“Iron Man ” ep 11 ~ Chang:”Bye bye dad!”

Hong Bin made public his relationship with Se Dong.

Chang and Hong Bin begin to have a father-son relationship.

Someone took a picture with Hong Bin lifting the car and posted online.

Episode 11

Se Dong saw Hong Bin using his strength. She saw Hong Bin picking the car with one hand as if it was a leaf and pulling out of the car the baby and his mother. She looked shocked and Hong Bin saw the look on Se Dong’s face. Later, after they’ve talked with the police and picked up Chang, Hong Bin asked Se Dong about what he did. But she said that she must have seemed shocked because she was thinking that a baby is in that car. Se Dong said that for a moment she thought that the car was standing up vertically. She finds everything funny.

Se Dong:” How can a car stand up vertically?”

Seeing that Se Dong finds everything funny and that she doesn’t believe that he pulled that car with his strength, Hong Bin starts joking.

Hong Bin:” I looked cool, right? I’m so strong. Aren’t I the best? Can’t you feel your heart beating faster?”

Arrived home, Hong Bin tells everything to secretary Go. He is worried about how Chang will react if Chang saw him.

Hong Bin waited for Se Dong in front of her house. He wants them to go to work together. Because Se Dong is worried about the rumors that could appear if they go to work together, Hong Bin hold her hand and went to work. Hong Bin appeared in front of his employees holding Se Dong’s hand. Hong Bin told his employees that he isn’t leaving with Se Dong, as some of them said around the office and when they will start leaving together he will announce them.

Se Dong received a phone call and left. It was Hong Bin’s father. He wants Se Dong away from Hong Bin, Hong Joo and Chang. But Se Dong won’t break up with Hong Bin because his father wants her too. If Hong Bin and her will break up it will be form the same reasons as any other couple. All of a sudden, Se Dong saw blood coming out from Hong Bin’s father’s nose. She gives him a handkerchief and sends him to the hospital.

At the office, Hong Bin is worried that Se Dong isn’t answering her phone. She didn’t say where she is going and Hong Bin believes that she will break up with him again, this time because he made the relationship public.

The police came. Hong Bin and secretary Go were caught on the surveillance camera at the amusement park. While Hong Bin was investigated, Se Dong called him. Without listening to her, Hong Bin got angry because Se Dong went to see his father. Seeing that the blades are coming out, secretary Go sends the policemen out.

At the hospital Hong Bin went to see his father. Outside Se Dong was waiting for Hong Bin. Suddenly Hong Joo’s mother came. Hearing that her husband called Se Dong, she went crazy. Why did her husband called Se Dong? Why did they met? Where did they met? She looked like a crazy person at Se Dong, but she never listened to Se Dong’s answer.

Hong Bin came out and he didn’t like to see Hong Joo’ mother next to Se Dong. He takes Se Dong by her hand and pulls her hard. Hong Bin can’t control his strength yet.

While Hong Bin was apologizing to Se Dong in front of her window, Hong Bin heard Seung Hwan’s voice. He was telling Hong Bin to look pitiful if he wants Se Dong to apologize him. Seung Hwan told Hong Bin his story with Se Dong. Also he told Hong Bin that Se Dong feels guilty for her parents dead.

Returned home, Hong Bin went to see Chang. For the first time, Hong Bin hugged Chang that night. The next day, during breakfast, Hong Bin saw that Chan couldn’t use his chopsticks and he fed the boy. After breakfast Chang kept following Hong Bin around.

Hong Bin:”I’ll pick you up at lunch time.”

Hong Bin will take Chang to see Se Dong during lunch time. After he changed, Hong Bin can’t see Chang around him. He keeps looking everywhere for Chang. Suddenly Chang comes out from he hid and said goodbye.

Chang:”Bye bye dad!”

Hearing Chang calling him “dad” made Hong Bin moved to tears. His heart was beating fast.

At lunch time, Hong Bin took Chang to Se Dong’s house. Se Dong invited secretary Go to ea with them. No matter how much Hong Bin signed him to leave with Chang, secretary Go didn’t leave.

While secretary Go was washing dishes, Hong Bin come to him and asked secretary Go to go and play outside with Chang.

Chang:” It’s dad!”

Hong Bin and secretary go went to the room and saw Se Dong and Chang looking at something on the internet. Someone took a picture of Hong Bin lifting that car with one hand and posted it online. Someone even recognized Hong Bin.

Happy , Chang runs outside to tell everyone that his dad is as strong as a superhero. Se Dong, Hong Bin and secretary Go followed Chang. He was bragging in front of all the children he saw on the street about how strong his father is.

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