“We Got Married ” ep 6 ( WGM ep 243) ~Jae Rim:” I like you!”

Jae Rim and So Eun couple make their couple shirts and the cat tower. They go out for dinner and have fun while knowing more about each other.

Episode 6

In this episode Jae Rim and So Eun couple make their couple shirts. They are using the shirts that Jae Rim brought with his name on them. Because it’s too big for her, So Eun will cut a little her shirt. For that she needs Jae Rim’s help and he helps her. When you need a tired hand, just use your mouth.

With the shirt cut the way So Eun wanted it’s time to glue staff on them. The only problem is that Jae Rim is making his shirt look like a rag before wearing it and all that because of his clumsy hands. While putting the glue on the things he will stick on the shirt, he drops it on the shirt. Then he needs a paper towel from the kitchen and he puts the glue on his shirt. The glue leaked on his shirt, exactly on his name. After they finished gluing lips, cats and other stuff on the shirts, Jae Rim and So Eun sign each other shirts.

Jae Rim and So Eun change into the shirts they’ve just made and the stripes pants that Jae Rim gave her. Dressed with couple shirts, couple pants and wearing the glasses Jae Rim brought the last time, they make a lot of pictures.

Jae Rim:” You look sexy with sunglasses on.”

The cat tower arrived. It’s time to build it. So Eun and Jae Rim put every piece together and build the cat tower. Jae Rim is pretty good with the drill. The cat tower is finished in no time. They take the cat tower to the room and put the cats inside. Then it’s time to make pictures again. This couple really likes to take pictures!

After all that work and all those pictures it’s time to eat. The couple change their pants and go out. On their way to the restaurant they have fun about what kind of skinship each one likes.

Until the order came, So Eun asked Jae Rim what kind of girls he likes.

Jae Rim:” I like you!”

Suddenly Jae Rim gets up, he puts the lips from his shirt on So Eun’s cheek and then he kisses those lips. Later they ask each other what they like about the other.

Jae Rim:”I can’t explain in words what my heart feels.”

Jae Rim likes So Eun’s smile. He likes to make her smile and that is why he jocks around so much around her. On the other hand, So Eun likes that Jae Rim is obedient and does what she asks him to do.

The food arrived. They are feeding each other again. When So Eun said that she eats a lot, Jae Rim asked her why isn’t she gaining weight then. So Eun replied that she’s never gained weight on her upper body, but she didn’t understood Jae Rim’s reaction at her answer. Slightly annoyed she screamed why isn’t she gaining weight on her upper body, meaning her chest. Realizing what Jae Rim meant, So Eun said that she still has volume where she needs it. So Eun’s upper body’s volume ends with a love shot drink.


Since Jae Rim likes garlic and he said that garlic is good for men, gives them strength, So Eun prepared a big spoon fool of garlic for him. But where will he use all his strength? With her?

Jae Rim:”I’m not letting you go tonight.”

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