“We Got Married ” ep 7 ( WGM ep 244) ~Jae Rim:” What I think and what you think, would be the same?”

So Eun and Jae Rim went to fulfill their mission of getting closer.

Episode 7

We’re still at the restaurant with Jae Rim and So Eun couple. They are full, but still talking and joking. Jae Rim noticed that So Eun has a habit every time she speaks, she winks.

Jae Rim:” Don’t say goodbye to me.”

Good thing that at the interview they subtitle Jae Rim! He talks so fast that I can’t follow him….

So Eun makes fun of Jae Rim. Since So Eun doesn’t eat anymore, Jae Rim said that he has a small stomach, like her. Hearing him say that he has a small stomach, So Eun pretends that she likes men that eat more than her. Like that Jae Rim became, from a man with small stomach, a man with flexible stomach.

When So Eun said that people say about her that she is violent, she is scary or that she likes alcohol, Jae Rim touched her face and said:

Jae Rim:”Don’t listen to that words.”

During the interview, Jae Rim defended So Eun saying that she isn’t violent, she is just generous. And he is right! If he deserves it, So Eun has to be generous and hit him once or twice.

It’s a new day! While So Eun finishes her makeup, Jae Rim makes breakfast for the both of them. Is he trying to do a good thing for So Eun or he just doesn’t want to eat So Eun’s kimchi stew?

While he cooks, Jae Rim asks So Eun to give him the salt. Jae Rim laughs while looks for salt.”You can’t reach it, right?”, Jae Rim said. He was making fun of So Eun’s high.

You have to like the way Jae Rim always cleans after he cooked! He’s always cleaning or washing dishes.

So Eun is grateful for Jae Rim’s gesture. He sent a truck with food for So Eun and everyone that was working with her at her new drama. But Jae Rim is also jealous because So Eun made a picture with one coworker and posted the picture on her twitter, with a heart attached.


Jae Rim pretending to kiss So Eun while putting lipstick on her.

A mission card arrived and the newlywed couple has to leave. Their mission is to do an activity that will bring them closer. Now I’ll ask you, closer that they are now? PD, are you sure you can let on TV everything they do? I don’t think so, you even said that you have to cut a lot because it’s too much, they are too close.

Jae Rim brought some medicine, because is autumn and he has to take care of his health. So Eun hands him the water bottle.

Jae Rim:” Look at my adam’s apple.”

When they eat, Jae Rim drink the alcohol instead on So Eun and now So Eun has to grand him a wish. Jae Rim’s wish is for So Eun to come to him three times, he meant sckinship. For So Eun three times is too much so she asks him to be one time.

Jae Rim:” What I think and what you think, would be the same?”

The couple arrived. They register, put their vests on and get their targets ready. So Eun proposes a bet, but the bet Jae Rim wants is for the winner to hit really hard the loser…with the lips. The first game is a practice game and So Eun won.

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4 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 7 ( WGM ep 244) ~Jae Rim:” What I think and what you think, would be the same?”

  1. Nju's says:

    I really like jae rim and so eun,they give me a lot of fun:-)

  2. Nju's says:

    Ep8,he really be my dream!!!
    The ring he made,how sweet!!
    but so eun’s reaction is ordinary,@@
    And I don’t like the team who appear next episode.
    You also follow Taiwan’s drama?
    Wow~~~~are you good in Chinese ?

    • lemonmirae says:

      i’ll post ep 8 today or tomorrow. the ring is not expensive, but the fact that he made it makes the ring better then any expensive ring (in my opinion).
      the team from next episode you mean the three members from surprise?
      yes i also watch Taiwanese drama, but i don’t speak Chinese. i watch them with eng sub.

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