook based on her memories and her coworkers will taste and will help her adjusting the temperature.

The thing that Le Xuan doesn’t know is that Yong Qian likes her. He’s heart hurts when Le Xuan is with Ah Jie. Since Le Xuan doesn’t know Yong Qian’s feelings, she even thanks Yong Qian for bringing Ah Jie to her.

Linda, Xiao Shu and Da Zhi, who know what Yong Qian’s feelings for Le Xuan are sad for him. They what to help him, but they don’t know what to do.

“Shouldn’t someone who does something wrong take responsibility?”, Yong Qian said to Kai Q when he called her. Kai Qi came and saw Ah Jie training Le Xuan with patience. Yong Qian called Kai Qi so she will train Le Xuan with strength. Kai Qi can’t let the kitchen staff and Ah Jie lose their time with Le Xuan. She will make a plan and come back.

Xiao Shu:” Fierce Du Kai Qi is back!”

Kai Qi visits Le Xuan every morning to train her. Every day Kai Qi wakes up Le Xuan, than she explains everything to Le Xuan. At the beginning Le Xuan paid attention, but soon she got bored and she was just answering anything, usually her answers where Kai Qi’s last words. Le Xuan was repeating Kai Qi’s last words. But when Ah Jie was coming, Le Xuan attitude changed. She becomes happy and full of life. Seeing Kai Qi sad when Le Xuan is with Ah Jie, Hao Wei takes her out. Hao Wei took Kai Qi to a place that only he knows, the place where he will open his restaurant. He wants Kai Qi to be a chef in his restaurant.

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