“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 2 ~ Yeol Moo:”Let’s live together.”

In this episode we go back in time and find out the story between Dong Chi and Yeol Moo.

The prosecutors got a new case and they resolve it. Something happened and Yeol Moo and Dong Chi end up living together.

Episode 2

Five years before Yeol Moo became a prosecutor, Dong Chi was driving on a street. Suddenly he was stopped by a group of women. Several women were trying to stop a young lady from leaving with a bag. The young lady was Yeol Moo and one of those women that where with her was Yeol Moo’s mother. From the bag, Yeol Moo dropped a child shoe. Yeol Moo managed to get away from all those women and when she was leaving she bumped into Dong Chi’s car. She entered the car and asked the driver to drive away. Dong Chi drove away without asking anything. He saw that the girl that got into his car was crying.

Realizing that she is in a car with a stranger, Yeol Moo asked Dong Chi to stop the car. She got out. Seeing that she dropped a little car toy in his car, Dong Chi went after Yeol Moo, but he didn’t return the toy. Yeol Moo asked Dong Chi for some money and his bank account. Dong Chi gave her the money, but in exchange of his bank account, he left Yeol Moo a note saying to meet him the next day and an address.

The next day, Yeol Moo arrived at the meeting place with the money. But Dong Chi didn’t take the money. If he would’ve taken the money, Yeol Moo would have left. So Dong Chi eats and gets coffee, while Yeol Moo pays for them.

Wanting to get away from Dong Chi, Yeol Moo gets into a bus. What she didn’t know was that the bus was a tour bus for tourists. Dong Chi got in that bus too and he also paid for Yeol Moo’s ticked. Now she owes Dong Chi more money. He tries to tell Yeol Moo his name, but she isn’t interested.

Dong Chi:” If you ask for my name later that means you’re interested. Like a confession.”

Yeol Moo received a case. The prisoner is someone who knows what to do to get his way. Since Yeol Moo wasn’t doing a got job, in his eyes, Dong Chi took the prisoner to the investigation room. The prisoner knows Dong Chi and Kang Soo.

Dong Chi is getting his revenge on Yeol Moo. The money she owed Dong Chi, Yeol Moo had to return by meeting him once a month for ten months. He liked her and when Yeol Moo asked him what his name is, Dong Chi thought that she liked him too. And she did. The night she asked what his name was, Yeol Moo saw in Dong Chi’s bag a ripped paper. That paper meant something to her. She has the other side of that paper. After seeing that paper, the shocked Yeol Moo disappeared.

Dong Chi let out the prisoner. Kang Soo is with him. They have a plan. When everything is ready, Kang Soo calls Dong Chi. On his way out, Dong Chi noticed that the books in his office aren’t as he left him. Looking at the security camera, Dong Chi found the person who looked around his office. That person was Yeol Moo.

On the street Yeol Moo sees the prisoner with Kang Soo and Dong Chi. She suspects that Dong Chi covered up the prisoner and let him out because they know each other. Even if Dong Chi asked her to pretend that she didn’t saw them, Yeol Moo went to their chief. The chief prosecutor Moon Hee Man called Dong Chi and asked him about what Yeol Moo said. Dong Chi confessed. He covered up the prisoner and let him out, but they will gain something from that.

Returned to the office, Dong Chi told Yeol Moo that he made reservation at a hotel under her name. She should sleep at the hotel, not at the office.

Dong Chi:”Go to the hotel. I don’t like you sleeping in the office!”

The prisoner was released because he will help the prosecutors arrest someone bigger, a drug dealer. Everything is ready. The team made a plan. While Kang Soo brought the prisoner at the office, the prisoner saw the chief prosecutor Moon. When he saw chief prosecutor Moo, the prisoner was shocked.

The operation started. On his way to meet the drug dealer, the prisoner got off the taxi and disappeared. He only left a message with the taxi driver, saying that he is sorry. The prisoner left also a text with some numbers, 2105. Working in this field for a many years, Yoon Dae Gi decoded the message behind the numbers. The prosecutors go on with the plan. The one that is going to the meeting place will be Yeol Moo.

Yeol Moo arrived at the meeting place. She received a phone call. The person who called her told Yeol Moo to throw in the trash can the phone and to enter the building in front of her. Yeol Moo did as she was told. Inside the building a woman approached her asking for money. Before Yeol Moo got the money from her bag a motorcycle came and the woman who approached Yeol Moo disappeared. The men from the motorcycle took Yeol Moo with them.

Dong Chi came into the building to look for Yeol Moo, but he can get in touch with her. Worried, Dong Chi called the prosecutors from the office to track Yeol Moo’s phone. Suddenly Dong Chi sees Yeol Moo running after a motorcycle and he goes after them. Kang Soo runs after them too.

The men from the motorcycle stopped. Yoo Dae Gi stopped the car in front of them. The drug dealers are arrested.

Dong Chi:”Why do you have no fear? Stop disappearing.”

Tired, Kang Soo and Dong Chi arrived home. While they were drinking, they saw Yeol Moo at their boarding house. She will live there too from now on.

Yeol Moo:”Let’s live together.”

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