“The Night Watchman ” ep 22~Rin:”I won’t forgive you!”

Rin and Moo Seok found the sovereign seal, but something happened and the seal ended up in Park Soo Jong’s hands.

Park Soo Jong’s men killed the Queen Dowager.

Episode 22

Looking at the ring that his grandmother gave him, Rin sees a powerful light and remembers a day from his childhood. When Rin was a child, the Queen Dowager gave that ring to Rin’s mother to keep it safe until Rin becomes king. That day the Queen Dowager should Rin the sovereign seal and asked him to play it. The seal recognized Rin as the true king of Joseon.

Moo Seok is practicing with his sword. In the middle of his practice he felt a powerful pain. Sang Hyun saw him and told Moo Seok that his body changed, his body isn’t the same it was before.

Sang Hyun:” Now you will be able to see ghosts too.”

Later Sang Hyun and Moo Seok met eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi. Moo Seok is able to see them. Rin comes too. He is holding the jade ring. He doesn’t know how to use it to find the seal, but Rang Yi tells him. They all go inside and Rin closes his eye while holding the ring. The jade ring showed Rin where the sovereign seal is.

The Queen Dowager gave her court lady a letter. The court lady has to take the letter to a temple. When the court lady left, Soo Ryun came. Soo Ryun pretended to be worried for Rin and found out from the Queen Dowager that the seal isn’t in the palace.

The same time when Soo Ryun was with the Queen Dowager, Park Soo Jong was threatening the king and found out that the seal isn’t in the palace too.

After knowing that the seal isn’t in the palace, Soo Ryun went to tell Sa Dam everything.

During that time, Rin and Moo Seok left to find the seal.

Sang Hyun went to look for Do Ha. Eunuch Song and Minister Ddoong went with him. They’ve found Do Ha. She’s still week from the poison. While they were leaving, eunuch Song stepped on one of Sa Dam’s talismans and they were taken to a forest were the night watchmen’s ghosts attacked them. Sang Hyun used one of his talisman’s and send Do Ha, eunuch Song and minister Ddoong away.

Rin and Moo Seok arrived at the temple. Using the jade ring they’ve found the place where the seal is. When Rin had the seal in his hands, Park Soo Jong and his army arrived. But he was surprised to see Moo Seok there…alive.

Moo Seok:” I came to stop your evil ways.”

Moo Seok and Rin are surrounded by Park Soo Jong’s archers. Moo Seok tried to avoid the arrows and protect Rin, but he was injured. Seeing Moo Seok hurt, Rin stepped in front of Moo Seok and raise the seal. From the sovereign seal, a flute, appeared a big light that surrounded Rin and Moo Seok and protected them from the arrows.

Running away from Park Soo Jong’s army, Rin and Moo Seok encountered Sa Dam and Ho Jo. Using his magic Sa Dam took the box in which the flute was. Moo Seok is hurt . Rin tried to fight Sa Dam, but he can’t do anything against magic. Then Do Ha came and with her night watchmen whip took Sa Dam’s cane.

While they were running away from Sa Dam, Do Ha fainted. Rin carried her on his back to the inn. Do Ha is unconscious and she can’t take the antidote. Sang Hyun handed over the medicine to Rin. He chewed the medicine and gave it to Do Ha.

Do Ha is awake. The medicine worked. Rin stayed awake all night to watch over Do Ha. They went for a walk. He asked Do Ha to return to Mt. Baek Du, where she can be safe, until he kills Sa Dam and the serpent. But Do Ha can’t do that. Rin and his parents suffered because of her sister and she wants to repay that pain by fighting by Rin’s side against Sa Dam.

Soo Ryun came to see Rin at the inn, but she was surprised to see Do Ha there and looked with despite at Do Ha.

Soo Ryun:”You’re alive even after drinking poison. You sure are strong.”

Soo Ryun asked Rin to give the seal to her father and she will make sure that her father won’t kill him. In return Rin said that the seal is the king’s weapon, the seal is to protect the king. Also Rin told Soo Ryun that her father is possessed by a demon.

Walking around the market, Ok Mae sees a poster in which Rin was accused of treason and he was summoned to return the seal. Park Soo Jong was trying to blame Rin for his crimes.

Rin will not do as Park Soo Jong wants. Before the 4 days term that Park Soo Jong gave him, Rin will go to the palace and return the seal to his brother, the king. Rin is going to the Queen Dowager’s room. He knows a secret entrance to his grandmother’s room. Meantime, Moo Seok, with the help of eunuch Song and minister Ddoong will go to the king’s room.

Seeing Moo Seok, the king got scared. Moo Seok should be dead. He agreed to Moo Seok’s dead because Park Soo Jong threatened him.

Moo Seok:”Your Highness, the truth is…I’m not a ghost.”

The king went to the Queen Dowager’s room and Moo Seok said. Rin handed over the seal to his brother, but the Queen Dowager asked the king to return the seal to Rin, because only Rin can use the seal’s power.

Park Soo Jong found that Rin brought the seal and came with his army in front of the Queen Dowager’s room. The king is holding the seal and when Park Soo Jong asked for the seal, the king decided to hand over the seal to Park Soo Jong.

The king:” It doesn’t matter whether Wolgang or the Prime Minister has it. How can a flute that doesn’t play protect the country and legitimize the throne?”

With the seal in his hands, Park Soo Jong ordered Rin’s dead. Moo Seok came to fight alongside Rin. Wanting to protect Rin, the Queen Dowager was killed by Park Soo Jong’s man. Her last words were for Rin, she asked Rin to take over the throne. Moo Seok took Rin away.

The serpent is almost healed and Sa Dam becomes younger.

Park Soo Jong enters the throne room and in front of all the ministers he, holding the seal, said that he is the new king. Those who are with him will live and those who are against him will die.

Rin came to the throne room and holding the sword against Park Soo Jong he said that he will stop Park Soo Jong.

Rin:”I won’t forgive you!”


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