“Love Myself or You? ” ep 22 ~ Kai Qi:” Fu Zi Jie, I love you!”

“Love myself or you? last episode.

In this episode Zi Xiang wakes up from the comma, Da Zhi and Bao Zhu start dating and soon will have a baby. Zi Jie and Kai Qi leave happily ever after.

Episode 22

For the last stage of the competition Zi Jie and Kai Qi had to invite guests. Their guests will be the judges for their dishes. Zi Jie’s guest is Kai Qi and Kai Qi’s guests are Zi Jie’s parents.

Both Zi Jie and Kai Qi entered the kitchen. When they took out their ingredients, they both realized that they chose the same dish, it was the dish Zi Jie’s father cooked when they were children.

Zi Jie:” I like looking at you.”

After the guests tasted the dishes, Zi Jie’s father received a phone call and Zi Jie, Kai Qi and Zi Jie parents left. The phone call was from the hospital, Zi Xiang woke up. When they returned to the restaurant, the winner was announced. The winner of the cooking competition was Kai Qi, but both Kai Qi and Zi Jie are winners. Kai Qi won the competition and Zi Jie got back with Kai Qi.

Realizing that she can be together with Zi Jei again, Kai Qi panicked and run away. Zi Jie can’t let her do that every time so he decided to teach her a lesson.

Hao Wei went after Kai Qi. He told her that he is wrong acting the way she acts, than he took her to the boat where he wanted to confess during college.

Hao Wei:” Du Kai Qi, I like you!”

He confessed his feelings for Kai Qi, but he knows that he has to let Kai Qi go. Hao Wei gave Kai Qi a present and told her that he will go aboard, a rare opportunity for him and his career arrived for him.

A few days past and Zi Jie hasn’t called Kai Qi. She is looking at the phone, but still no call from Zi Jie. Suddenly Benny called and told Kai Qi that Zi Jie is at the restaurant. She went to see Zi Jie. The first person Kai Qi saw was Bao Zhu. Kai Qi is happy. If the first person is Bao Zhu, then Bao Zhu will ask her about her relationship with Zi Jie. Kai Qi will tell Bao Zhu that she panicked, then Bao Zhu will tell Zi Jie and neither Kai Qi and Zi Jie will be embarrassed.

Kai Qi went , but things didn’t go the way she imagined. Bao Zhu didn’t ask her anything. Inside, Kai Qi saw Zi Jie, but Zi Jie didn’t talk to her, he avoided Kai Qi. Every time Kai Qi wanted to say something related to her and Zi Jie, all the chef from Figaro Cuisine stopped her and congratulated her for having the single life she wanted.

Zi Jie:” This time, I’ll definitely have you, Du Kai Qi, ask me to be with you.”

Kai Qi is in the changing room. Next to her are Yong Qian and Le Xuan. They too explain Kai Qi what she did wrong. Then Yong Qian and Le Xuan act really corny. Not being able to take the corniness between Yong Qian and Le Xuan, Kai Qi leaves. What Kai Qi didn’t know is that Zi Jie was hidden in the changing cabin and he was listening to everything.

When she went home, Kai Qi invited Bao Zhu to her house. She wanted Bao Zhu to help her think of a way to get back Zi Jie. Because is chaos in Kai Qi’s head, Bao Zhu let Kai Qi put order in her head. Meantime Bao Zhu went to buy something to eat. Left alone, Kai Qi said out loud her thought and realized that Zi Jie planed everything with his coworkers.

On her way out, Bao Zhu met Da Zhi. He is moving back to his house. Da Zhi and Bao Zhu developed feeling for each other, but neither confessed. Now it’s the time Da Zhi confessed his feelings to Bao Zhu.

Da Zhi:”When will you eat me up? If you don’t eat me up, I’ll eat you up first.”

When Kai Qi comes out, she finds Da Zhi and Bao Zhu kissing.

In the morning Zi Jie was coming to work. His coworkers gave different presents. Bao Zhu gave Zi Jie food, the same food Kai Qi and Ah Jie eat for the first time. Xiao Li gave him a helmet crab. Xiao Shu gave Zi Jie a pair of shoes. Da Zhi gave him the wig that Ah Jie wore when Xiao Yi asked him to make Kai Qi laugh. Linda and Xiao Qian were playing with the dolls Ah Jie used to make Kai Qi laugh.

Zi Jie:” Kai Qi knows, doesn’t she?”

Form Yong Qian and Le Xuan, Zi Jie received the necklace he gave Kai Qi.

While looking for Kai Qi, Zi Jie found a big box. Everyone is there with him and Zi Jie realized that inside that big box is Kai Qi. When he lifted the box, Kai Qi confessed her feelings for him in front of everyone.

Kai Qi:” Fu Zi Jie, I love you!”

Kai Qi is excited. She is choosing her clothes for her date with Zi Jie. She is even wearing makeup. When she finished Kai Qi went outside where Zi Jie was waiting for her. He wanted a motorcycle date, even if Kai Qi is wearing a skirt. Zi Jie is driving fast and stopping fast so that Kai Qi will hug him.

They lived happily ever after.

The end!

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