“Iron Man ” ep 9~”It seemed like you were flying.”

Hong Bin went on a date with Se Dong. But something happened and his blades appear in broad daylight.

Episode 9

“What did I just see? It seemed like you were flying.”, said Hong Joo. He is thinking if he really died. But he didn’t die. Hong Bin saved Hong Joo. He is mad and scolds Hong Joo. Who can he think of killing himself? While he was screaming at Hong Joo, Hong Bin saw some soju bottles.

Hong Joo:” Did you think I was trying to kill myself?”

Hong Joo didn’t came to that tall building to commit suicide, he came to get drunk, because then he would have the guts to tell his father that he doesn’t want to go to university and he doesn’t want to go to US. He doesn’t have the courage to talk to his father, or Hong Bin.

Hong Joo:” You rushed over because you thought I was committing suicide?… You said I wasn’t even your brother…”

Hong Joo is intimidated by Hong Bin so he is really surprised when Hong Bin said to leave together. He is more surprised and happy when Hong Bin let Hong Joo walk beside him.

Hong Bin took Hong Joo home. Since he has Hong Bin’s support, Hong Joo has now the courage to talk to his father. Before talking to his father, Hong Joo has to make sure that his father won’t hit him.

Hong Joo:” I’ll have to hide the golf clubs first.”

The same time, Se Dong is worried about Hong Joo. She is with Seung Hwan, who called secretary Go to find out what happened. After knowing that nothing happened to Hong Joo, Se Dong goes home. On the way she remembers a night form when she was in high school. The next day she had an exam so Se Dong spent the night in the school’s library. While she was studying, her mother called several times, but Se Dong never answered. She even closed her phone. In the morning she called her father and he gave Se Dong a bad news. Something happened to her mother. Se Dong’s mother collapsed. Since them Se Dong felt guilty for her mother’s death. If she would’ve answered the phone, she could have gone home and called an ambulance. Her mother could’ve survived. But that night Se Dong wanted to study and she felt that her mother was annoying.

On her way home, Se Dong fainted. Fortunately Seung Hwan was with her.

Because he wanted to see Se Dong, Hong Bin tricked her that Chang wants to go to the amusement park. That day, Hong Bin send Chang to his grandparents and went by himself to the amusement park.

When Se Dong arrived, secretary Go gave her a letter from Hong Bin. After reading the letter, Se Dong turned around and saw Hong Bin dressed in a bear costume, on the carousel. He was holding balloons and a banner in which he apologized to her. He prepared and event for Se Dong. What Hong Bin didn’t know was that Se Dong hated events like that. Embarrassed, Se Dong ran away. Running after Se Dong , Hong Bin fell. Se Dong turned to see if he is hurt. Taking advantage, Hong Bin pretended to be hurt. That way Se Dong stayed with him.

Home, Hong Joo gathered the courage to talk to his father. He goes to his father and said that he doesn’t want to go to US, he doesn’t want to go to university. He wants to find what he likes, what hobby he has and work towards that. Unfortunately, his father doesn’t listen to him. Liked or not, Hong Joo will have to go to America.

While Hong Joo was talking with his father, his mother looked into his phone and fined the text he send to Se Dong.

Hong Bin understood why Se Dong didn’t want to live in the apartment he wanted to buy for her. He apologized to her looking down on her, without understanding her feelings. He just wants to date Se Dong.

Hong Bin:” I won’t try to force you to live in my apartment.”

While they were having fun, Se Dong received a phone call. It was Hong Joo’s mother. She wants to see Se Dong. Hong Bin tried to stop Se Dong from seeing that woman, but the stubborn Se Dong still went. Because he doesn’t know why Hong Joo’s mother wants to see Se Dong, Hong Bin calls Hong Joo.

When they met, Hong Joo’s mother slapped Se Dong. Secretary Go came to protect Se Dong. He tried to explain to Hong Joo’s mother that she misunderstood, but Hong Joo’s mother slapped him too.

From behind Hong Bin saw what happened and got upset. He comes towards Hong Joo’s mother. The sky turns gray. The blade appear on Hong Bin’s back.

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