“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 1 ~ Saburo:”This is a real battle?”

This drama is about Saburo, a high school student that travels back in time in the Sengoku period in 1549. When he arrived in Sengoku period, Saburo meets Oda Nobunaga, a man who looks and sounds just like Saburo. Nobunaga gives Saburo his sword and asks Saburo to take his place. Saburo accepts and later Saburo as Oda Nobunaga attempts to unify Japan.


Oguri Shun as Oda Nobunaga

Shibasaki Kou as Kicho, Oda Nobunaga’s wife

Mukai Osamu as Ikeda Tsuneoki

Kaho as Yuki

Yamada Takayuki as Denjiro

Fujigaya Taisuke as Maeda Inunchiyo

Fujiki Naoto as Takenaka Hanbee

Takashima Masahiro as Shibata Katsuie

Hamada Gaku as Takugowa Ieyasu

Sakata Masanobu as Niwa Nagahide

Sawabe Yu as Juhei

Denden as Takugen

Dan Jiro as Oda Nobuhide

Yagira Yuya as Oda Nobuyuki

Nishida Tashiyuki as Saito Dosan

Arai Hirofumi as Yoshitatsu Saito

Saotome Taichi as Danzo

Namase Katsuhisa as Imagawa Yoshimoto

Maro Akaji as Oda Nobukiyo

Episode 1

At a festival, Saburo is confessing his love to the girl he likes. But when the girl rejects him, Saburo pretends that he didn’t hear and runs away.

Because he didn’t find the exit gate, Saburo wants to jump over a fence. He fell over that fence and when he opens his eyes, Saburo saw two men coming towards him on horseback. Saburo is surprised to see that one of that man looks just like him. That man is Oda Nobunaga.

Nobunaga gives his sword to Saburo and asks Saburo to take his place.

From a hill, the real Nobunaga watches Saburo being taken to his house.

Nobunaga:” I have done him wrong, but now my own life is no longer targeted.”

While Saburo meet Nobunaga’s family, the news that they are attacked came. Soburo has to go at war with the army. He thinks that he is playing Nobunaga’s role in a play, but when he sees people dying around him, Saburo realizes the truth.

Saburo:”This is a real battle?… Is this really…the Warring States period?”

Retuned to the castle, after the battle, Saburo discovers the reason Nobunaga wanted to change places with him. Nobunaga’s brother, Nobuyuki is trying to kill him. Scared Saburo runs away. Tsuneoki comes looking for him and finds Saburo hiding in the forest. He encourages Saburo.

Tsuneoki:” One day you will become a daimyo so powerful that the name of the Oda clan will be known all throughout Japan. That is my dream and my hope.”

Back home, Saburo meets Nobunaga’s wife, Kicho. She is the daughter of a powerful man. For that man to not attack his clan, Nobunaga’s father arranged that Nobunaga would marry Kicho. Saburo thinks Kicho is a beautiful woman, but what Saburo doesn’t know is that Nobunaga and Kicho aren’t on good terms. Saburo finds out soon enough what relationship is between Nobunaga and his wife that night when Kicho kicks him out of the room naked.

On their way to meet Kicho’s brother, Kicho is kidnapped. She managed to run away from where her kidnappers where keeping her using the spry she took from Saburo’s bag that day. While she was hiding, Kicho saw her kidnappers with Nobuyuki and realized that Nobuyuki ordered her to be kidnapped. She runs away from him and fells. Getting up she hears Saburo and Tsuneoki talking. Tsuneoki was worried that if they won’t find Kicho, her brother will kill Nobunaga, while Saburo was worried about Kicho. Hearing Saburo, who she thinks is Nobunaga, saying that he is worried about her, Kicho comes out.

When Saburo and Kicho arrived at the meeting place, Nobuyuki was telling Kicho’s brother that Nobunaga is to blame for Kicho’s disappearing. Nobuyuki was telling Saito Yoshitatsu, Kicho’s brother, to kill Nobunaga since he couldn’t protect her as her husband. But Nobuyuki’s plan didn’t work because Nobunaga brought Kicho to her brother. After everyone went inside, Nobunaga told Nobuyuki to not play dirty from now one, to do everything he wants to Nobunaga, but to leave Kicho alone. Their father heard what Nobunaga said to Nobuyuki.

Nobunaga:”Don’t resort to underhanded acts like targeting Kicho to set me up. If you’re after me, come and get me directly!”

That night there was a party. At that party Yoshitatsu asked Nobunaga’s father if he decided who will succeed him as the head of the Oda clan. Later, when Nobunaga’s father was alone he was murdered. With his last breath, Oda Nobuhide called Nobunaga next to him and in front of everyone named Nobunaga his successor.

Since he became the head of the Oda clan, Saburo gave a day off to all the people working for him. He even gave to his uncle a land that his father and his uncle fought over for years. His people started to don’t trust him and they went to Nobuyuki’s side.

One day, Nobuyuki called Tsuneoki. Nobuyuki, who was preparing a revolt, proposed Tsuneoki to betray Nobunaga and join forces with him. Tasuneoki accepted. The war between Nobuyuki’s army and Nobunaga’s army began. Nobunaga’s army is losing. Now is time for Tasuneoki to do his part. Tsuneoki is supposed to convince Nobunaga to surrender to Nobuyuki and commit seppuku. While Tsuneoki was convincing Nobunaga to surrender, a new army came and joined Nobunaga’s army. It was Oda Nobukiyo’s army. In exchange of the land Nobunaga gave him, his uncle came to help him in war.

The war is over. Nobunaga counts the dead bodies. Nobuyuki is brought in front of Nobunaga tied up. Nobunaga asks Nobuyuki if he knows how many people died following him in that war. Nobuyuki doesn’t know and doesn’t care. But all the people gathered there are impressed by Nobunaga. He knows that there were exactly 458 people.

Nobunaga:” None of them wanted to die!”

Hearing Nobuyuki say that for him all the deaths aren’t important, everyone ask Nobunaga to kill him. But Nobunaga tells his people to untie the criminals.

Nobunaga:” I won’t kill you.”

Showing a talisman that a wife gave to her husband to protect him in war and help him return alien home, Nobunaga tells Nobuyuki the reason him won’t kill him. No one wants to die. Everyone has someone that is waiting for him at home and the people waiting at the house will be sad if their loved ones die.

Nobuyuki went to see Nobunaga. He wanted to kill Nobunaga again, but his own right hand stopped him. That day Nobuyuki committed seppuku and died. Tsuneoki also confessed that he went to Nobuyuki’s side and wanted to commit seppuku, but Nobunaga stopped him and ordered him to live.

What Nobunaga didn’t know was that the man behind Nobuyuki’s revolt was Kicho’s father.

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