“The Night Watchman ” ep 23~ Rin:” Even if I have to risk my life I will stop the serpent god”

Not again! Once again Do Ha was taken by Sa Dam. What a surprise!!!

In order to get the seal, Sa Dam killed the Queen Dowager. Rin managed to take the divine bow form Sa Dam, but in a fight with Sa Dam the bow was destroyed before Rin could kill the serpent.

The serpent came to life. What his father wasn’t able to do, Rin will have to finish.

Episode 23

Park Soo Jong is showing the sovereign seal to the minister. He said that the king gave it to him and from now on he will be the new king. Rin entered the throne room and pointed his sword against Park Soo Jong. Then Rin accused Park Soo Jong, in front of everyone, of stabbing the Queen Dowager and of stealing the seal. None of the minister is able to speak against Park Soo Jong, they are surrounded by Park Soo Jong’s soldiers. When Park Soo Jong told his soldiers to arrest Rin, both Rin and Park Soo Jong disappeared. Rin used the night watchmen talisman and took Park Soo Jong to see the serpent. He told Park Soo Jong what is Sa Dam’s plan. But Park Soo Jong is blinded by his desire of power so he attacks Rin. During the fight, Rin takes the sovereign seal from Park Soo Jong’s hands and leaves that place.

Sa Dam found Park Soo Jong in the room where the serpent is and took him out. He blamed Rin for using black magic learned from the night watchmen. Sa Dam he got angry when he found out that Rin took the seal.

The Queen Dowager woke up and Rin went to see her. She is happy to see Rin, but she wants him to go before Park Soo Jong finds him there. Also the Queen Dowager asks Rin to not hate his brother.

Before Rin got the chance to leave, Sa Dam came inside. Rin is surprised to see Sa Dam so young, but the fact the Sa Dam’s body changed is the sign that the serpent will awaken soon. Sa Dam uses his powers to force Rin return the seal.

Sa Dam:” If you want to save the queen, hand over the sovereign seal, My Prince.”

Even if her live is in jeopardy, the Queen Dowager don’t want Rin to give Sa Dam the seal. That object can save a lot of people and protect the throne. For the Queen Dowager the throne and her people are more important than her own life.

Rin wanted to give Sa Dam the seal. Before taking the seal Sa Dam used more power on the Queen Dowager and she died. When Sa Dam got near the seal, from the object appear a powerful light that burned Sa Dam.

Rin:” I couldn’t protect you. I’m sorry.”

The next morning Park Soo Jong went to the Queen Dowager’s room. There he found the king. Park Soo Jong blamed Rin for the Queen Dowager’s death and forced the king to say the Rin killed the Queen Dowager.

Without knowing the truth, the king called Sa Dam. The king knows that it wasn’t Rin the one that killed their grandmother, but he thinks that the killer is Park Soo Jong.

Rang Yi will leave soon. She can’t stay any longer and with the Queen Dowager gone there is no one to be on Rin’s side. Rang Yi goes to Do Ha and ask Do Ha to be by Rin’s side.

Believing that both Rin and Sa Dam are threats that can take the throne from him, Park Soo Jong plans to get rid of them. He ordered Rin’s arrest for the Queen Dowager’s death. Now he is planning to arrest Sa Dam. Park Soo Jong took his army to Sa Dam.

Sa Dam:” If you go against me, don’t you know your power and your life will come to an end?”

The foolish Park Soo Jong doesn’t know who Sa Dam is and what powers he has. When Park Soo Jong’s soldiers got closer to Sa Dam, using his powers Sa Dam send ghosts to posses the soldiers. When the soldiers were killing each other, Sa Dam went close to Park Soo Jong and used his powers.

Sa Dam:” Your soul, like all the others will go to the Yong Shin god.”

The only way to stop Sa Dam now is using the divine bow. The only person who can use it is Rin. While the night watchmen were trying to find a way to find the divine bow, Soo Ryun came to see Rin. She needs Rin’s help to save her father. As a punishment for attacking him, Sa Dam took Park Soo Jong’s soul. Now Park Soo Jong is in prison and he isn’t himself.

Now is too late for Rin to do something, Sa Dam is to powerful. Before he finds the divine bow, Rin can’t do anything. Soo Ryun saw where Sa Dam put the divine bow and she tells Rin.

Sang Hyun, Rin, Moo Seok and Do Ha went to Sa Dam’s prayer room to take the bow. Sang Hyun put a talisman on it, Moo Seok used his night watchman sword, but it didn’t work. Sa Dam put a spell on the bow so that they won’t be able to take it. But Sa Dam’s spell won’t work against the seal. Using the sovereign seal, Rin broke Sa Dam’s spell and took the bow. While Sang Hyun remained on watch, Moo Seok, Rin and Do Ha went to destroy the serpent.

The night watchmen did exactly what Sa Dam expected them to do. When Sang Hyun remained alone in Sa Dam’s prayer room, Sa Dam came. Rin made the mistake to leave the seal with Sang Hyun, who isn’t able to fight Sa Dam. The moment Sang Hyun wanted to fight him, Sa Dam used his powers and Sang Hyun wound started to hurt. Sa Dam took the seal and stopped Rin from destroying the serpent. The only weapon that can stop the divine bow is the seal who now is in Sa Dam’s hands. Rin used the bow’s powers and Sa Dam used the seal’s powers. After their fight, the bow disappeared.

Soo Ryun told Rin where he could find the bow to help Sa Dam. Once again Soo Ryun betrayed Rin.

Rin is disappointed. The bow is destroyed. How can he stop Sa Dam and the serpent now? Rang Yi is next to him, encouraging him. But soon she disappeared.

Soo Ryun, disappointed that even after she betrayed Rin again Sa Dam didn’t help her father, took the seal to Rin. She gave the seal to Moo Seok and left. Do Ha followed Soo Ryun and asked her to not make a deal with Sa Dam.

Turning around to go back home, Do Ha met Sa Dam’s man, Ho Jo. Sa Dam took her shaman mentor from Ma Go tribe. If Do Ha doesn’t go to Sa Dam, all the people from Ma Go tribe will suffer the consequences.

Eunuch Song saw Do Ha going to Sa Dam and told Rin and Moo Seok. They can’t do anything to save Do Ha now so they will wait until the sacrificial ceremony for the tower. That day the night watchmen will safe Do Ha.

Rin:” Even if I have to risk my life I will stop the serpent god”

The night of the ceremony, Sa Dam made the soldiers kill each other so they will give their blood to his serpent god.

Rin, Moo Seok and Sang Hyun arrived wearing night watchmen uniforms. They want to go and save Do Ha, but suddenly they hear a strange noise. The serpent is awaken.

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