“We Got Married ” ep 3( WGM ep 240)~Jae Rim:” I’m leaving my chin and lips on your care.”

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun first dinner together.

So Eun visits Jae Rim in the hospital after his surgery.

Episode 3

It’s dinner time for Jae Rim and So Eun. They’ve ordered sushi. In the middle of dinner, So Eun remembers the drink she brought from home. She goes in the room to get the bottle and when she returns she asks Jae Rim to close his eyes.

Jae Rim:” You’ll hit me, right?”

Jae Rim pours the wine into the glasses. They’ve decided to go for one shot, but Jae Rim’s idea of one shot is different than So Eun’s. His hand goes around So Eun’s hand, Jae Rim’s wants a love shot, even if it not a day since they’ve met. Shy, So Eun stops him.

Jae Rim:” Did I ask you to hold hands and sleep together?”

The drink was to strong. They need to eat something after that one glass. Jae Rim takes some ginger and puts into So Eun’s mouth. It was too much ginger for her and she spits it out. When So Eun proposed another glass, Jae Rim was surprised. That drink is strong, but still accepted. Drinking together got them closer.

So Eun:” You’re the husband material I wanted.”

After diner, Jae Rim cleans everything fast. He is really meticulous when it comes to cleaning and organizing stuff.

Jae Rim plays the saxophone for So Eun. She is impressed. Playing the saxophone, Jae Rim looks better then when he played the guitar. He tries to teach So Eun to play the saxophone, but that instrument is difficult. When So Eun bit the saxophone, she bit it too strong and the lid is broken. Jae Rim gives So Eun the broken lid as a memory. Jokingly, So Eun asks Jae Rim is he doesn’t what the lid the bit. Again, Jae Rim’s answer leaves So Eun without words.

So Eun:” Aren’t you supposed to have it, oppa? My lips mark is there.”

Jae Rim:”My lips would remember… Your face is pink. Your face has the same color with the lipstick my lips remember.”

Did those two got drunk? They’ve said that the ginger wine So Eun brought was strong…

1 3

4 7

Since they are drunk, So Eun and Jae Rim went to buy coffee. On the way they are really comfortable with each other. They have fun, they joke with each other. When a car passes them, Jae Rim takes advantage of the situation and held So Eun’s hand.

Jae Rim:” Are we becoming dumb and dumber couple?”

Jae Rim is in a hospital. He got diagnosed with deviated nasal septum. Before So Eun arrived , Jae Rim was playing, but as soon as she entered his room, he pretended to be really sick.

For the sick person, So Eun brought some fruits. She peels an apple for him. Jae Rim keeps saying that his hand is swollen because of the IV and he wants So Eun to blow on it. Then he peals a pear and feeds So Eun.

The talk like an old married couple about what they did since the last time they saw each other. Suddenly Jae Rim looks at So Eun and winks.

After eating the fruits, Jae Rim asks So Eun to help him shave.

Jae Rim:” I’m leaving my chin and lips on your care.”

Newly shaved, Jae Rim lies down in bed an d stretches his arm towards So Eun.

Jae Rim:” I’m comfortable with you even without saying a word.”

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