“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 6~ ” Look at him sleeping like a sleeping beauty.”

Jackson and Kang Joon in action.

Episode 6

Roommate members, Jackson, Young Ji, Gook Joo, Na Na and Joon Hyung went to learn an traditional Korean martial arts. Jackson arrived late, but since he is in charge of martial arts tricking in GOT7 he showed the trainer some moves. The instructor was impressed and showed some of his to Jackson. Now, honestly, in the beginning Jackson’s moves were more impressive than those of the instructor.

The instructor used Jackson to show new moves to the roommate members. After the moves, scared like a little lamb Jackson ran into Gook Joo’s arms. Then when it’s time for the members to do what the instructor showed, Jackson slammed down Joon.

It’s time to try “stepping on foot” match. Jackson is paired with one of the instructor’s students. The match last for a while, but Jackson won. He can move his feet pretty fast, after all he was in the fencing national team in Hong Kong.

Jackson:” Mom, I’m on TV and I won.”

Jackson is a little upset with Young Ji. She said that Taecyeon is better and Jackson. Young Ji tries to make Jackson feel better. The two of them keep bickering with each other. Seeing them like that, Na Na concluded that Jackson and Young Ji will end up dating.

Arrived home, Jackson followed by Joon went to his room to see what Kang Joon is doing. Tired Kang Joon was sleeping.

Joon:” Look at him sleeping like a sleeping beauty.”

Looking at Kang Joon sleeping, Joon had an idea. He drew a bra and a pair of bikini and put them on Kang Joon.

When Kang Joon woke up, he and Jackson decorated their room. First they looked at a tutorial with someone drawing graffiti and believed they could do the same. But they ended up going wild on the wall.

Actor Lee Soon Jae came to visit the roommate family. At first Jackson and Young Ji are nervous, they don’t know how to act before a senior this big. But slowly they get into position and massage actor Lee Soon Jae. They massage Lee Soon Jae’s face, shoulders, legs. Lee Soon Jae took off his jacked and Jackson wears it.

Jackson:” I’m wearing it because I didn’t know where to put it. I’m called the Hong Kong Clothes Hanger.”

Before going to bed, Jackson and Kang Joon cut each other’s nose hair. When they finished Na Na came to their room and they wanted to cut her nose hair too, but she refused. Since they couldn’t do anything to Na Na the two “gangsters” Kang Joon and Jackson heads off for their new victim and that is Se Ho.

With a serious face the two playful youngsters approach Se Ho. They told him that they need to talk to him seriously and then they run to Se Ho’s room.

Jackson:” Se Ho, you have so much hair. You haven’t trimmed it in 20 years?”

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