“Iron Man ” ep 16 ~ Tae Hee:”I still like you this much. “

Hong Bin found out that madam Yoon took the letter that Hong Joo send him.

Episode 16

Hong Bin saved Tae Hee from the gangsters that took her, but Tae Hee is unconscious. Her pain was so powerful that she fainted. He takes her to the hospital where the others volunteers where. When Hong Bin put Tae Hee on the bed, the other volunteers knew exactly what to do. The girl that pretended to be Kim Tae Hee when Hong Joo took Hong Bin to meet Tae Hee is a doctor. Kang Min Jung is Tae Hee’s doctor.

Later, Seung Hwan brought Se Dong in. She fainted too, when she heard that Tae Hee is in danger. Min Jung checked Se Dong and recommended Se Dong to see a psychologist. The reason Se Dong fainted is psychological.

Left alone with Tae Hee, Hong Bin asked her about her condition and insisted to take her to a bigger hospital with better equipment. But Tae Hee doesn’t want to leave. She tried everything and every medic she saw told her that she doesn’t have any hope to cure herself. Now Tae Hee wants to live at pace. She sends him away, but when Tae Hee wakes up in the morning, Hong Bin was there. Hong Bin was sleeping on a chair next to Tae Hee.

Tae Hee:”I still like you this much. I must be crazy.”

Hong Bin can get in touch with secretary Go since the day before when he left with Tae Hee and secretary Go remain to fight with the kidnappers. While Hong Bin was looking for Ja Kyung, Tae Hee called him. Jang Won, Hong Bin’s father, went to see Tae Hee again. He goes to the place where she does volunteer work every day until he will be able to meet Tae Hee. She is scared of Jang Won and asked Hong Bin to convince his father to leave her alone.

Hong Bin went there and met his father. He told Jang Won what happened to Tae Hee the day before and that he can’t get in touch with Ja Kyung. Hong Bin believes that his father ordered those gangsters to kidnap Tae Hee. Surprised Jang Won defends himself. It wasn’t him.

Later Jang Won went to Hong Bin’s house. He knows that madam Yoon was the one that send the gangsters to kidnap Tae Hee.

The morning Tae Hee said she still likes Hong Bin, Se Dong heard her. Se Dong was bringing Tae Hee food. When she heard what Tae Hee said, Se Dong didn’t enter, she left the food bad in front of Tae Hee’s room.

The next day, discharged form hospital Tae Hee went home and eat the food. Later Tae Hee went to see Se Dong. They spent the day together having fun, like two sisters. Sitting at a table, Tae Hee tells Se Dong to take care of Chang. Lying Se Dong said that she never thought of becoming Chang’s mother, she only thought of playing with him from time to time. But Tae Hee knows that Se Dong is lying, because she doesn’t want to hurt Tae Hee.

On her way home, Se Dong things about Tae Hee’s words. She finds it strange that out of no wear Tae Hee told her to take care of Chang.

Home, Tae Hee wrote a note and got her luggage ready. She wants to leave. While she was leaving Tae Hee met Se Dong, who realized why Tae Hee was talking like that. Back inside, Se Dong reads Tae Hee’s note. Then Se Dong asked Tae Hee how she got sick. When madam Yoon send the gangsters to teach Tae Hee a lesson, Tae Hee hurt her head.

Hong Bin is still looking for Ja Kyung. It’s been two days and Ja Kyung is still missing. Jang Won calls Hong Bin to see if Ja Kyung appeared. While Hong Bin was telling his father that Ja Kyung is his brother, his friend and his bodyguard, Ja Kyung arrived. He is hurt.

Ja Kyung was fighting the gangsters that kidnapped and when the gangsters got away he wanted to follow them. While he was following the gangsters, Ja Kyung saw a beautiful girl and his followed her. For two days Ja Kyung waited in front of that girls house and in the end he got the girls phone number.

Madam Yoon went to Tae Hee’s house, but she wasn’t able to talk to Tae Hee because Jang Won found her. Even when Jang Won knows that she is the one that hurt Tae Hee, madam Yoon still lied to Jang Won and went home.

At the house, the gardener’s son came with the ginseng that his father gave him. The gardener’s son heard that his father had to kneel before Hong Bin because of the ginseng that madam Yoon gave the gardener. Seeing the ginseng and the gardener’s son’s reaction, Hong Bin asked the gardener what is going on. That day the gardener told Hong Bin about the letter that he was supposed to give Hong Bin.


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