“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 3 ~ Dong Chi:”Make sure you lock your door before you sleep.”

At the office something happened and Yeol Moo gets in problems with chief Moon Hee Man. Dong Chi is shocked when Yeol Moo tells him her brother’s name.

Episode 3

After the incident with the drug dealer, Han Yeol Moo was send home to rest. She took her luggage and to a boarding home and rented a room.

Kang Soo and Dong Chi, together with the whole team, remain at the office to investigate the drug dealer. In the middle of the investigation, after Kang Soo and Dong Chi caught the drug dealer and during the investigation they got a declaration from him, the head chief prosecutor came and ordered chief prosecutor Moon Hee Man to give the case to the narcotics team.

Tired, Dong Chi and Kang Soo went home. They are surprised to see Yeol Moo there. From now on she will live with them at the boarding house. When Yeol Moo was unpacking, Kang Soo came in to fix a plug. Yeol Moo sited next to Kang Soo. Since Yeol Moo was wearing a mini skirt, Kang Soo found it difficult to look at the plug and not Yeol Moo. While Kang Soo and Yeol Moo were so close to each other, Dong Chi entered holding a dog.

Dong Chi:”Make sure you lock your door before you sleep. Someone might break in.”

The grandmother brought Yeol Moo something and found Kang Soo and Dong Chi in Yeol Moo’s room. She kicked them out and put tape on the floor in front of Yeol Moo’s room. Dong Chi and Kang Soo aren’t allowed to pass that tape and enter Yeol Moo’s room.

In the morning, while they were having breakfast, they hear noise from outside. Jung Chang Gi was drunk and fighting a taxi driver. Kang Soo ran to help Jung Chang Gi. Dong Chi and Yeol Moo came out too. Yeol Moo is surprised to see Jung Chang Gi there.

Kang Soo and Dong Chi took Jung Chang Gi home.

There is a meeting in the morning. Moon Hee Man tried to get money for the investigation so his team won’t have to give the drug dealer case to the narcotics team, but he failed. At the meeting, chief Moon hands over a case where a child died at the daycare. The one in charge of this case is Dong Chi, but he has some questions and refuses to close it. Chief Moon tries to hand over the case to other prosecutor, but no one wants to take the case from Dong Chi. The only person who said she wants the case is Yeol Moo. She took the case from Dong Chi, but chief Moon wants the case finished until she finishes her shift.

The dead child mother ran away and the father is in jail. The person in charge of the child is the daycare director. The child’s death was an accident or the person who was supposed to look after the child neglected her duties? During the investigation Yeol Moo finds out that Dong Chi is one of the top three prosecutors in Korea, but he was put in their team because the higher ups found him uncomfortable. Yeol Moo thinks that she resolved the case, she thinks it was negligence. She asked Dong Chi to look if she is right, but he didn’t. Dong Chi said that if she is sure that she is right, then she should close the case and hand it over to chief Moon. When Yeol Moo was about to enter chief Moon’s office with the file, Dong Chi told her something and she returned to her office. In the office Kang Soo was checking the surveillance camera from the daycare. Looking at the video, Yeol Moo remembered her brother.

Yeol Moo is working, but she is called at the office entrance. Her mother came to visit and she brought sandwiches for Yeol Moo and her coworkers. Yeol Moo tries to send her mother away and her mother begins to undress. Dong Chi, who saw the scene, jumped in and helped Yeol Moo.

After Yeol Moo’s mother left, Dong Chi gave her pictures with the dead child and another kid. He told Yeol Moo to check who the other child is, maybe he saw something and they can make him and witness.

There is an office dinner. Everyone went except Yeol Moo and Kang Soo. They are still investigating. The two of them went to the daycare to look for the child that used to follow around the girl that died. They’ve found the little boy. He is the dead girl’s younger brother. The boy looks into Yeol Moo’s eyes and hand over his yogurt to her. Looking at the boy, Yeol Moo remembers her younger brother. He used to follow her around too. He also liked yogurt.

One day, Yeol Moo’s younger brother, Byul, disappeared. Few days later, Byul was found dead. Now I’m thinking about something! Yeol Moo’s parents didn’t look at the body, maybe the dead child from Yeol Moo’s memory isn’t her brother.

Kang Soo and Yeol Moo arrived late at the office dinner. Chief Moon is giving her drinks. Yeol Moo drinks the offered glasses and then she asked chief Moon more time for the case she is handling. Chief Moon is angry. He needs that case finished as soon as possible.

Dong Chi takes Yeol Moo out. He doesn’t understand why she is acting like that. Crying, Yeol Moo tells Dong Chi her brother’s story.

Yeol Moo:” Do you know what my little brother’s name is? His name is Han Byul!”

Yeol Moo leaves. Kang Soo follows her to see if she is alright. Hearing Yeol Moo’s younger brother’s name, Dong Chi returns to his office shocked. He unlocks a drawer and looks at a file. Dong Chi was the one that handled Han Byul’s death case.

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