“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 2 ~ Saburo:”I’m really going to try to live in this period.”

Saburo finds out that Saito Dosan is the same as he is, a time traveler. Something happened and Saito Dosan died, but before that he returned the history book to Saburo.

Episode 2

Saburo is eating. In front of him there are a lot of his favorite dishes, there are even pancakes. When he tasted the pancakes there was no taste. Suddenly he woke up and realized that he wasn’t eating all that good food, he was dreaming about eating all of it.

Tsuneoki came. Nobunaga has to meet Saito Dosan, Kichou’s father. He is scared, everyone is telling him that Saito Dosan is a scary person. A war can start if Nobunaga won’t meet Saito Dosan as well as if Saito Dosan doesn’t like the kimono that Nobunaga is wearing. Tired of trying kimono’s, Nobunaga decided that he will wear what he likes since Dosan won’t like his kimono.

Saito Dosan came at the meeting and when he saw Nobunaga, he asked everyone to go out and leave them alone. The moment Saito Dosan entered he saw Saburo in his school uniform. Left alone with Saburo, Saito Dosan changed his clothes. The same as Saburo, Saito Dosan is also from the future.

Saburo is happy that he met a time traveler like him and that is Saito Dosan, who isn’t as scary as people told him. But things aren’t like Saburo is thinking. Yoshitatsu came and announced Nobunaga and Kichou that Saito Dosan turned his back on Oda clan. Kichou will have to go as concubine to her father’s new ally. If Kichou doesn’t obey her father’s wish, he will attack Owari.

Kichou decided to leave and become a concubine.

Kichou:”I have no desire to die with all of you here.”

Nobunaga went to tell Yoshitatsu what Kichou decided. He isn’t pleased with sending Kichou away, but what can he do. If Kichou doesn’t leave there will be war and Owari doesn’t have an army that can stop Saito Dosan’s army.

When she was little, Kichou and her father were really close. One day Saito Dosan send his daughter as slave to one of his enemy. Many years Kichou waited for her father to came and take her home. But he never came. The only one who came was Saito Dosan’s army. Kichou’s father never came to pick her up, he send an army, without thinking that his daughter was there and she could die. Because she didn’t die, Saito Dosan send Kichou to Owari and married her with Nobunaga.

Knowing Kichou’s story, Nobunaga went to Saito Dosan and tried t make him change his mind and not use his daughter as a tool.

Saito Dosan:”When a daughter is born she lives as her father’s tool.”

Coming to his house, Saburo encountered Tsuneoki, who found out that Saito Dosan send people to steal the ledgers from his enemies. Looking at the ledgers Saito Dosan could see which of his enemies could protect his daughter. After finding out that Saburo isn’t Oda Nobunaga, Saito Dosan doesn’t believe that Nobunaga can protect his daughter and that is why he is sending her to another clan.

The man that Saito Dosan send for the ledgers found Saburo’s history book and took it to Dosan. When he opened it Saito Dosan saw that Yoshitatsu will rise an army against him. In the history book it was said that Saito Dosan was killed by his son Yoshitatsu.

During the fight Saito Dosan was driven into a corner by Yoshitatsu’s rebels. Suddenly news came. Oda Nobunaga’s army is coming to help Saito Dosan. He is surprised by that news, so he opens the history book. What he read in the book surprised more Saito Dosan. It was something about Oda Nobunaga and Saito Dosan tore that page. Saito asked for paper and brush and wrote a letters for Nobunaga and Kichou.

Coming towards the battle field, Nobunaga was stopped by one of Saito Dosan’s men. He brought Nobunaga the letters from Saito Dosan and found out that Saito Dosan was murdered in battle.

Retuned home, Nobunaga told the news about Saito Dosan to Kichou and also he gave her the letter her father wrote for her before his death. Later Nobunaga read the letter Saito Doan wrote for him. Saito Dosan didn’t just send a letter to Nobunaga, he also returned him the history book.

Nobunaga:”I’ve made up my mind. I’m really going to try to live in this period.”

That night the man that convinced Yoshitatsu to raise an army against Saito Dosan infiltrated himself in Owari. He’s next target is Oda Nobunaga.

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9 Responses to “Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 2 ~ Saburo:”I’m really going to try to live in this period.”

  1. I’m on the second episode on this one, soon i’ll go forward on the next ones! I really like it, it’s got a huge sense of humor when our present blends with the past in things that didn’t exist then and vice versa xD But also when it gets serious, it’s pretty awesome! The acting is really good and lives up to my expectations so far! I really love the way you present your episode reviews with a line you liked on the title 😀

    • lemonmirae says:

      I’m glad you like my posts 🙂 Thanks 🙂
      It’s a funny drama and also has some morality in it, like Japanese drama’s have.
      The only thing that i personally don’t like, even if i’m a fan of Oguri Shun, it’s that Oguri Shun is a little to old to play a high school kid.

      • You’re welcome! The only reason i don’t read your recent posts is because i will get spoiled because i’m episodes back on dramas like blade man 😀

        I agree, he doesn’t look that young anymore to play a high school kiddo xD As for the rest, he’s pretty fine 😀

      • lemonmirae says:

        HAHa, that’s okay. you can read them when you wants.
        i was a little back with blade man episode’s too, but since today i had some free time i ended it. finally.

      • I’m left on the 4th episode >.< Because other dramas stole my interest away, although i was enjoying it more with every episode. It feels it has potential by structuring and becoming better and better with each episode.

      • lemonmirae says:

        what other dramas? recommend me!”D

      • Hm, there are so many pretty good J-dramas which implement pretty well and differently the romantic factor, like Gomen ne Seishun!, Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu , Dear Sister, Subete ga F ni Naru which is more of suspense but it has its slight hints of romance, etc.

        As for K-dramas… Greatest Marriage/Best Wedding has overtaken my mind! And Mr.Back started pretty well (it’s got so much fun up to episode 3) and Pinocchio started in a wonderful way, i’m looking forward to the next episodes and the chemistry between the main leads 😀

      • lemonmirae says:

        i’m already watching Gomen ne Seishun and Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu. also i was meaning to start watching Pinocchio 🙂

      • Nice! 😀 I’ve got a really good feeling for Pinocchio! Everything feels promising so far. And the other two Japanese dramas you’re watching have their own intensity and fun xD

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