“The Night Watchman ” ep 21~Rin:”Why risk your life for me?”

Rin was saved from Park Soo Jong and he, with Sang Hyun’s help went to the land of the dead and brought back Moo Seok. Now they need to find the sovereign seal before Park Soo Jong.

Episode 21

With Sa Dam’s help, Park Soo Jong arrested Rin and Do Ha. They both received what they wanted, Park Soo Jong wanted Rin and Sa Dam wanted Do Ha. With the king crazy, Rin is the only one staying between Park Soo Jong and the throne. Park Soo Jong intends to kill Rin and everyone that is on his side and become the new king.

Soo Ryun believed that if she would help Sa Dam get Do Ha, Sa Dam will let go of Rin…foolish girl. She goes close to Do Ha and slaps her.

Soo Ryun:”This is all your fault.”

Soo Ryun must believe that if there was no Do Ha, Rin will love her. But she knows Rin since they were little, before Do Ha appeared and Rin never liked her so how is that Do Ha’s fault. What will Soo Ryun say when she will find out that her father killed Rin’s parents? Will that be Do Ha’s fault too?

Sa Dam had what he wanted and he can’t let others hurt what is his.

Sa Dam:”She’s mine now. Don’t be so harsh with her.”

Then again…didn’t Soo Ryun make a deal with Sa Dam? I wander what Sa Dam will ask in return….

Sang Hyun is watching over Moo Seok, trying to bring him back. Meanwhile Moo Seok was about to enter the world of the deaths. He looks back. He has no lingering feelings. He did everything he wanted to do and had to do, but he still wanders if he finished what he had to do.

Moo Seok:”Was everything I did enough?”

Meanwhile the news that Rin is arrested got to the Queen Dowager. She wants to go to help Rin, but Park Soo Jong stopped her. He wants the Queen Dowager to give him the sovereign seal. If she gives it to him, Park Soo Jong promised to release Rin. But the Queen Dowager is smart and she knows that Park Soo Jong is lying. If he get the sovereign seal there will be no reason for him to let Rin or the Queen Dowager alive.

Sa Dam tries to persuade Do Ha to become a Yongshin tribe woman. He plays with Do Ha’s feelings. He knows that she loves Rin, but they can’t be together because of the differences between the social classes. If Do Ha, the last Ma Go tribe shaman, will help him release the serpent and the Yongshin tribe will rule the world, there will be no different social classes. He even talks about Yeon Ha. She died at a young age because she loved a man from a different social class.

Do Ha looks into Sa Dam’s eyes and refuses his offer. She will not make a deal with Sa Dam. How can she love Rin in a world were brute force rules everything, in a world where the strong bully and steal from the weak.

Do Ha ran away from Sa Dam. How? Only the writers know….

Ho Jo and Sa Dam found her. She was praying to the gods to help her stop Sa Dam. Do Ha hand over a bowl to Sa Dam. She drinks from the bowl before Sa Dam. The drink was poisoned. Sa Dam can’t die, but she can. And Sa Dam need her alive, he needs her blood to wake up the serpent. If Do Ha dies from poison, her blood will be poisoned and it won’t be of any help to Sa Dam. If Sa Dam doesn’t want Do Ha’s blood fool of poison, he will have to save Rin.

When Park Soo Jong was about to kill Rin, Sang Hyun arrived. Alone, Sang Hyun fought with all of Park Soo Jong’s army. When Sang Hyun was surrounded, Rin asked why did Sang Hyun risked his live for him.

Rin:”Why risk your life for me?”

Sang Hyun:” It’s because I see hope in you. That’s why I put my life on the line.”

Park Soo Jong signed his man to kill Rin. That man took his sword. He lift his sword towards Rin. Rang Yi come running to Rin and hugged him. But at the moment the sword was close to Rin, he disappeared. Rin, Rang Yi and Sang Hyun disappeared. Sa Dam used his magic and got them out of there.

To save Do Ha and stop Sa Dam, Rin and Sang Hyun have to bring back Moo Seok. Because Sang Hyun’s condition doesn’t allow him to enter the spirit world, Rin offered to go. Sang Hyun gave Rin some angel powder that will allow him to go and look for Moo Seok t the spirit world, but he has only two hours.

Rin entered the spirits world. The ones that cross over the spirits surrounded him. Rin is still alive so he has nothing to do there. He fights with them, but he can’t defeat them. Seeing Rin in danger, Moo Seok helps him. They run away, but they end up in the same spot. The spirits let Moo Seok chose if he wants to come back to the living world or not. Moo Seok opened his eyes. He is alive. But Rin didn’t wake up. When a living person enters the dead world he has to pay a price to return to the living world.

Soo Ryun heard her father talking about the sovereign seal. She has to find the seal before her father. For that she went to seek help from Sa Dam.

Sa Dam asked Soo Ryun to enter the room where Do Ha is and to tell Do Ha that Rin is safe. Soo Ryun went to Do Ha, she told her that Rin is safe, but she also told Do Ha that she should die if she wants Rin to continue to be safe.

When she left, Sa Dam realized that Soo Ryun told Do Ha more then she should have so he reminds Soo Ryun that she can’t have Rin without magic. If Soo Ryun wants Rin she should be on Sa Dam’s side.

The same time, Soo Ryun went to see Do Ha, Rin woke up. He is alive. Now the night watchmen have to find the sovereign seal, an object passed from king to king.

Sa Dam is happy, things are going his way. But something happened. Park Soo Jong stopped the towers construction. Angry Sa Dam went to Park Soo Jong and using his magic forced Park Soo Jong to finish the tower faster.

The king remembered that the Queen Dowager showed him the sovereign seal when he was little. He had to blow on the seal and if the seal was making a noise, then he was the real king. But when the king blow, the seal didn’t make any noise. Park Soo Jong heard what the king said and angrily went to see the Queen Dowager. Again Park Soo Jong threatened the Queen Dowager.

The same time, Rin saw something on the ring the Queen Dowager gave him.

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