“We Got Married ” ep 8 ( WGM ep 245) ~Jae Rim:” We’re So Rim couple.”

Jae Rim and So Eun couple went shooting and fishing. Jae Rim prepared gifts for So Eun, a bracelet and a ring.

Episode 8

Jae Rim and So Eun are still at the shooting center. They compete and it’s a tie. Then they go outside to shoot a moving target. With the instructor’s help, So Eun did a good job. For the first shot Jae Rim forgot to shoot after the target was released. Then he managed to shot the target. There is a tight competition. The difference between Jae Rim and So Eun is one point. So Eun seems to be so good at shooting that Jae Rim is speechless at her skill.

Jae Rim:” You’re right on my heels. Why are you good at following in this? Just follow my emotions!”

The winner of the shooting competition was So Eun so Jae Rim has to accomplish one of So Eun’s wishes.

So Eun and Jae Rim went fishing. Jae Rim brought shrimp and worms to use them as bait, but So Eun decided to keep the shrimp, in case they will not catch any fish, and use the worms. Even if Jae Rim bragged about fishing often, he seemed really clumsy when he was fishing. The first time Jae Rim cast the fishing rod his fishing rod got tangled with another men’s fishing rod.

Jae Rim:”I caught a person!”

Looking at So Eun, Jae Rim saw the she has lipstick on her teeth. But this time, Jae Rim didn’t tell her straight in the face, he made her a discreet sign. Later Jae Rim took out from his backpack a bracelet. Jae Rim made a bracelet for So Eun.

So Eun gets up to check her fishing rod and asks Jae Rim to hold her mirror. The world turned upside down! Now men hold the mirrors and the women bring home the food!

Jae Rim asked So Eun to check his fishing pole too. She took the fishing pole out and something was hanging over. But it wasn’t a fish, there were 2 couple rings. The rings were made by Jae Rim.

Jae Rim:” We’re So Rim couple.”

Since they didn’t catch any fish, the new couple went to eat. At the restaurant they talk about what kind of wedding each of them want.

So Eun’s shoulder hurts from the shooting. Jae Rim wants to see if she is bruised. 🙂

Jae Rim:” Let me see.”

Because Jae Rim lost the shooting competition, he has to fulfill one of So Eun’s wish. When So Eun said that her wish is for Jae Rim to sing and dance at their wedding, Jae Rim looked like he was shot by the lighting. When So Eun said that she wants him to sing and dance something fitting for a wedding, something like Kim Jong Kook’s “Loveable”, Jae Rim begin to make fun of So Eun’s height.

So Eun:” I’m going to attach cameras to my back. And pull them out like a ninja.”

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6 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 8 ( WGM ep 245) ~Jae Rim:” We’re So Rim couple.”

  1. Nju's says:

    Haha!here l am!
    Waiting new episode is boring,
    Good thing is I can read that you write to defeat the boring!!!
    Love myself or you is also my favorite,:-)

    • lemonmirae says:

      here you are 🙂 and here i am too :D. yep it’s boring to wait for the next episode, especially since it’s just one episode a week, but if it were more episode i thing i would have gotten bored of it
      you should try Fall in love with me, Autumn’s Concerto, Just You or Easy Fortune Happy Life( but this one is a little old…from 2009)

  2. Nju's says:

    You are right!!
    if everyday I can watch WGM,it must become boredXDD
    And l will not be exciting of Jaerim’s sweet wold!
    Autumn’s concerto that I didn’t follow all drama, because it made me cry on some episodes><maybe I can try to finish it.

  3. Nju's says:

    The Ep9 is too sweet!!
    Full of Love ,pink,oh,my eyes!!
    I want English sub!!!!<—–this guy is crazy.

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