“We Got Married ” ep 2( WGM ep 239)~Jae Rim:” She is not an easy girl…I like her.”

Jae Rim and So Eun went to their newlywed house.

Looking at Jae Rim and So Eun couple I can’t stop wandering if they act naturally or the way it was scripted….

Episode 2

When they first saw each other, Jae Rim didn’t recognized So Eun. “Who are you?”, he said. After she introduced herself, he keeps staring at her. Why? Because she is beautiful! You player! ☺

Jae Rim:” You are pretty!”

He asked her who she is, impolitely, but when they’ve introduced to each other he shake hands politely, with two hands. They’ve received the mission envelop and they have to go to their newlywed home. So Eun is curious if the building has an elevator, because she wears high heels. On the other hand, Jae Rim wants a…bidet. He likes modern tools.

Since So Eun came with her car and Jae Rim with his motorcycle, he will ride his motorcycle and lead the way. They go first to his house so he could take his luggage.

Arrived at Jae Rim’s house, So Eun met his cat, Olla. He puts his luggage into So Eun’s car and they drive towards their newlywed house. In the car Jae Rim asks So Eun if she wants to go ti Jeju for their honeymoon, for a ride with his motorcycle.

Jae Rim:” While other people use gasoline as the fuel, I use my affection instead.”

So Eun searched Jae Rim on internet and she realized that they graduated from the same university. Hearing that Jae Rim drops the honorifics and asks her to call him “senior”, but So Eun isn’t an easy girl, she is his acting senior.

Jae Rim:” She is not an easy girl…I like her.”

When they get to their house, none of them got their wish. The building has no elevator, as So Eun wanted, but the more serious problem is that the house doesn’t have what Jae Rim needs to do his business…a bidet.

It’s time to unpack the luggage. Jae Rim’s bag is really neat. So Eun is curious about something. Laughing, Jae Rim tells her to open. She opened the bag and closed it really fast. That was Jae Rim’s underwear set. While they were unpacking their bags, Jae Rim is having fun pulling pranks on So Eun. When So Eun shows him Khun’s clothes, Jae Rim pats her head and tells her then she must have been really lonely until now. But don’t worry So Eun, he will play with you from now on.

Jae Rim:” Seems like you’ve been lonely all this time.”

Jae Rim opens his last bag, he takes a perfume and spray it on himself. For So Eun is too much.

Jae Rim:” Unforgettable, right? From now on, you’ll think of me when you smell it.”

Jae Rim likes everything to be in order. He seems like a neat person. He arranges everything in order. He even arranges everything that So Eun finished arranging in the bathroom.

Even when it’s their first meeting, they get along pretty well, like they’ve known each other for a long time. And they sit close to each other, without leaving a big space between them.

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