“Love Myself or You? ” ep 20 ~ Hao Wei:” Isn’t that because you like him?”

Something happened to Zi Jie and Kai Qi and they end up in a hotel room.

Hao Wei is helping Zi Jie get back together with Kai Qi.

Le Xuan realizes that she isn’t in love with Zi Jie, she is in love with Yong Qian.

Episode 20

Hao Wei goes to wake up Le Xuan. But she didn’t came home the night Ah Jie rejected her. turning around, Hao Wei sees Yong Qian holding Le Xuan. He was trying to make sure that Hao Wei doesn’t see them.

Hao Wei:”Excuses me, Le Xuan’s bedroom isn’t over there.”

The whole night, Yong Qian kept Le Xuan company. She was sad and he tried to console her. He even sang for her a children’s song in the middle of the restaurant. But Le Xuan didn’t understand Yong Qian’s words when he said that he is an expert in being rejected by the person he likes.

While Hao Wei was interrogating Yong Qian about what he did to Le Xuan, she defended Yong Qian. Hao Wei suspects that Le Xuan and Yong Qian have feelings for each other, but Le Xuan confuses her feelings for Ah Jie with real love.

To help Ah Jie get back with Kai Qi, Hao Wei invented a competition between his restaurant and Figaro Cuisine. He tells Kai Qi that is the best way to promote their new restaurant. The two chef’s that will compete are Kai Qi and Ah Jie.

Kai Qi added a clause. If she wins the competition, Figaro Cuisine will have to promote Hao Wei’s restaurant for free for a month. Ah Jie accepted Kai Qi’s condition and added one of his own. If Ah Jie wins the competition, Kai Qi will have to get back together with him. Since Kai Qi is wavering, Hao Wei goes close to her and whispers into Kai Qi’s ear that he invested all of his family assets into that restaurant.

The first topic for the competition is to cook what the other person likes. Ah Jie tried to ask the Figaro Cuisine what Kai Qi likes, but she already talked to them and told them to not say anything to Ah Jie.

To find out what Kai Qi likes, Ah Jie is looking into Kai Qi’s hobbies. He goes to the manga shop to get the books Kai Qi read. At the manga shop, Ah Jie met Hao Wei. He knows best what Kai Qi reads. Hao Wei narrowed down the book for Ah Jie to around 300 books. Ah Jie will read a lot just to find out what Kai Qi likes.

To find out what Ah Jie likes, Kai Qi asks Ah Jie’s assistant. Benny can’t tell Kai Qi what Ah Jie likes, but as Ah Jie instructed him, Benny shows Kai Qi what scheduler Ah Jie has. Kai Qi ends up following Ah Jie everywhere. She saw him eating hotdogs, cheese chips, cheese stick. Does he like cheese that much?

Kai Qi followed Ah Jie in a restaurant. He seemed to enjoy the cheese sticks that he was eating. He knows that Kai Qi is hiding behind a wall and Ah Jie goes close. So that Ah Jie won’t see her, Kai Qi crawls between the tables.

Ah Jie leaves the restaurant without Kai Qi seeing him. She looks for him in front of the restaurant. While she is looking for him, Ah Jie’s car stopped next to her. to hide the fact that she is following him, Kai Qi ended up buying 3 pairs of men underwear.

Since the day he took Le Xuan home, Yong Qian avoided her. She’s been sending him several texts, but he never answered. Le Xuan goes to the restaurant to visit Yong Qian. When she arrived, Yong Qian was in middle of his blind date. Seeing that Yong Qian’s date was looking down on him because he is a mere cook, Le Xuan went to the kitchen and returned with a desert. She put the plate on the table and told Yong Qian to prepare it. He’s blind date was impressed, especially when she heard that Yong Qian isn’t just a cook, he is a famous and respected chef.

Yong Qian’s date:” Let’s date.”

Hearing that Yong Qian isn’t just a simple cook, his blind date decided to date him. Le Xuan wanted to help Young Qian, she promoted him in front of his date, but when she heard that woman saying that she wants to date Yong Qian, Le Xuan pushed that woman’s hand.

Surprised by her actions, Le Xuan tells everything to Hao Wei and he’s answer is simple.

Hao Wei:” Isn’t that because you like him?”

Knowing that she mistook her feelings for Ah Jie, Le Xaun wants to get Yogn Qian back. She asks Hao Wei for help. So Hao Wei takes Le Xuan to Kai Qi’s house. He even called Ah Jie. In front of Ah Jie and Kai Qi, Le Xuan apologizes for mistaking her feelings and confessed that she likes Yong Qian. Hearing her confession, Ah Jie laughs and tells her that they don’t need to do anything to help her because Yong Qian likes her too. Both Kai Qi and Le Xuan are surprised that Yong Qian likes Le Xuan.

Hao Wei:” Aren’t you two a bit too slow?”

Poor Hao Wei! He helps everyone get their lovers, but there is no one for him…..

Hao Wei made a plan for Le Xuan to get Yong Qian back. Yong Qian is having a date with the girl he went to the blind date. In the same restaurant, Ah Jie and Le Xuan appear. They sit at a table from where Yong Qian can see and hear them. Hao Wei sits at the table behind Yong Qian and he tells Ah Jie and Le Xuan how to act.

It’s time for Kai Qi to come in. She pretends that she met Ah Jie and Le Xuan by accident and sits with them. Hao Wei told her to seduce Ah Jie. Hao Wei old Kai Qi to put her hair behind her ear, to caress her lower jaw, to smile, to touch her lips and to pretend her leg is sore.

Not being able to look at Le Xuan being humiliated, Yong Qian leaves her date there and takes Le Xuan with him. But outside, Yong Qian became angry. One minute Le Xuan likes Ah Jie, the next she leans on Yong Qian. On minute Le Xuan needs him, the other she sends him away to another woman.

Yong Qian:” Playing with someone’s heart has its limits.”

Hao Wei left without saying anything to Ah Jie and Kai Qi.

Hao Wei:” Cheng Hao Wei, you sure have a big heart…To the point that it might explode.“

Ah Jie and Kai Qi leave the restaurant. Before they get out, Yong Qian’s date threw a glass of water on them. Since the next day is the day of the competition and she still doesn’t know what Ah Jie likes, Kai Qi accepted the waiter’s suggestion of changing in one of the hotel’s room.

Inside the room, Kai Qi proposed a game, but it not the type of game that Ah Jie imagined. Kai Qi’s game was quick question and quick answer. During the game Kai Qi asks different questions about what type of food Ah Jie likes, and Ah Jie asks what she usually likes.

When their clothes came, Kai Qi answered Zi Jie’s questions. Those answers gave him the strength to keep fighting.

The day of the first stage of the competition has come. There will be two teams, Kai Qi’s team and Zi Jie’s team. Kai Qi will be helped by Da Zhi and Xiao Shu , while Zi Jie will be helped by Le Xuan and Yong Qian.

While they were cooking, Le Xuan hit Yong Qian with a pan and she remembered what happened on her birthday. That night she got drunk and when he was taking her home, Yong Qian confessed his feelings. He asked Le Xuan to nod her head if it is possible for her to love him someday and if it isn’t possible to hit him hard in the head. That night Le Xuan was annoyed by a mosquito and when the mosquito got near Yong Qian’s head she slapped really hard. Yong Qian thought that the slap was Le Xuan’s answer to his confession.

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