“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 3 ~ Nobunaga:”I’m going to take over and change his country.”

Something happened and Nobunaga has to go to war again. Nobunaga decided to rule the land.

Episode 3

Imagawa Yoshimoto’s army is getting closer to Owari. Tsuneoki came in a hurry to announce Nobunaga that they are under attack. Imagawa’s army is double then Nobunaga’s army. Half of Nobunaga’s men want to fight Imagawa, even if they have les people and the other half want to stay in the castle. Either way when Imagawa will meet Nobunaga, he will cut Nobunaga’s head.

Nobunaga asked for some time to think about what he will do and goes to his room. There he found Kichou. After talking to Kichou, Nobunaga ran away. He arrived at a crossroad. Thinking that he goes to the opposite direction, Nobunaga is heating directly towards Imagawa.

Nobunaga is running away. A woman appeared suddenly before him and Nobunaga fell off from his horse. When he woke up Nobunaga was at that woman’s house. She told him that he is on Imagawa’s territory. Seeing that she is hurt, Nobunaga put a patch on her wound. The woman, Oharu, wants to help Nobunaga run away without being seen by the enemy. Suddenly Imagawa’s samurai came to that village. They are taking supplies and women.

Wanting to help those women, Nobunaga used the fireworks from his backpack. But the women didn’t run away. They are too scared of Imagawa to be able to save themselves. After the samurai left, the villagers are angry with Nobunaga. He tried to help them, but now Imagawa will be furious with them. They need to find a way to make Imagawa less angry. Wanting to protect her village and her people, Oharu told everyone that the man that tried to help them is Oda Nobunaga. The villagers have a way to make Imagawa forgive them. The villagers will give Imagawa a present, they will give him Nobunaga’s head.

Two men were sent to look for Nobunaga. One of them knows that Nobunaga is a prisoner in one of Imagawa’s village and that he will be executed. He returns in a hurry to report everything to Tsuneoki and Shibata. No matter how they’ve tried to hide the fact the Nobunaga run away, Kichou found out. Everyone in the palace found out too.

Denjiro, is Imagawa’s man. He infiltrated himself in Owari. He told everyone that Nobunaga run away and everyone in the palace is angry. Tsuneoki and Shibata tried to calm down everyone, but they couldn’t. The only person who could calm down Owari’s samurais was Kichou. She agrees with everyone that Nobunaga is a coward, that he run away, abandoning them, but Kichou reminded everyone that Nobunaga always does the right thing at the end.

The morning is here. The villagers are about to kill Nobunaga. But they were stopped. Owari’s army came to save Nobunaga. They soldiers are trying to punish the villagers for wanting to kill Nobunaga, but Nobunaga himself stopped them. Their fight is with Imagawa, not with innocent people like those poor villagers.

Nobunaga decided to fight. He looks into his history book to see if he will win or not. While he reads in the book, Tsuneoki hears Nobunaga saying the name of a place close to that village. In that place is Imagawa’s army. Nobunaga’s army is smaller than Imagawa’s army. The only way to defeat Imagawa’s army is for Owari’s army to find Imagawa. The villagers decided to entrust the faith of their village to Nobunaga and they will help him find Imagawa.

Nobunaga:” I thought war was only good for hurting people. But there are a lot of people who can be saved through fighting.”

The night before Imagawa’s army attack Owari, the villagers went to Imagawa’s tend with the excuse that they want to entertain him before the war. Nobunaga gave Oharu some fireworks. While she was dancing with the other villagers, Oharu used the fireworks to tell Nobunaga where Imagawa is. Nobunaga and his army attacked the tent were Imagawa was.

The news came to Nobunaga’s castle. Nobunaga defeated Imagawa.

Nobunaga:”I’m going to rule the land. I’m going to take over and change his country.”

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