“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 4 ~ “Create history with your own hands.”

Saburo as Nobunaga is caught between allies and spies. When everything seemed to work well for Nobunaga the real Nobunaga returned.

Episode 4

Nobunaga is sleeping on the porch. A bunch of kids are drawing on his face. When he wakes up, Tsuneoki was calling him because the ceremony to honor his alliance with Matsudaira Motoyasu is about to begin. Matsudaira Motoyasu wants to ally with Nobunaga and he is using this opportunity to change his name in Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Later Nobunaga is searching for his history book. He knows that Tokugawa Ieyasu was an important man in Japan’s history, but he doesn’t remember what Tokugawa did. Suddenly a girl comes next to him. She is Oichi, Nobunaga’s younger sister. Saburo always wanted a younger sister and now that he is impersonating Nobunaga, he has one. They go outside to play with Saburo’s ball, but Oichi threw the ball far. Nobunaga goes to pick the ball and he is helped by Denjiro. Out of no were Denjiro asks Nobunaga if he remembers his first fight, but Nobunaga doesn’t, in that fight is was the real Oda Nobunaga.

Back in a meeting with his men, Nobunaga finds out that in that time boys become men at age 13. The boys were sent to battle at that age too. He wants to change that, it’s too dangerous to send children this young to war.

Nobunaga:” What should I do to take control?”

To take control, Nobunaga has to go to the imperial capital. But for that he has to pass through enemy territory. He also needs a tactician, Takenaka Hanbei. While they were trying to find a way to meet Takenaka Hanbei, the tactician came on his own to meet Nobunaga. The tactician wants to work for Nobunaga. He also showed Nobunaga that he has a traitor in his clan.

Meantime Denjiro met Danzo. He plans to turn against Imagawa and make his own way to get close to Nobunaga and kill him. Denjiro and Danzo fight against each other. That day Denjiro killed Danzo.

Coming out, Nobunaga sees his shoes clean. Denjiro cleaned Nobunaga’s shoes to get close to him. Then he told Nobunaga his plan of attacking the enemy. Nobunaga liked the plan and told everyone. They will do as Denjiro said. While the Oda clan samurai’s were building a one-night castle as in Denjiro’s plan, they were attacked by the enemy. The spy told the enemy Nobunaga’s plan.

Denjiro found the spy, it’s Mori-dono. He takes Mori to Nobunaga. Ashamed Mori-dono apologizes and wants to commit seppuku, but Nobunaga stops him. Nobunaga can’t let everyone kill themselves because they are ashamed. He prefers if the ones who betrayed him stopped being samurai’s, if they can’t live with the shame that they betrayed Nobunaga.

Takenaka Hanbei is impressed. He wasn’t in Owari because he wanted to help Nobunaga, he was actually working for Nobunaga’s enemy. But seeing Nobunaga’s decision of letting the spy alive, makes Hanbei believe that Kichou was right when she told him that Nobunaga wants to make a world without war.

Hanbei goes to Nobunaga saying that he did good to forgive Mori-dono, because like that Mori-dono will be loyal to Nobunaga his whole life. But that wasn’t the reason Nobunaga forgave him. If Nobunaga would’ve let Mori-dono commit seppuku, his children would have hated Nobunaga and his clan. Nobunaga couldn’t hurt Mori-dono’s children like that.

That night, Nobunaga goes to Kichou. From her Nobunaga finds out that Hanbei also believed one in a world without war. While Nobunaga was talking to Kichou, Hanbei send word to Nobunaga’s enemy that Nobunaga will go on with his plan of building a one-night castle.

While the one-night castle was build, Nobunaga tells Hanbei that he wasn’t mistaken, there will be a world without war.

“A world without war will definitely come in the far future.”

Now Hanbei doesn’t believe in this dream of creating a world without war. He gave up on his dream.

“Create history with your own hands.”

Creating a world without war is a difficult road, but Nobunaga is willing to walk on that path. And the one-night castle is the first step on that path. That night Hanbei was supposed to start a fire at the one-night castle before it was finished. When he was about to start the fire, Hanbei had a change of heart. He decided to entrust his live to the future and his pipe dream.

Hanbei didn’t start the fire and left. Back to Mino territory, Hanbei is about to have his head taken off, but Nobunaga’s army arrived and saved him. Surprised that Nobunaga came to save him even after finding out that he betrayed Nobunaga, Hanbei decided to be loyal to Nobunaga.

Returned to the construction site, Nobunaga is surprised to see that the construction is going on. Mori – dono begged some wandering samurai to help.

After the battle, Saburo as Nobunaga went to Saito Dousan’s  grave. There he met the real Oda Nobunaga.

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