“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 4~ Foreigners in the lotus root field.

Guest are coming to the Roommate house, Danny Ahn, Chae Yeon and Yoona.

Jackson, Joon Hyung and Ryohei went to the lotus farm.

Episode 4

Roommate members will have guests. For what they have to prepare, they need lotus. Sunny, Ryohei and the two dumb and dumber brothers, Jackson and Joon Hyung went to a lotus farm. In the car they’ve had fun dancing and listening to different song, some where their own. They took pictures on the road. Then they’ve arrived at the lotus farm, where they had to pick the lotus themselves.


While Joon Hyung was asking question to the owner, because he is afraid ants will enter his pants and they will bite his ass, Jackson tickles him and scares Joon Hyung.

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Then four workers changed into their working clothes and entered the lotus field. After working for a little while it’s time to play. Jackson and Ryohei will push each other with their hands and they one that falls into the mud losses. On the first game, Jackson moved his leg, but he didn’t fall so they play again. The second time Jackson is about to fall in the water. While he falls, Jackson hugs Joon Hyung. Jackson fell over Joon Hyun, and Joon Hyun, without playing, was the one that fell into the mud.

Joon Hyung:” This whole time, I’ve been trying to protect you.”

Jackson:” I thought you were going to hold me!”

After playing for awhile it’s time to eat. Then back to work. Since they’ve worked so hard, the owner gave them a big lotus root for free.

Arrived home, Jackson took the blanked he brought for Gook Joo to her room and changed the sheets. When Gook Joo came home, Jackson called her and Young Ji to show Gook Joo the sheets.

The dinner is ready and the two guests arrived. Joon Hyung guest is Danny Ahn and Ryohei’s guest is Chae Yeon. After dinner, everyone moves upstairs. Everyone introduces themselves again. When Kang Joon’s turn came, Jackson asked him to act a little. Jackson made a story to help Kang Joon. In that story Jackson is Kang Joon’s girlfriend who was cheating on him.

Later, after Danny left, Sunny arrived home. And she brought a friend also, Yoona. When he was alone with Young Ji, Jackson whispering asked Young Ji who Sunny guest is.

Jackson:”Is her name Tae Yeon?”

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