“Iron Man ” ep 14 ~ Kim Tae Hee is alive!

Hong Bin and Se Dong found out the Tae Hee is alive.

Episode 14

Hong Joo takes Hong Bin to see Tae Hee. They went to Tae Hee’s house, but no one answered the door. Then Hong Joo took Hong Bin to where he and Tae Hee work. There, when Hong Joo asked about Tae Hee, a girl came and send Hong Joo away fast, as if she wanted to hide something. Looking at that girl, Hong Bin saw her nametag. The name on the nametag was Kim Tae Hee. Since she isn’t the Kim Tae Hee that he is looking for, Hong Bin leaves. After Hong Bin left, Hong Joo went inside. The girl that talked to Hong Bin lied, her name isn’t Kim Tae Hee. The real Kim Tae Hee didn’t want to see Hong Bin. The real Kim Tae Hee is the same girl that Hong Bin is looking for. Chang’s mother is alive.

Before leaving, Hong Bin told Hong Joo to pick ten of his friends, the ones he wants to brag the most, and bring them to Hong Bin’s company. Because he did a good thing Hong Bin wants to be praised and calls Se Dong to hug him. While he was hugging Se Dong, secretary Go came because Tae Hee’s father is waiting for Hong Bin in his office. Tae Hee’s father came to return the money Hong Bin’s father gave him. After the fight with Hong Bin and the conversation he had with Se Dong, Jang Won stopped the construction.

Before letting him go, Hong Bin asked Tae Hee’s father where Tae Hee’s grave is and how they brought her body back from the USA. After stuttering a little, Tae Hee’s father lied to Hong Bin saying that they cremated Tae Hee.

Without knowing that Tae Hee’s father was lying, Hong Bin couldn’t let him go by himself so he send his driver to take Tae Hee’s father home. The poor man tried so hard to get rid of Hong Bin’s driver and Se Dong, but he couldn’t. At some point the driver left Tae Hee’s father at some market, but Se Dong followed him.

Tae Hee’s father asked Se Dong to wait for him and went inside a house. That was Tae Hee’s house. From inside Tae Hee was looking at Se Dong, the girl that is in Hong Bin’s heart now and the girl that Chang likes a lot.

The same time, Hong Bin went to see his father and returned the money Tae Hee’s father gave him.

Tae Hee’s parents came out. Se Dong is taking them to the train station. When they are about to get inside the taxi, Tae Hee’s mother turns around. She runs towards Tae Hee’s house. When her parents left, Tae Hee wasn’t feeling well. Se Dong tried to reach her, but she couldn’t. In front of Tae Hee’s house, Se Dong caught Tae Hee’s mother and tried to convince her to leave, but Tae Hee’s mother pushed her and went inside the house.

That day Se Dong met Tae Hee. She is alive, but she doesn’t know for how long. Tae Hee has a small bone that is pressing a blood vessel from her brain. Because of that she has excruciating pain several times a day. Also because of that she can die any time. Tae Hee didn’t want to show that to Chang so she gave him up, by sending him to Hong Bin.

Hong Bin send Chang to school and then the driver is taking him to pick up Se Dong. When he hears the name of the market where the driver took Tae Hee’s father the other day, Hong Bin realizes that it’s the same address that Hong Joo took him. Hong Bin told the driver to take him to the address where he left Tae Hee’s father.

Tae Hee returned home after sending her parents away and in front of her house found Se Dong. She came with breakfast for the two of them. They go inside and start eating. Suddenly someone is at the door. It’s Hong Bin.

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