“Love Myself or You? ” ep 21 ~ Zi Jie:” I’ll give you a massage myself.”

After the first two stages of the competition between Kai Qi and Zi Jie it’s a tie.

Everyone helps Le Xuan show Yong Qian that she likes him.

Episode 21

Both teams finished cooking. The dishes that will be judged will be Kai Qi’s and Zi Jie’s. If Kai Qi wants to win she will have to pick the dish Zi Jie cooked and if Zi Jie wants to win he has to choose the dish Kai Qi cooked. The dishes made by Yong Qian, Le Xuan, Da Zhi and Xiao Shu are to confuse Kai Qi and Zi Jie.

There was no winner this time. Both Zi Jie and Kai Qi picked the dish that the other one made. The first stage of the competition was a tie. After the results, Zi Jie gives Kai Qi the present he brought for her, a necklace identical with the one she lost when she and Zi Xiang were kidnapped.

When she arrived home, Kai Qi found Le Xuan waiting for her in front of Kai Qi’s house. Le Xuan remembered that she hit Yong Qian when he confessed his feelings and that is why he is upset with her. To help Le Xuan, Kai Qi will pretend to be mean to Le Xuan.

Yong Qian is telling Zi Jie how things are at the restaurant. Suddenly they hear Kai Qi screaming at Le Xuan to wash dishes. Da Zhi and Xiao Shu are confused. Washing dishes is for an intern to do, not for a chef. Coming to the kitchen, Yong Qian is trying hard not to help Le Xuan. The only one how realized what Kai Qi and Le Xuan are doing is Zi Jie. Since Yong Qian doesn’t react in any way, Zi Jie joins Kai Qi and tells Le Xuan to clean the whole kitchen. Yong Qian can’t handle anymore and helps Le Xuan.

When Yong Qian leaves the kitchen, Le Xuan follows him and tells him that she didn’t hear his confession the night he confessed. But in the middle on their discussion, Linda came running and said that there are money missing. Because everyone blamed Da Zhi, Xiao Shu had to confess that he is the thief.

Before leaving Zi Jie asked Xiao Shu why did he took the money, he had to have a reason. Hearing Xiao Shu’s reason, Zi Jie decided what he will cook for the next stage of the competition. Kai Qi took the same decision as Ah Jie.

Kai Qi asked Bau Zhu to invite Xiao Shu’s family so she will cook for them at the competition, while Zi Jie asked Yong Qian the same thing. When the employees were taking about Xiao Shu and the money he took, they realized that Kai Qi and Zi Jie had the same thought so they decided to help.

At the day of the competition, Da Zhi and Xiao Qiang took Xiao Shu in the dressing room and changed him into a suite. When Xiao Shu came downstairs he was surprised to see his elders there and the whole Figaro Cuisine staff was bowing their heads at him. For that day everyone pretended that Xiao Shu is their boss and he instructed them who to prepare the dishes that the elders are eating. The elders were supposed to judge the dishes, but they couldn’t decide which dish was better. The second stage of the competition between Kai Qi and Zi Xiang is also a tie.

For the tired stage of the competition, Zi Jie went to ask his father about the dish Kai Qi eat when they were children. When his father asked who are things between him and Kai Qi, Zi Jie just said that thing are okay, that his father shouldn’t worry and left to call the driver.

At her house, Kai Qi was practicing for the competition too. Suddenly someone is at the door. It’s Le Xuan. She came to Kai Qi because she is in a bad mood and wants to talk to “her best friend”. While she is there, Le Xuan helps Kai Qi think of a heartwarming dish.

Later, at the hospital, Kai Qi heard Zi Jie’s parents talking. They were saying that they should respect Zi Jie’s decision and let him be with Kai Qi, all that his parents what is for Zi Xiang to wake up and for Zi Jie to be happy.

Le Xuan sends texts to all her co workers.

Zi Jie:” Seems like I’ll have to help Le Xuan with something.”

Everyone came to help Le Xuan. Ah Jie brought Yong Qian. They play games. Yong Qian doesn’t want to play. For the first game, they cover Le Xuan’s eyes and they will tell Le Xuan which way to go to break a watermelon, except that everyone told Le Xuan which way to go to hit Yong Qian’s head, not the watermelon. Then they change the game to three-legged race. Everyone pair themselves to let Yong Qian be paired with Le Xuan. The winner team will receive from Zi Jie a gift certificate to the mall. Kai Qi look at Zi Jie and tell his that they have to win.

Zi Jie:” If we win, I’ll immediately give you a certificate for a massage. I’ll give you a massage myself.”

For the tired game, Zi Jie and Kai Qi knock off Yong Qian and Le Xuan. Down, Kai Qi tells Le Xuan to pretend to be unconscious. Worried Yong Qian pushed everyone away to see what is wrong with Le Xuan. Everyone began telling Yong Qian to do CPR to Le Xuan. Linda even said that she can’t feel Le Xuan’s energy force.

“Put your lips on hers. If you don’t hurry, it’ll be too late.”

Fooled, Yong Qian is about to kiss Le Xuan, but before he is able to do it, Le Xuan laughs. Realizing that he was fooled again, Yong Qian is angry.

Le Xuan:” I love you!”

Yong Qian:”I love you!”

The tired stage of the competition is starting. The judges will be the persons that Zi Jie and Kai Qi want to make happy with their dish. Zi Jie’s guest is Kai Qi.

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