“The Night Watchman ” ep 24~ ”Only he who can see spirits has the right to sit on the throne.”

Let’s say goodbye to “The night watchmen’s journal” drma.

In this episode, the night watchmen defeat Sa Dam. Rin becomes king and the night watchmen disbanded.

Episode 24

Sang Hyun, Moo Seok and Rin arrived at the sacrificing ceremony. The first thing they saw was Do Ha tied up. Rin is worried. He wants to save Do Ha, but he can’t. The serpent is awake. Rin is the only one that can kill the serpent. Moo Seok and Sang Hyun will take care of the rest.

Moo Seok stabbed Rin. After taking Rin’s body to a safe place, Moo Seok and Sang Hyun returned to fight the soldiers. During the ceremony Sa Dam send ghosts to posses the king’s soldiers. Making way towards Do Ha, Moo Seok released her. The first thing Do Ha asked Moo Seok was why he stabbed Rin. It was Rin’s request. He found a way to kill the serpent without the divine bow.

When your life is at stake and others risk their life to safe you why do you stay like a fool in the middle of a fight to ask questions??? Shouldn’t have Do Ha’s character become smarter by now?

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To be able to kill the serpent without the bow, Rin has to descend into hell and face the serpent spirit head. While Rin fights the evil spirits in hell, Moo Seok and Sang Hyun fight against Sa Dam and Ho Jo. But Moo Seok and Sang Hyun can’t do much against Sa Dam. The serpent is going towards Do Ha. Suddenly the serpent is gone, Sa Dam is surprised. Sa Dam doesn’t know what happened. The serpent is gone because Rin destroyed the serpent head in hell. After destroying the serpents head, Rin returned to life.

Sa Dam is angry. He is losing his powers. He enters the king’s room and lying that the monster was brought in by Rin and the night watchmen, he requested the king to arrest and kill them. For the first time, the king refuses Sa Dam. The king doesn’t believe that the monster was Rin’s doing. Angry, Sa Dam puts his hands around the king’s neck.

Sa Dam:” You’re just a puppet and you’ll do as I say.”

Park Soo Jong is banished from the palace and he will return to his hometown. Soo Ryun will accompany him. She is no longer a rich girl, she is just a slave now.

After his conversation with Sa Dam, the king realized that Sa Dam is right, he is just a puppet. He wants to take his own life, but the ghost of the Queen Dowager comes and stops him. While she was alive, she always worried about Rin, but after she died she couldn’t go to the afterlife because she was worried about the king.

Sa Dam’s man went to Rin’s room and he stole the eternal flower. That flower can bring Sa Dam power and can make him younger. Eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi saw him and went to tell Rin.

The night watchmen went to Sa Dam. While Moo Seok fights with Ho Jo, Rin entered to Sa Dam’s prayer room. Sa Dam already used the flower to heal himself and he is about to kill Rin. To save Rin, Do Ha, who came in with Moo Seok, made a deal with Sa Dam. Do Ha will help Sa Dam, if Sa Dam will let Rin alone. Do Ha grabbed Sa Dam’s hand and they’ve disappeared.

Using their night watchmen swords, Rin and Moo Seok broke Sa Dam’s spell and Rin went to the place where Sa Dam took Do Ha.

Sa Dam:” I will become the Yong Shin god. The world will be mine!”

When Do Ha was helping Sa Dam take the powers from the eternal flower something went wrong. Sa Dam doesn’t understand what is going on.

Do Ha:” If you abuse the eternal flower’s power that power becomes poison and kills you.”

Angry Sa Dam grabs Do Ha’s neck. He is about to strangle her. But then Rin came and with his sword stopped Sa Dam. Because he couldn’t overcome his own greed, Sa Dam caught fire and he won’t be able to come back to life.

Since everything is over and Sa Dam is dead, Rin went to the palace to give the sovereign seal to his brother, the king. But the king is changed. He asks Rin if he can really see ghosts.

The king:” They say only he who can see spirits has the right to sit on the throne.”

The king gave up the throne. He returned the throne to the true king.

Now that Rin is king Do Ha will return to Ma Go tribe. The king can’t be involved with shamans. She is leaving for Rin’s sake. Rin is surprised that Do Ha is leaving, but he understands her reasons and he doesn’t go after her. The one that wanted to convince Do Ha to stay was Moo Seok. Rang Yi stops Moo Seok telling him that if Do Ha and Rin are meant to be they will meet again, someday, somehow.

After saying goodbye to prince Ki San, the king who stepped out of throne, Moo Seok went to see the new king, Rin. When Rin proposed Moo Seok to become the head of the military, Moo Seok refused. Moo Seok wants to live as a night watchman from now on.

Later it’s time for Rin to say goodbye to eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi too. They’ve returned to watch over him, but now that Rin is king they have to go back to the afterlife.

Many months after he became king, Rin went to see Sang Hyun and Moo Seok. Sang Hyun now is married with Ok Mae and he works as a blacksmith. Moo Seok is the only night watchman that is left. Rin came to ask Moo Seok to stop his work as night watchmen.

When he went to the afterlife to bring Moo Seok back, Rin promised to the spirits guide that humans will stop interfering with spirits. The night watchmen will be gone. The night watchmen will only be a legend.

Rin did everything he needed to do. One thing is left to do, to find his queen. He went to Mt Baek Du and looked for Do Ha.

They lived happily ever after.

The end!

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4 Responses to “The Night Watchman ” ep 24~ ”Only he who can see spirits has the right to sit on the throne.”

  1. It felt a bit tiring to my eyes, 24 episodes were too many for this drama, had it been 16 it would have been way better. Or if it had more ghost side-stories etc. Lots of walking, lots of talking, but somehow i semi-enjoyed it, the last 4 episodes did some justice, although some things felt as if they were happening too easily or so fast at times 😀

    • lemonmirae says:

      so it wasn’t just my impression..i thought so too, some things happened to fast and easy. and i didn’t understood when Rin and Do Ha fell in love. also as you said there weren’t too many ghost side- stories…but i enjoyed it.

      • If you ask me, from all this walking, if you’d leave me alone at the town of Night Watchmen’s Journal i could go anywhere without getting lost xD Even the moments that were supposed to be easy according to Sadam’s plan to achieve his goal, his plans were being canceled even more easily xD Yep, they just fell in love all of a sudden and that was it, love 😛 Smallpox Lady and Ghost of Tragedy were both so lol characters though 😀 I kind of enjoyed it as well, i could be really negative about it, but for some reason i’m not, this series had this confusing vibe that i will never get to explain.

  2. lemonmirae says:

    yeah the town of Night Watchmen’s Journal isn’t that scary. i was expecting more ghosts after smallpox lady and ghost of tragedy, but it never came 😀

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