“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 3~Jackson:”She is my wife.”

Jackson met for the first time Song Ga Yeon.

Episode 3

Jackson follows Gook Joo around telling her that she looks better without makeup.

After joking and dancing in the kitchen Jackson, Joon Hyung and Gook Joo went out to eat. In the car they joke around saying that they are family, father, mother and son. After buying the food, the three of them returned home. It’s past 5 am, everyone is sleeping and Jackson, Joon Hyung and Gook Joo were eating.

The whole roommate family, except for Joon Hyung and Kang Joon, went on a picnic. While everyone was talking, Jackson smacked Se Ho’s head. He did it because there was a bug, fly maybe, but judging from the way Jackson was apologizing, Se Ho must have gazed at him really.

Then they all play games. The first game is “369”. Since Ryohei and Jackson aren’t Korean, they don’t know Korean games and they have to do the punishment. After being punished few time, Jackson got bored of the “369” game and wanted a new game. The others asked Jackson to teach them some easy martial arts moves. The next game is volleyball.

On their way back, Young Ji, Jackson, Ryohei and Dong Wook went shopping. In the car Jackson and Young Ji kept bickering. When Dong Wook asked them to stop fighting, Jackson said that he doesn’t want to stop because he can fight with anyone else. Jackson and Young Ji are the same age, so they can only fight with each other.

Jackson:”Let’s fight. Let’s fight often.”

First stop is the store from where they have to buy blankets for everyone. Jackson has one, but he wants to buy a blanket for Gook Joo. And he choose a pink blanket with “ Beauty and the Beast”.

The second stop is to buy ingredients for dinner. Ryohei got away from the others and went to buy shampoo. Left alone with the two youngsters, Dong Wook is exhausted.

Jackson mispronounced a lot of words. While Dong Wook was trying to explain the words to him, Jackson saw some free samplings and he wanted to try some. He is just like a kid. But they both end up eating free samples, while Young Ji found the ingredients. What can those men do without a woman??? But when Young Ji came, the package with noodles that she took, was to big and she had to go back for a smaller one.

At some point, Dong Wook just hold the tree children, Ryohei, Jackson and Young Ji, hands and went home.

Someone is at the door. Jackson went to open. At the door there were Kang Joon and Song Ga Yeon. The moment he met Ga Yeon, Jackson ran screaming and closed himself in the bathroom.

Jackson likes healthy and tanned girls, he likes Ga Yeon. Since he told Kang Joon that, Kang Joon wanted to introduce her to Jackson, when Ga Yeon came to pick some things that she forgot. Kang Joon went and got Jackson out from the bathroom saying that Ga Yeon left. Coming out, Jackson’s eyes met Ga Yeon again. This time, Jackson run and hid in the kitchen. Kang Joon found him again and took him to Ga Yeon. When he seemed that he got used to Ga Yeon, Jackson ran and hid to Joon Hyung’s room, in the closet.

Coming out from the bathroom, Joon Hyung met Ga Yeon. Seeing Jackson’s reaction to Ga Yeon, he began teasing him when they were left alone.

Later, Jackson managed to stay in the same room with Ga Yeon for more than 3 seconds without running away. He wanted Ga Yeon to kick him. Jackson was confident, but after Ga Yeon kicked him, he run to his room. Too much pain for him, he didn’t expect a girl to hit that hard. When Ga Yeon left, Jackson escorted her to the car and he even carried her things for her.

The dinner is over. It’s time for English class now. After learning the right pronunciation of the English alphabet they have fun with English conversations. Jackson is walking with his girlfriend, Young Ji and a man, Se Ho, stops them. When Se Ho gets close to Young Ji, Jackson stops him.

Jackson:” Don’t talk to my girlfriend like this1”

But Se Ho doesn’t stop here. He said that Young Ji is his girlfriend, not Jackson’s. Then Jackson leaves Se Ho without words.

Jackson:”She is my wife.”

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