“The Night Watchman ” ep 20~Sang Hyun:” You must survive.”

Park Soo Jong started a revolt. Using Moo Seok’s loyalty towards the king, Park Soo Jong called Moo Seok to the palace and killed him.

Do Ha and Rin try to stop Park Soo Jong, but they are captured.

Episode 20

Park Soo Jong started a revolt. He plans to take the crown from the king. For that he needs the sovereign seal. He goes to the Dowager Queen, but she will not give the seal away, she will not let Park Soo Jong get the throne from her family. Then Park Soo Jong goes to the king and threatens him.

Sa Dam will be on the side of the one who get the throne. Until then he let all of them, the king and Park Soo Jong, believe that he is on their side.

Minister Ddoong and eunuch Song are with Rin, Do Ha and Sang Hyun in the night watchmen’s secret room, from the inn. They tell Sang Hyun about the revolt Park Soo Jong started. The night watchmen have stop Park Soo Jong and Sa Dam from joining forces, or they won’t be able to stop the serpent demon.

Later while, Sang Hyun is drinking with minister Doong and Eunuch Song, Rin talks to Do Ha. She knows that he send her away because he wanted to protect her. When she first met Rin she believed that he was an arrogant noble, but spending time with him, Do Ha realized that Rin was as lonely as her. She decided to leave and return to Mt Baek Du. Rin entered Do Ha’s heart. She loves him, but even if her heart is hurting her, she is still happy that she can do something for him. But Rin, now, can’t let her go. He will do

Rin:”Don’t go. You’ll be in danger if you stay by my side. I know I should send you away. There’s still nothing I can do about my heart. Even if it means risking my life…I’ll protect you. Stay by my side Do Ha.”

Park Soo Jong and his army barged into the palace. All the ministers are stopped from talking with the Queen Dowager. Using the king’s madness Park Soo Jong took over the throne. To become king completely he needs the royal seal. Before having the royal seal he can’t do anything to the king or the Queen Dowager, except from closing them. Park Soo Jong’s army won’t let anyone enter the Queen Dowager’s room.

Rin came to the palace. He goes into the king’s room. Seeing Rin, the king holds Rin’s hand for the first time. He trust Rin and asks him who things are outside. But suddenly, the king changes and he accuses Rin to work with Park Soo Jong. After seeing his brother, Rin wanted to see his grandmother, but Park Soo Jong’s soldiers stopped him.

When he was leaving, Rin encountered Sa Dam. Stopping Rin, Sa Dam offered Rin the throne back in exchange of Do Ha. But Rin refused. He will never sell Do Ha and he will never make deals with Sa Dam.

A message from the king came. He asks Moo Seok for help. No matter what Sang Hyun tells him, Moo Seok can’t listen. Before being a night watchman, Moo Seok is a royal servant and he needs to go to the palace to protect the king. Moo Seok leaves behind his compass and his night watchman sword.

The same time, Rin managed to enter the Queen Dowager’s room. He had help from the Queens Dowager’s court lady’s. The Queen Dowager is worried about what Park Soo Jong will do to Rin so for Rin’s protection she asks him to marry Soo Ryun. If Rin will be Soo Ryun’s husband, Park Soo Jong will be forced to protect him. But Rin doesn’t want to be have anything to do with the man that killed his parents. After listening to Rin, the Queen Dowager gave him a ring, her own ring. She told him to protect the ring because that ring will save him someday.

While Rin was talking with his grandmother, Park Soo Jong came. Rin hide and from there he looked and Park Soo Jong and his grandmother. When he looked at Park Soo Jong, Rin saw that Park Soo Jong was surrounded by ghosts. He realized that Park Soo Jong is under Sa Dam’s control.

Moo Seok entered Park Soo Jong’s room. He proposed Park Soo Jong that the both of them went to see the king. If what Park Soo Jong is saying is true, and the king wanted Park Soo Jong to be king, Moo Seok will give up his life. But if the king is saying that Park Soo Jong is lying then Park Soo Jong will have to give up his life. They both go, but before they enter the king’s chamber, they are surrounded by soldiers. Park Soo Jong tricked Moo Seok. He can’t let Moo Seok live. The king also came and he said to Moo Seok that if he is a loyal servant he should live. The king said that Park Soo Jong promised him to let him live if he helps them catch Moo Seok.

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Moo Seok looks at the king and lets his sword down. Park Soo Jong’s man killed Moo Seok. He fell down crying.

Eunuch Song ran to call Rin and Do Ha. Minister Ddoong stayed with Moo Seok’s body until Rin and Do Ha arrived. When Rin and Do Ha arrived it was too late. Moo Seok was dead. They go next to Moo Seok’s body. They can’t believe that Moo Seok is dead. And seems like he isn’t .

Minister Ddoong, who stayed next to Moo Seok didn’t see Moo Seok’s soul getting out of his body.

Minister Ddoong:” His soul is still in the body. As long as his soul is still there, we can save him.”

Rin took Moo Seok’s body to Sang Hyun. He can be saved, but the probability is too small. It all depends of Moo Seok’s will to live.

Sang Hyun:” Stay strong. You must survive.”

While Sang Hyun takes care of Moo Seok, Rin and Do Ha went to stop Park Soo Jong. Sa Dam was asked by Park Soo Jong to help him see ghosts. So Sa Dam is placing a spell on Park Soo Jong. While Sa Dam was putting the spell on Park Soo Jong, he was called to see Soo Ryun. When Sa Dam left, Rin and Do Ha entered. They have to put some needles in Park Soo Jong’s body. After Do Ha and Rin put the needles on Park Soo Jong’s body, Park Soo Jong removed an amulet and he, Rin and Do Ha were send to the forest. It was a defense perimeter placed by Sa Dam. In the forest, Park Soo Jong ran away. While Do Ha stayed to fight the ghosts of the night watchmen, Rin ran after Park Soo Jong. But Rin encountered Sa Dam.

When Rin cut Sa Dam the defense perimeter was broken and Rin found himself surrounded by soldiers. And Do Ha was captured too.

Soo Ryun came angry. She made a deal with Sa Dam. If she helps Sa Dam get Do Ha, Sa Dam will let Rin go. She is now angry that Sa Dam captured Rin. But the one behind Sa Dam is Park Soo Jong…or at least he believes so. Park Soo Jong doesn’t know the real reason Sa Dam is helping him.

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