“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 4 ~ Yeol Moo:”Why did you kill my brother?”

With Dong Chi’s help Yeol Moo keeps investigating the death of the little girl from the daycare. They’ve found the truth.

Yeol Moo talks with Dong Chi about her brother, Han Byul

Episode 4

Yeol Moo comes to work and asks Dong Chi to review her file about the girl that died at daycare. She didn’t finish the case and she wants to drop it.

Dong Chi:” Take off your clothes!”

Dong Chi told Yeol Moo to take off her prosecutor clothes if she wants to drop the case she is working on.

At the morning meeting, Yeol Moo handed chief Moon the case. She is dropping it. Chief Moon is punishing her for not doing as he said the day before, but this time Dong Chi defends Yeol Moo. Upset that Dong Chi defied him to defend Yeol Moo, chief Moon asked everyone to step out. Left alone with chief Moon, Dong Chi told chief Moon that he investigated and found out the reason chief Moon is trying to cover up this case. The daycare director’s husband is an influent man. Back to his office Dong Chi tells Yeol Moo that he will help her reinvestigate the case. But Yeol Moo doesn’t want his help. She doesn’t want Dong Chi to do her any favor. Why she doesn’t want his help, Dong Chi asked. Because of Han Byul, he asked.

Dong Chi takes from his jacked the piece of paper Yeol Moo saw the night she asked his name, five years ago, and handed over to Yeol Moo. He knows that she looked for that piece of paper in his office on her first day at the office.

Dong Chi:” What am I to you now?”

Jung Chang Gi came to the prosecutor’s office. He is being interrogated by prosecutor Lee Jang Won. As soon as he entered in the office, Jung Chang Gi started talking about what he did and didn’t do and how detectives and prosecutors never listen to him, even if he has a loud voice.

When prosecutor Lee Jang Won told him to sit down, Jung Chang Gi begin confess that everything that prosecutor Lee has in his files is true and that he wants to pay the monetary penalty. But in the files that prosecutor Lee has, the monetary penalty that Jung Chang Gi had to give was already paid. The files were brought in by Kang Soo.

Later Jung Chang Gi went to Kang Soo to sign the papers and leave. He is angry with Kang Soo. From now on he wants to be strangers with Kang Soo. Jung Chang Gi is upset with Kang Soo because Kang Soo paid his settlement. He doesn’t want Kang Soo to pay for his crimes. He cares for Kang Soo.

When he leaves, Jung Chang Gi met Moon Hee Man in the elevator. They know each other. They decided to act like they don’t know each other. Something is going on between the two of them. While he gets of the elevator, Moon Hee Man threatens Jung Chang Gi using Kang Soo.

When he was leaving, Jung Chang Gi met Dong Chi. They decided to eat together, but in front of the prosecutors building, Dong Chi sees Yeol Moo’s mother. She came to see Yeol Moo and brought her food. Yeol Moo’s mother also wants to know where Yeol Moo leaves. Taking advantage of the situation, Dong Chi sends Yeol Moo’s mother with Jung Chang Gi, he leave right next door to Yeol Moo.

Meanwhile Yeol Moo encountered an envelope on her office. She opens it and finds out that the director of the daycare from where the little girl died spent a lot of money lately. Both her and Kang Soo find that suspicious.

While Kang Soo and Yeol Moo were looking on footage of the little girl at the daycare, Dong Chi entered. On the video Yeol Moo sees that the little girl was scared of the director. Around the director, the little girl had a behavior similar to abused children.

Arrived at the daycare, Yeol Moo, Dong Chi and Kang Soo discovered that the little girl didn’t like to sleep in her room. She felt more secure sleeping in her brother’s room. The day the little girl died, her brother, Chan, was out looking for a toy with a lady from the daycare.

The prosecutors want to see if Chan was abused or if he saw his sister being beaten by the director. They play with Chan and ask him questions, but the boy doesn’t talk. Chan listen to the questions and nods his head. He likes staying at the daycare, he wasn’t beaten and he didn’t saw his sister being beaten. Yeol Moo begins to think that she was wrong and the little girl wasn’t abused by the director. But Dong Chi suspects something.

Yeol Moo, Dong Chi and Kang Soo went to Yong Ji’s funeral. There they’ve met Yong Ji’s father. He was released from prison to be present at his daughter’s funeral. The daycare director was there too. She was crying and telling Yong Ji’s father that she is sorry for not taking good care of the little girl. To me it seemed like the director was pretending to cry…

When they were leaving, Yeol Moo, Dong Chi and Kang Soo met the maid from the daycare. She told them that she saw one night Yong Ji tied up. Back to the prosecutor’s office, Yeol Moo called in the daycare director for questioning. The director said that she tied up Yong Ji’s leg because the girl was sleepwalking. She even told Dong Chi and Yeol Moo on what street Yong Ji went late in the night.

While looking at the footage, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo saw Yong Ji coming out late at night. They suppose the director was right and Yong Ji was sleepwalking. The only thing left is to close the case. Suddenly Yeol Moo and Dong Chi hear Yong Ji’s father’s voice. He was saying “help me”. On the video from the surveillance camera Yong Ji was signing and repeating “help me” while looking at the camera. Yong Ji wasn’t sleepwalking, she was asking for help. Yong Ji’s mother was mute so the little girl knew sign language.

Dong Chi’s prosecutor’s team went to report to chief prosecutor Moon what they’ve found out. Chief Moon asked for on order to retain the daycare director and her husband. He sent Kang Soo to contact the child protection

Chan was brought in for questioning. He is the only witness they have if Yong Ji was abused. The daycare director told Chan that if he would stay in the daycare his sister will return to him so that is why the boy doesn’t want to leave the institution. During questioning, Chan leaves. He wants to go and look for his sister. Yeol Moo follows him and with tact she tells Chan that his sister went to a faraway place and she will not come back to him.

Yeol Moo:” I’m sorry for leaving you alone.”

Back to the questioning room, Chan told the prosecutors that the daycare director hit his sister.

The daycare director and her husband are bought in. While he was looking at the surveillance camera from the daycare, from the day Yong Ji died, Dong Chi saw that the daycare director’s husband was talking on the phone. Increasing the background noise, Dong Chi heard what the director was saying to Yong Ji. She killed the little girl.

Yeol Moo and Kang Soo took Chan with them. The boy will stay with them and Kang Soo’s grandmother. But Yeol Moo’s mother is there. She came earlier with a lot of food. The moment she sees Chan, Yeol Moo’s mother changed. She goes near Chan and tries to take him with her. Yeol Moo took he mother out, but her mother blames her for her brother’s dead.

Back inside Yeol Moo met Dong Chi. She returns him the ripped piece of paper and asked him a question. On the back of that paper there was a message from Yeol Moo’s brother, Han Byul.

Yeol Moo:”Why did you kill my brother?”

Han Byul:” Please save me.”

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