“Iron Man ” ep 15 ~ Hong Bin:”I love you.”

Hong Bin met Tae Hee. He realizes what his feelings are.

Something happened to Tae Hee.

Episode 15

Hong Bin went to the place where Hong Joo took him, where Hong Joo works as volunteer. He saw the girl that he met. He saw her name. That girl’s name is not Kim Tae Hee, her name is Kang Min Jung. Realizing what is going on, Hong Bin went to Tae Hee’s house.

From inside the house, Se Dong and Tae Hee hear someone knocking at the door. When Se Dong is about to open the two of them hear Hong Bin’s name. He was calling Tae Hee. Se Dong wants to open, but Tae Hee stops her. They both hide. Hong Bin knocks off the door and entered. He’s looking around, but Tae Hee and Se Dong aren’t there. They are hiding in the wardrobe. Hong Bin opens the wardrobe and he is about to find Se Dong and Tae Hee, but he can’t. Hong Joo called Hong Bin.

Has anyone noticed how big Tae Hee’s wardrobe is? How can a poor person have a dressing bigger then her own house?

Hong Bin left, but he let secretary Go guard the house. Se Dong calls secretary Go and distract his attention until she and Tae Hee can get out of the house.

Arrived at the office, Hong Bin met Hong Joo. He asked Hong Joo why Hong Joo didn’t tell him about Tae Hee sooner. Hong Joo told him about the letter that Hong Bin’s gardener should have gave him. Angry, Hong Bin goes home and calls the gardener. But the gardener can’t tell Hong Bin the truth because madam Yoon threatened him. The gardener told Hong Bin that he lost the letter. Without suspecting that madam Yoon took the letter, Hong Bin forgave the gardener.

Se Dong took Tae Hee to her house. She promised Tae Hee that she won’t tell Hong Bin about her and her sickness. Looking around Se Dong’s house, Tae Hee sees some of Chang’s toys.

Tae Hee and Se Dong went to see Chang at the kindergarten. They look from afar. Chang was bragging about how strong his father is in front of his friends. When Se Dong and Tae Hee were about to leave, Chang’s friends told him to do what his father can do. Chang climbed over a slide and jumped. Se Dong saw him and screamed to stop him. Hearing Se Dong, Tae Hee runs to Chang and caught her son.

When Se Dong came to his office, Hong Bin told her that Tae Hee is alive. He needs to find Tae Hee and found out why she sent Chang to him and pretended to be dead when she is alive. Hong Bin feels like someone is playing with his life. Also he knows form Hong Joo that someone is following Tae Hee and he wants to know if she is in danger or not.

Hong Bin:”She is Chang’s mother.”

That day, when Se Dong heard Hong Bin saying all that and also when she saw Tae Hee with Chang, Se Dong broke her promise and told Hong Bin where he can find Tae Hee. Se Dong brought Hong Bin to her house, where Tae Hee was.

Tae Hee and Hong Bin went to Tae Hee’s house. She told Hong Bin that she sent Chang to him because she had to choose between Chang and the man she is in love with. He is a good man, but he can’t accept Chang. She wants to get married and have a normal life with that man. That man’s family accepts her. She told Hong Bin that she abandoned him because she was tired of the way his father was treating her and her family.

Hong Bin left. Tae Hee feels sorry after all the lies she told Hong Bin and runs after him. She found him and she is looking after him from behind. Hong Bin stops for a few moments and then he leaves. He doesn’t looks back. He has a strange look on his face, as if he suddenly understood something.

Hong Bin went to Se Dong. She told him that he doesn’t have to tell her everything, she doesn’t need to know anything. For Se Dong everything became clear when Chang fell from a high place, Tae Hee is Chang’s mother and Hong Bin is Chang’s father. She doesn’t need to know anything else. Se Dong turns around, she wants to leave. Hong Bin calls her.

Hong Bin:” Se Dong…I realized that I love you.”

When he was in front of Tae Hee, Hong Bin realized who the person that he loves now is and that person isn’t Tae Hee, she is Se Dong.

Se Dong went to cook for Tae Hee. When she saw Tae Hee in pain again, Se Dong decided to tell everything to Hong Bin. She went to Hong Bin’s office and told him about her sickness and the reason why Tae Hee sent Chang to him. Without saying a word, Hong Bin left. He went to Tae Hee’s house, but she wasn’t there.

Jang Won found out from Hong Bin that Tae Hee is alive and he wants to meet Tae Hee. He enters Hong Joo’s room and asks him where is Tae Hee. Hong Joo gave Jang Won the address where Tae Hee works as volunteer. When Jang Won arrived there, the volunteers received an S.O.S call. Something happened to Tae Hee.

Madam Yoon also found out that Tae Hee is alive and she knows Tae Hee’s address. Tae Hee was kidnapped by the men madam Yoon sent.

Hong Bin received a call from Se Dong. She told him that the volunteers got a S.O.S call and that Tae Hee is in danger. Se Dong tells Hong Bin the location where Tae Hee is. He went and saved Tae Hee. But Tae Hee is unconscious.

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