“Iron Man ” ep 12 ~ Hong Bin:”Why are you avoiding me if you like me so much?”

Se Dong found out something about Hong Bin’s father and she is avoiding Hong Bin.

Chang is upset because he doesn’t have a mother to pick him up from kindergarten and he disappears.

Episode 12

Chang is ever excited to spend the day with Se Dong and his strong father. He jumps around, he runs, he calls his father.

Returned to Se Dong’s house, Hong Bin keeps asking secretary Go to leave with Chang. Every time secretary Go asks Chang to go and buy toys, Chang refused. He wants to stay with Se Dong and Hong Bin, but Hong Bin wants to spend some time alone with Se Dong too.

Realizing what Hong Bin wants to do, Se Dong who knows Chang best send him away with secretary Go. Left alone with Se Dong, Hong Bin wanted to kiss her, since they are dating, but he ended up beaten by Se Dong. When Hong Bin was about to kiss Se Dong, without be beaten, they’ve heard Chang’s voice. Secretary Go and Chang returned.

Hong Bin went with his father to meet an important man. During dinner, Hong Bin saw his father humiliating himself in front of that man. He was surprised to see the strong father that he knew acting like that. Since that day, Hong Bin didn’t let any of the people who work for him, home or at work, bow or rise up in front of him.

Jang Won:” They say that a child comes to help his father one day.”

The day Hong Bin and Jang Won went to dinner with that important man, Se Dong found out that Hong Bin’s father was the CEO of the company her father worked when he died. Se Dong’s father had an accident at the construction site he was working for. Since she was a student and her mother was death, Se Dong needed Hong Bin’s father sign. That day she wasn’t able to see Hong Bin’s father. Outside the company, while she was crying Se Dong received a handkerchief from a soldier. She didn’t know at that moment that the soldier was Hong Bin.

Since the day she found out that Hong Bin’s father was the president of the company her father used to work for, Se Dong keeps avoiding Hong Bin.

At the kindergarten there is an event where the mothers come to read a book. Chang called Se Dong to come and pretend that she is her mother, but Se Dong refused him. Every time Chang comes home he is upset when he sees that his friends are picked up by their mothers, while he is picked up by the maids, the gardener or by secretary Go.

Chang:”Don’t come to pick me up. I don’t like you.”

One night Chang went outside to wait for his father. A child approached him. That child was the son of the man Hong Bin and Jang Won met before.

Not being able to handle the situation, Hong Bin forced his way into meeting Se Dong. At first Se Dong is upset. She says that she has a moment when she wants to be alone. She can’t tell Hong Bin everything she does or what she is doing every second. But Hong Bin knows that Se Dong isn’t acting like that for no reason. Se Dong must have a reason for avoiding him. Hong Bin suspects that his father or Hong Joo’s mother threatened Se Dong.

Se Dong wants to tell Hong Bin why is she avoiding him, but she can’t. Keep asking herself if she is around Hong Bin because he is rich, as his parents said, or is she in love with him.

Se Dong:” Am I really in love with you?”

Hong Bin:”Why are you avoiding me if you like me so much?”

Still Se Dong can’t tell Hong Bin why is she avoiding him, because if Se Dong will tell Hong Bin then everything will be over between them. Crying Se Dong wants to leave, but she hears Hong Bin talking on the phone with secretary Go. Chang is missing.

Hong Bin:”Chang is missing?

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