“Iron Man ” ep 10 ~ Hong Bin:”I’ll learn to control myself.”

Se Dong saw what Hong Bin can do.

Episode 10

Seeing Hong Joo’s mother hitting Se Dong, Hong Bin get angry and the blades appear. He is in the amusement park and anyone can see him. There are a lot of people there. Walking towards Se Dong and Hong Joo’s mother, Hong Bin remembers his life. He remember how he felt during his childhood years when he mother was sick and madam Yoon didn’t let him see his mother. How he felt when he was in the army and came to his father office and saw a girl asking his father to sign some papers that could save her father’s life. What Hong Bin didn’t know then was that the girl he saw was Se Dong. How he felt when his father insulted and hurt Tae Hee.

That day Hong Bin hurt secretary Go and Se Dong. Fool of blood, secretary Go hid Hong Bin in a dark corner so people won’t see his blades. Then he took Hong Bin home, where he tried to calm down Hong Bin.

Se Dong is in the hospital. Hong Bin wanted to stab with his blades Hong Joo’s money, but Se Dong protected her with her own body. Se Dong lost too much blood, but the doctors were able to save her life.

Meantime, Hong Joo said to his mother that they should both go to US. To stop his mother, Hong Joo is sacrificing himself, even if he doesn’t want to go.

Hong Bin hasn’t come to the office in a while. He can’t return until he is able to control his anger so he won’t hurt anyone, so he won’t hurt Se Dong anymore or he won’t hurt Chang.

Se Dong is looking for Hong Bin in the office. She asks her coworkers if they know something. She goes to Hong Bin’s office and she remembers all the moments she had with Hong Bin there. Then she went on the roof and remembered the night Hong Bin kissed her.

Hong Bin is making progress. When he thinks about Hong Joo’s mother hitting Se Dong he gets angry and his blades appear, but when he thinks about Se Dong his blades disappear. Until he is able to control his blades, Hong Bin let Chang stay with his grandparents. But he becomes a little upset because Chang doesn’t ask about him when he calls.

The gardener recovered the letter Hong Joo gave him for Hong Bin. He gave the letter to one of the maids, but she missed the chance to give the letter to Hong Bin and the letter ended up in madam Yoon’s hands. Madam Yoon opened the letter.

Hong Bin went to see Se Dong. He misses her and wants to see if she is alright. At first they didn’t see each other, but when he was about to leave, Hong Bin met Se Dong. The moment their eyes met, Hong Bin turned around and wanted to leave. While he walks away, Se Dong asks him if he didn’t come because he is worried. She tells him the she is okay, that her wounds are healing well.

Se Dong:” Even if we can’t date anymore, I’m okay.”

Se Dong believes that if she will be by Hong Bin’s side, both Hong Bin and Hong Joo will suffer and she doesn’t want that. She asks Hong Bin to shake her hand and not to avoid her, just because they broke up. Hong Bin goes to her and hugs Se Dong. Hong Bin asks Se Dong to wait for him until he can control himself.

Hong Bin:”I’ll learn to control myself.”

In the letter Hong Joo send to Hong Bin were a few pictures with Tae Hee. Hong Joo said that he knows that woman and if Hong Bin wants to find out more about her, to call him. Madam Yoon burned the letter and the pictures. That letter never got to Hong Bin.

Hong Bin, Se Dong and Hong Bin’s father received a message with a picture of Chang. Missing Chang, Hong Bin decided to go and bring him back. on their way to Chang’s grandparents house, Hong Bin and Se Dong saw a car that was about to fell over a cliff. The driver was unconscious and in the back there was a baby. Hong Bin can’t wait for the police when he is able to do something and help that woman and her child.

Se Dong saw Hong Bin picking that car as if it was a toy. When Hong Bin wanted to open the door, he broke it. Se Dong is surprised…

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