“Iron Man ” ep 8~ Se Dong:” I don’t want to date you.”

Finally episode 8 aired !!!

Se Dong and Hong Bin started to date.

Something happened to Hong Joo and he fell over the roof.

Episode 8

Hong Joo failed his exams. He is last is his class. His father is furious, but when he sees Hong Joo looking at Se Dong’s picture, he gets even worse. He threw Hong Joo’s phone on the window and broke his guitar. Then Joo Jang Won told Hong Joo that he was good for nothing and that he should have given Hong Joo away when he was little. He decided to send Hong Joo to an American boarding school until he finishes school and then to an American university.

Why every Asian parent sends their children to school in America when they want to punish them???

Both Hong Bin and Se Dong can’t fell asleep. They go out and start jogging. Hong Bin arrived in front of Se Dong’s house and sends her a text, asking her what is she doing. Excited that she got a text from Hong Bin, Se Dong doesn’t what to show him his excitement and she just answers that she is sleeping.

They walk while looking at their phones until their eyes met. Since they’ve met, they buy snacks and talk for a while. When Hong Bin asks Se Dong to call him “oppa”, she gets embarrassed. She leaves, but Hong Bin follows her around. He is drunk and wants to stay for a while at her house.

The next morning, Hong Bin is happy. He even goes to Chang’s room and tells the boy the in the weekend they will go to the amusement park in the ride that Chang wanted.

For the first time in his life, Hong Bin took the bus that morning. He remembers who Se Dong reacted when they were in the rural bus that took them to Tae Hee’s parents house. Suddenly Hong Bin gets up, he has to get down at the next stop. But he doesn’t let secretary Go come with him.

Hong Bin left without secretary Go and met Se Dong. He was supposed to meet Se Dong and go with her to look for a house. Se Dong is moving, she can’t leave in the house she is staying now.

The house she is seeing, it’s not on Hong Bin’s liking. She wants to sign the contract, but he pulls her out and asks her to keep looking. Hong Bin takes Se Dong to an apartment that he likes. Since it’s too expensive for her, Hong Bin will pay it.

Se Dong:” I don’t want to date you.”

When Hong Bin offered to pay for that apartment, Se Dong felt embarrassed. She remembered what her father told her when she was young. When she was young Se Dong received a computer from Seung Hwan for free and her father got angry at her. Se Dong was thought by her father to work for everything she wants so she could feel the pleasure that she got something with her hard work.

Madam Yoon takes Chang to see Hong Bin’s father secretly. At his grandfather’s request Chang learned to write in Korean and now he is learning numbers too. Chang became more close to his grandfather then he is with his father.

Se Dong saw a text from Hong Joo and worried she calls Hong Bin. In the text there was a photo with Hong Joo on a tall building. Worried Hong Bin runs to look for Hong Joo. That day Hong Joo asks secretary Go to buy him a bottle of soju. Secretary Go refused him and send him to school.

Arrived in front of a tall building, when he looked up, Hong Bin saw Hong Joo on the roof edge. Hong Bin runs to the roof. He saw Hong Joo taking one step over the roof. Hong Joo fell over the edge. Hong Bin run and caught Hong Joo. They both fell.

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