“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 1 ~ Dong Chi :”I used to date her.”

“Pride and Prejudice” is drama about a team of young prosecutors, who, while protecting the weak and poor people, they learn how to cooperate and adjust to different personalities and backgrounds.

Go Dong Chi is a smart and intelligent young prosecutor. Han Yul Moo was a detective, but now she is trying hard to become a prosecutor.


Choi Jin Hyuk as Go Dong Chi

Baek Jin Hee as Han Yul Moo

Choi Min Soo as Moon Hee Man

Lee Tae Hwan as Kang Soo

Episode 1

Han Yul Moo is a new prosecutor. She is coming to her new work place. In front of the prosecution office, Yul Moo is shocked when she sees Go Dong Chi. Yul Moo passed by Dong Chi without saying anything. The moment he sees her, he runs after her. They know each other, but Yul Moo wants them to pretend that they don’t know one another. When they arrived in front of Dong Chi’s office, Dong Chi saw that he is the prosecutor that has to train Yul Moo.

Yul Moo participates at her first case. A pervert gets necked in front of women on the streets. The police arrested a man and Dong Chi’s team is investigating that case. The suspect tries to defend himself saying that he has a mole on his inner tight. He turns around to Yul Moo to show her.

During the investigation, the suspect’s mother came with an alibi for her son. Yul Moo goes to pick the alibi. On her way back, Yul Moo’s eyes met the suspect’s eyes. From that moment Yul Moo was sure that the suspect is guilty. Later Yul Moo and Kang Soo check the street’s surveillance camera from the area where everything happened. While looking at the camera, Yul Moo sees a little girl. On one side of the street the little girl was walking calm and she was wearing a headband on her head and on the other side of the street the little girl was running scared, without the headband on her head.

Dong Chi, Yul Moo and Kang Soo went to the crime scene. The incident happened on a street close to the store where the suspect is working. To check the exact time, Dong Chi makes Yul Moo run several times around the streets next to the store, while he is the timekeeper. From the place where Dong Chi was timekeeping Yul Moo, they can enter the store where the suspect works, on the back door. Kang Soo, Dong Chi and Yul Moo enter the store and check everything, including the trash can. While she was looking around, Yul Moo saw the headband of the little girl she saw on the surveillance camera.

Dong Chi :”I used to date her. She even confessed her feelings to me.”

The witness who provided the alibi for their suspect called. He bought something form the store the suspect works. The witness works as a teacher at the school that is close to the store. Dong Chi and his team went to see him. While Dong Chi and Kang Soo where talking to the witness, Yul Moo looked around and ended up at the back door from the store again. She entered and found the little girl from the surveillance camera. Her name is Ho Jung and she came to the store to look for her headband. Being alone in the store, Ho Jung was putting pants on every doll that was wearing a dress or a skirt. Yul Moo talked to the little girl and when she left took Ho Jung with her. Outside they met Dong Chi, Kang Soo and the witness. The teacher recognized Ho Jung, she is from his classroom. The moment she saw her teacher, Ho Jung hugged Yul Moo. The little girl is hiding something, she is scared of her teacher.

Dong Chi is taking Ho Jung home, but since he doesn’t want Ho Jung’s grandmother to be scared he asks the teacher to go with them. After leaving the little girl with her grandmother and her teacher Dong Chi and Yul Moo want to leave, but Ho Jung’s grandmother comes after them. The grandmother is looking for Ho Jung. The little girl disappeared.

The police it’s all over the place. They’ve brought search dogs too. They are looking everywhere for Ho Jung.

Yul Moo and Dong Chi returned to the prosecutor’s office. Their suspect has been arrested again. They think he kidnapped Ho Jung. During the investigation, Dong Chi realized something, it wasn’t the suspect the one that kidnapped Ho Jung, the kidnapper was the only person who was with him and Yul Moo at Ho Jung’s house, her teacher. Both the teacher and the suspect are arrested and they are interrogated. They both cover one another. The prosecutors know that the suspect is the necked pervert and the teacher has sexually assaulted Ho Jung, but they need proves. The prosecutors try to make the suspect and the teacher turn against each other, but no use. The two of them protect each other. They are each other’s alibi.

The prosecutors let the suspect and the teacher go, but they are followed by undercover police officers. The teacher smiled when he passed by a trash can next to Ho Jung’s house. Seeing the teacher’s smile, Dong Chi realizes that the teacher put Ho Jung in that trash can. Before the police get the chance to search that trash can, the truck took the trash, with little Ho Jung is it.

At the trash field the trash truck driver saw Ho Jung and saved her. The police arrived and took her. Now both the suspect and the teacher can be arrested for their crimes and Ho Jung is safe.

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