“Love Myself or You? ” ep 19~Le Xuan:” I like you!”

Zi Jie spends a day with Kai Qi and tried to get back together with her.

Le Xuan confessed her feelings to Zi Jie.

Kai Qi and Zi Jie found out that it wasn’t Kai Qi’s father the one that is to blame for Zi Xiang’s condition.

Episode 19

Ah Jie is taking Le Xuan out. Since Kai Qi is sad and Hao Wei wants to see her happy, he takes Kai Qi out to. They all go out together. Le Xuan is really happy. She feels like she is on a date with Ah Jie. She is curious about him and expects Ah Jie to be curious about her. But he isn’t. He just asks the questions Le Xuan tells him to ask. On the other hand when he is looking or thinking about Kai Qi, Ah Jie becomes happy. Le Xuan realizes that she is important for Ah Jie just like a friend or a coworker. She excuses herself. Hao Wei goes after his sister to see if she is alright and to let Kai Qi and Ah Jie alone.

The rain begins. Ah Jie helps Kai Qi cover herself so she won’t get wet. But Kai Qi lost her contacts. Since Kai Qi can’t see properly, Ah Jie takes her hand and tells Kai Qi to trust him. Coming with Le Xuan, Hao Wei saw Ah Jie holding Kai Qi’s hand and left with his sister. Hao Wei left Kai Qi and Ah Jie to resolve their problems. The rain stopped and Kai Qi and Ah Jie leave.

Ah Jie:” Du Kai Qi, give me a day.”

For one day they will forget their problems and be themselves, without thinking about others.

Since they are wet, Kai Qi and Ah Jei’s first stop is the store. They need new clothes. Then they buy ingredients for dinner. Ah Jie will cook for Kai Qi. Ah Jie always wished to have a picnic with his girlfriend and his family under the Eiffel Tower. He will cook, his girlfriend will compliment him and his mother will be really happy to see them getting along well. After they’ve eaten, Kai Qi asked Ah Jie to treat her like an ordinary friend from the next day, but Ah Jie doesn’t want to.

Ah Jie:”From now on I’m only going to care about my own feelings. If I want to see you, I’ll come and see you. If I want to get close to you, I’ll get close to you.”

Kai Qi is stubborn about not being close with Ah Jie, but he is also stubborn. Ah Jie proposes a game. The winner decides how their relationship will be from now on. The first game is skandenberg. When they began the game, Kai Qi knew that she won’t be able to win against Ah Jie so she cheated. Kai Qi kissed Ah Jie and won the first game. But since the day isn’t over yet, Ah Jie proposes other games to. This time he will also cheat.

Kai Qi made some souses for Le Xuan training. Le Xuan can’t focus, she keeps thinking about what does Ah Jie likes about Kai Qi and what does Kai Qi likes about Ah Jie. She worked for a long time with Kai Qi and Kai Qi never got close with any of her coworkers, but with Ah Jie was different. She asks Kai Qi what does she likes about Ah Jie. Since Le Xuan refuses to go on with the class, Kai Qi tells Le Xuan what she feels when she is with Ah Jie.

Kai Qi:”Ah Jie is like sunshine.”

Listening to Kai Qi saying that she feels safe with Ah Jie and that she is never afraid to show Ah Jie her bad imagine, Le Xuan realized that she’s been like that only with Yong Qian. When Kai Qi left, Ah Jie arrived to see Le Xuan. They’ve ate lunch together, but when Ah Jei left he met Hao Wei. Because Ah Jie forgot his phone, Le Xuan went to give it to him. Le Xuan heard Ah Jie talking to Hao Wei. He was saying that he is treating Le Xuan so good because he feels guilty that she lost her sense of tasting.

Le Xuan approaches Ah Jie. She gives him the phone and asks him to meet her tomorrow and celebrate her birthday with her. Then, after Ah Jie left, Le Xuan called Kai Qi and asked her to meet her the next day at the restaurant for training.

Le Xuan:”I’m taking a gamble with my love.

The next day when Ah Jie came to the restaurant, Le Xuan had prepared the dinner. When Kai Qi arrived she found Yong Qian in front of the restaurant. He came to check the surveillance camera and when he saw the light on in the restaurant he thought that there was a thief inside. Hearing that Kai Qi and Le Xuan will be inside, just the two of them, made Yong Qian happy. But Yong Qian happiness didn’t last long. His smile disappeared when he saw Ah Jie.

Yong Qian didn’t participate at the dinner. During dinner, Ah Jie gave Le Xuan his birthday present. Now Le Xuan wants a birthday present from Kai Qi . Since Kai Qi and Ah Jie can’t be together from now on, Le Xuan wants to confess her feelings to Ah Jie.

Upset, Kai Qi wants to leave. She gets up and goes towards the door. Ah Jie wants to follow her, but Le Xuan stops him.

Le Xuan:” I like you!”

Le Xuan tells Ah Jie that she likes him, then she wants to kiss him, but Ah Jie turns his head. His feelings for Kai Qi haven’t changed. Hurt, Le Xuan runs upstairs to Yong Qian. Ah Jie comes after her, but Le Xaun doesn’t want Ah Jie to see her crying so she asks Yong Qian to help her.

Because Le Xuan didn’t come out to talk to him, Ah Jie retuned downstairs to Kai Qi. After Ah Jie, Yong Qian came downstairs. He was holding Le Xuan.

When they left, Kai Qi and Ah Jie heard some noise inside the restaurant. Thinking that the noise might come from a thief, Kai Qi went inside to check. The thief was Xiao Shu. Every time his grandparents needed money, Xiao Shu would take from the restaurant and then putting them back. Hearing his story, Kai Qi closed an eye this time, but she will not do the same if that happens again.

Leaving, Kai Qi received a phone call and left in a hurry.

Kai Qi and her mother entered a police station. They are angry with her father. Kai Qi’s father couldn’t let the kidnappers kill Zi Xiang so he hit one of the kidnappers and took Zi Xiang with him. He left Zi Xiang on the road with the phone in the pocked so the police could track him.

The day Zi Xiang was found, Kai Qi’s father turned himself in and helped the policemen arrest the kidnapers.

Because Kai Qi hurt her hand, Ah Jie came to bring her medicine, but when he arrived he saw Kai Qi leaning on Hao Wei.

Kai Qi told Hao Wei what she found out at the police station, that her father actually saved Zi Xiang. The next morning, Hao Wei met Ah Jie and told him what he found out from Kai Qi.

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2 Responses to “Love Myself or You? ” ep 19~Le Xuan:” I like you!”

  1. Alien says:

    I just finished watching this drama and finally found someone who recapped it! I absolutely loved it. Such a heartwarming and lovable drama. Totally underrated but it was the best taiwanese drama I have watched in a long time. Love Puff and Jasper.

    • lemonmirae says:

      You’re right. This was a great drama. Glad you like it. Unfortunately i started watching this drama late, after another Taiwanese drama, Fall in love with me, finished, but i still enjoyed it 🙂

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