“Iron Man ” ep 17 ~” You can never dip your foot in the same river twice.”

Tae Hee told Se Dong and Hong Bin what she feels and what decision she took.

Episode 17

Hong Bin waited for madam Yoon to come back home. He found out from the gardener and his son that madam Yoon took the letter from Hong Joo and hid it from him. Seeing that she was found out, madam Yoon begin to cry while she was lying that she wanted to give the letter to Hong Bin, but one of the maids took it thinking that in the envelope it’s money. When Hong Bin asked to talk to that maid, she couldn’t be found, madam Yoon sent her on a holiday.

When he entered his room, Hong Bin received a phone call from Seung Hwan telling him that Se Dong is drunk. Hong Bin went to Se Dong’s house, but he didn’t enter, he stood outside thinking about her. Inside Se Dong was thinking about what is going on with her and Hong Bin took.

Hong Bin:” Sleep tight, my love, Son Se Dong.”

Hong Bin met Ja Kyung and asked Ja Kyung to beat him up. At first Ja Kyung didn’t knew what to do, but in the end he did as Hong Bin asked and beat him up.

Later Hong Bin explained to Ja Kyung why he wanted to be beaten. Tae Hee took care of Hong Bin many years and now when she is sick he has to take care of her. But Hong Bin wants to go to Se Dong. Hong Bin took advantage of the days that Ja Kyung was missing and postponed going to take care of Tae Hee.

Hong Bin went to Tae Hee’s house, but she wasn’t there. Tae Hee left so Hong Bin doesn’t have to look after her now.

Even if she told Hong Bin that she left the country, Tae Hee actually went to her parent’s house, in the country side. Because her mother is sick and doesn’t recognize her, Tae Hee called Se Dong. Tae Hee’s mother believes that Se Dong is her daughter, Tae Hee. The four of them, Tae Hee, Se Dong and Tae Hee’s parents spend the time happily, like a normal family.

While he was trying to book a plane ticket to go after Tae Hee, Hong Bin saw the box that Tae Hee’s doctor was sending Tae Hee and he saw the address. Hong Bin took the box and went to Tae Hee’s parent’s house. There he met Se Dong. She was helping people cross the river with Tae Hee’s father boat.

Secretary Go is going on a date. But no one is at the house and madam Yoon has to leave in a hurry. Ja Kyung ends up going on his date with Chang. On the way Chang saw candies, balloons, a teddy bear and he wants all of them. Because he is late, Ja Kyung takes Chang in his arms and runs towards the place he is meeting his date. There Ja Kyung introduced Chang and his nephew. Ja Kyung’s date also came with her niece.

Se Dong wants to return to Seoul. She waits for the buss and leaves. Suddenly the bus stops and Tae Hee gets in. She takes Se Dong home. Arrived home, Tae Hee and Se Dong saw that Hong Bin was already there.

Seeing Hong Bin there, Tae Hee gets upset. She still loves Hong Bin, but she also likes Se Dong. She is a good girl. Tae Hee tells Hong Bin and Se Dong that they don’t have to sacrifice themselves for her. Also Tae Hee starts screaming at Se Dong for not defending her love for Hong Bin.

Crying, Se Dong runs away. Hong Bin followed her.

Tae Hee:” You can never dip your foot in the same river twice.”

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