“Iron Man ” ep 13 ~ Hong Bin:”I don’t need you anymore.”


Something happened and Hong Bin injured Se Dong with his blades. Se Dong saw Hong Bin’s blades and told Jang Won her father’s story.

Se Dong and Hong Bin got back together.

Hong Joo tells Hong Bin that he knows Tae Hee, Chang;s mother.

Episode 13

Hong Bin, Se Dong and secretary Go look everywhere for Chang. While looking for his son, Hong Bin sensed Chang scent and goes to that direction. He found Chang playing with Ho Joon, his new friend, the son of the man Hong Bin and Jang Won met the other day. Returned home, Hong Bin made Chang promise that he will not leave outside alone without telling the adults in the house.

So in Hong Bin’s house there are three made, madam Yoon and the gardener and none of them saw the kid going outside?

When Hong Bin was putting Chang to bed, Se Dong came. She thinks Chang run away from home because she refused to pretend to be his mother and going to his kindergarten. She blames herself. Se Dong apologized to Chang and said that she will go to the kindergarten and pretend to be his mother. On her way out, Hong Bin told Se Dong that she doesn’t have to go to Chang’s kindergarten, that it’s not her fault that Chang went outside without telling anyone. Hong Bin decided to give Se Dong the time she requested. He doesn’t want Se Dong to choose him because he is pitiful.

Hong Bin:” I hope you can choose me because I’m a good man.”

Hong Bin received a phone call and left angry towards his father’s house. Jang Won used Hong Bin to meet the man from few days ago. Jang Won needs that man’s help for a developing project. That project is being developed in the village where Tae Hee’s parents leave. Angry Hong Bin went to his father’s house and begged him to stop the project, to let those villagers life there.

Hearing Hong Bin screaming at Jang Won about sending someone to beat up and kill Tae Hee, Hong Joo came down. He has something to say to Hong Bin. But Hong Bin is still angry, he is furious. The blades are coming out. Knowing that this will happen, secretary Go brought Se Dong. She can calm Hong Bin down. When the blade appeared, Se Dong hugged Hong Bin and blood doped on the floor.

Going to Chang’s kindergarten, Hong Bin saw in front of the kindergarten Se Dong’s friends. They came to accompany her because she is hurt. Se Dong wanted to come and read a story to the children as she promised Chang.

When she finished, Hong Bin walked Se Dong home. He’s feeling guilty. Again he hurt Se Dong.

Hong Bin:”I don’t need you anymore.”

Hong Bin tells Chang that they won’t meet Se Dong anymore. Chang began to cry. He wants to see Se Dong. Because he was crying so much, Chang got scolded.

Jang Won keeps thinking about what Hong Bin said, that he hired gangsters to beat up and kill Tae Hee. He called madam Yoon, Jang Won suspects that she has something to do with what happened to Tae Hee. And he is right. Madam Yoon hired gangsters to beat Tae Hee. Angry Jang Won scolded madam Yoon and told her to stop doing things like that.

Since they broke up, Hong Bin is missing Se Dong. Because he missed Se Dong so much, Hong Bin’s blade appeared. But this time Hong Bin’s blades didn’t went back no matter what he did.

Meanwhile Se Dong went to see Hong Bin’s father to tell him about her father. She doesn’t blame Jang Won, she knows it’s her fault, but she needs to tell Jang Won her father’s story. Se Dong asked Jang Won if he could apologize to her father. She handed over her father’s picture, but Jang Won refused. The next morning, Se Dong received a phone call from Jang Won and got the apology that she wanted.

Because Hong Bin’s blades weren’t going back, secretary Go went to get Se Dong. He told her to not get scared that Hong Bin is wearing the costume he always wears when he is angry. She saw Hong Bin, but when she saw the blades she wasn’t scared. Did she saw him before? Se Dong goes near Hong Bin and gives him the handkerchief he gave her when her father died. After seeing Se Dong and Se Dong’s reaction to his changed body, Hong Bin calmed down and his blades went back inside his body.

Later Hong Bin went to Se Dong. He told her what he felt the day he saw that girl crying for a chance to meet his father, but he didn’t stop his father, he didn’t help that girl meeting his father. The only thing he could do for that girl was to give her the handkerchief. That night Se Dong and Hong Bin made up.

Hong Joo is being followed since the day madam Yoon read the letter he send to Hong Bin. He tells Hong Bin that people are following him every time he is meeting with Kim Tae Hee. Shocked Hong Bin said that Tae Hee is dead, but Hong Joo just saw her.

Hong Joo:”Today some strange guys followed me around. They were lingering around the place where Tae Hee and I work.”

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