“We Got Married ” ep 4 ( WGM ep 241) ~ Jae Rim:” I think I’ve fallen for you after seeing you work hard.”

So Eun and Jae Rim couple first mean prepared by them.

Episode 4

So Eun came to visit Jae Rim to the hospital. Later they went outside. After few bold comments from Jae Rim, they returned to his room, he’s been discharged. On their way back, Jae Rim tells So Eun something “interesting”, he’s not wearing any underwear. Why, why, why did he mention that? Some stuff should be kept for yourself… But as he said before, So Eun isn’t an easy girl so she wasn’t intimidated by his comment. When she gets the chance So Eun wanted to confirm and touched Jae Rim. Surprised, he jumped away from her.


So Eun:” Why didn’t you wear underwear you pervert!”

In the room, Jae Rim said he will change in the bathroom and come back. He was shocked by So Eun’s words. She told him to change there, with her in the room. The push and pull scene finished with a big hug.

Jae Rim:” Let’s hug once.”

Before going home, the newlyweds went shopping. They’ve brought rice, eggs and other stuff for their meal. When they’ve arrived at seaweed, So Eun picked a big bag, enough for 20 people.

Jae Rim:” I didn’t know she would choose such big quantities with her small hands.”

After buying more than they could eat, Jae Rim and So Eun arrived home. She said that she will change her clothes and prepare the food so he should go take a shower.


Jae Rim:” You’re not going to shower?”

Shower is over. Jae Rim comes out and helps So Eun cook. And of course he washed the dishes while the food was getting ready.

Jae Rim:” I think I’ve fallen for you after seeing you work hard.”

During meal time they joked around and feed each other. He peeled the prawns for her and she feed him meat and vegetable, like an ordinary couple.

After dinner, Jae Rim and So Eun watch a movie, a romantic comedy. Embarrassed to watch some scenes on TV, So Eun skips those parts. While they were watching the movie, So Eun becomes sleepy. She leans her head on Jae Rim. That moment he froze. He didn’t know how to react then. He was thinking if he should put his hand over her forehead or should he bow his head and kiss her.

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