“We Got Married ” ep 5 ( WGM ep 242) ~ Jae Rim:”I put my mark on you.”

Here we go again with another episode of Jae Rim and So Eun couple.

Episode 5

One their way to the supermarket this couple has a really colorful conversation about bides, sitz baths, bubbles. Noticing that So Eun grabs him hand every time he steps on the brakes, Jae Rim makes another comment saying that he will step on the brakes often just so So Eun will grab his hand.

Talking about flu, Jae Rim asks So Eun if she wants to get a garlic shot to become more beautiful.

Jae Rim:” You’re already a princess, want become a queen? You have to have a baby to become queen.”

At the store, they’ve taken what they need for the newlywed house. Now it’s time to buy presents for each other. So Eun buys Jae Rim a pair of children chopsticks. Children chopsticks are used for small children to teach them hold the chopsticks. It seems like Jae Rim doesn’t really know how to eat with chopsticks. So that is why So Eun fed him the last episode! And I thought that she was acting like a loving wife. In return Jae Rim buys a recipe book for So Eun so she will learn how to cook kimchi stew.

Jae Rim finds So Eun’s reaction cute so he likes to provoke her by talking about how bad her kimchi stew was.

8 9

While playing with the golf cubs toys, Jae Rim provokes So Eun again. This time he made fun of her height. Then he took advantage of her upset face and hugged her. After that Jae Rim took a toy sword and playing with that back hugged So Eun. When she told him to stop, he just said that if he doesn’t play like that, he won’t be able to hug her.

Jae Rim:”When will I get to hold you then?”

Arrived home, the newlywed couple arrange their shopping. They put their pictures on the walls and stick the cat’s wallpapers that they brought.

Jae Rim brought presents for So Eun, yellow glasses and shorts with yellow stripes. He wanted to make So Eun look like a bee. But he ended up wearing the yellow glasses and yellow stripes shorts, while So Eun chose the black glasses and orange pants.

It’s time to stick the wallpapers. But the cats got stuck a little.

Jae Rim:” They can’t be separated. Just like us.”

The wallpaper has some little stars on too. While So Eun was sticking the stars on the wall, Jae Rim was sticking the stars on So Eun’s legs.

Jae Rim:”I put my mark on you.”

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