“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 5~ “Let’s smile and live.”

Roommate members went to a village close to Seoul. While talking to the people there, the members were given some food. But no one told Jackson that there were tons of peppers in those dish. He tasted what the old lady from the village offered him, that Jackson drank a lot of water to get rid of the spiciness.

“Let’s smile and live.”

Walking around the neighborhood, they saw some elders playing a Korean game. They join the elder people and play together. The problem is that the three foreigners, Jackson, Joon Hyung and Ryohei, don’t understand the rules.

Jackson:”What’s so great about it? I just threw it?”

The beginners luck made the roommate members win the game against the village elders.

“Hail to the JYP ancestors!”

When the game ended, everyone went to drink some rice wine, the Roommate members brought it for themselves and the elders.

Because Young Ji’s parents send some thornback ray and kimchi, Young Ji, Jackson and Gook Joo went to buy pork to eat with the presents they’ve got from Young Ji’s mother. Sunny decided to give Young Ji her agency card for the pork.

In the car, Gook Joo pretends that Kang Joon called her and Jackson became jealous. Gook Joo never calls Jackson… well he doesn’t have a phone so that could be the reason, but who cares about this details. Arrived at the supermarket, Jackson helps Young Ji with the basket and the two of them leave Gook Joo behind. In the store, Jackson finds a big bone and compares it with his leg and Gook Joo’s arm. Then when Young Ji pretends to be cute in front of the meat sellers to get a discount, Jackson feels the need to step in. He introduces himself to the sellers and then he starts raping for them. The meat owner gave them a discount, but they don’t need a discount, SM Entertainment is paying for their meat.

After spending a large amount of money, the two scared lambs, Jackson and Young Ji, return home. Sunny received a text and saw how much they’ve spend. Since Sunny is angry, Jackson and Young Ji start fooling around singing and dancing Sunny’s parts from her songs to make her feel better.

Since the food is ready, it’s time to eat.

After dinner it’s time for acting class. The first exercise is a diction exercise. On the second exercise everyone has to close their eyes and express with their body’s what they hear. The last exercise is to play “Romeo and Juliet”. Again Jackson was teamed up with Young Ji.

While they were reading their lines, Jackson made everyone laugh with tears with his clumsiness. He was slapping himself to be able to concentrate. He was reading the stage directions. After they finished Jackson felt left out when everyone praised Young Ji for acting so well and told them that he worked hard too. Like a child, Jackson wanted to be praised too.

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